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  1. I enjoyed it for the combat, skills, quest, chat, and mini game systems. Back around when I started January 2008 at least. A lot of updates since then have be bad in my opinion, and the graphic overhaul was bad to me. The simple look was good, but now everything has spikes and people stand really oddly. The chat faces were preferable back then, and it's caused a lot of game feel to go down. Now I'm the only one of the group of friends that still plays, and even then probably only two hours of eoc and 07 combined.
  2. One Eye57

    Good PvP and PvE ranged gear?

    Spined boots are level 40 and only about 15k more than snakeskin, last I checked.
  3. One Eye57


    But I think he's f2p, bronze bolts are best available for him. If you really want to range it, get the best arrow and shortbow. Pray protect from magic (I'm pretty sure that takes a chunk out of dragon fire) and bring best food available for f2p. I don't know how much his dragon fire will hit through prayer, but you're better off getting a rune sword and anti dragon shield. Just keep your attack and strength below your ranged level if you don't want to raise your combat.
  4. Couple of things will optimize your damage output: Best gloves to wear are recipe for disaster gloves. Neitznot helm for the strength bonus. It's from the quest Freminik isles. Swap rune kite for rune defender. Fighter torso is another 4 strength, but if you dislike barbarian assault it might not be worth it. Rune boots are the best boots, but if you can't afford them, I think rock climbing boots have the same strength bonus.
  5. One Eye57

    Getting 90 Smithing

    I know some people go to 99 by smelting gold bars with gold smithing gauntlets. I'm not sure of cost though. If your mining level is 80, you could get your own gold bars and get a higher mining level at the same time.
  6. I haven't had any major losses, but a friend told me I should go hunt revenants with him once (this was during forinthy cave). He got d claw rushed by a one itemer and I jumped at the guy who did it, the guy had venged previously and I got hit a 425 because of course my d long spec maxed that time. The guy retaliated and finished me off. I did at least have protect item and kept my d long, but lost a mismatch of granite and dragon, glory, and d boots, plus about 50k invent supplies. My friend pmed me a few minutes later that he had killed the guy, guy protected item and dropped nothing, and my friend panic teled without retrieving my stuff.
  7. One Eye57

    How can I get 75-85 melee stats fast in the EOC?

    If you're going to slay later because of high combat stats, slay to get the high combat stats. Remember you don't need to use your highest master. Also the +15% boost of black masks on assignments could make it quicker than grinding.
  8. I'm pretty sure there's a safe spot, but you might not be able to hally from it. With your combat stats, hally might be too inaccurate to out hit what they heal anyway. I think they are all weak to magic, but can't remember exactly. You should probably search a YouTube video from around the 2007 time or check if there's a guide on the sals mainpage.
  9. One Eye57

    Is soul split worth my bank?

    I've been using void in eoc a lot lately for anything besides slayer task and I've found it to be out done by most other armors for defence stats, and hit points by a large margin; my hit points reach about 5034 and I got one hit by dharok recently. If protection prayers mattered still it wouldn't be a problem, but alas, it's only 50% reduction... Anyway, I don't think you should drop everything if you'll have to rely on void. A boss will probably hit very heavily and accurately through protection prayer, so you'd be better off with barrows equipment. I recommend you wait until you can afford both the bones and some stuff that needs at least level 70 to wear.
  10. One Eye57

    herblore help

    I hear you can clean about 3500 herbs an hour now, which is not fast exp, but you won't lose money so long as you buy and sell the right herbs. I recommend doing herb runs every time you log on, and repeating if you're on for 70 minutes, which is about the time it takes for a herb to grow. You should also get the scroll of life and cleansing from dungeoneering. That might be the wrong names, I can't remember for sure, but you want the scrolls that have a chance of reducing herb use for potions and the scroll for a chance of gaining a seed while harvesting a plant. For potions to make, I don't really know. I got 70 herb on a double exp weekend and it cost about 250k by buying grimy herbs and limpwurt roots for strength potions. About as cheap for the speed as could be as far as I knew. Probably should wait to mix potions until double exp weekends.
  11. If I remember correctly, a couple of weapons hit fast enough in the game around 2007 to do two splats. Darts and throwing knives set to rapid can do this. If they weren't using those, then maybe you were in a multi combat zone and a ranged npc was offscreen? I know some weapons have special attacks that double hit, such as dragon dagger, magic shortbow, granite maul (if timed correctly, because the special is an instant hit), and the bone dagger might be, it's the only one I'm unsure of.
  12. No, I'm 35 attack and strength, 36 combat. Lose about 16 hp every meelee kill. Oh, right, oldscape. What's your current ranged? 1, haven't gotten around to training it yet, but I've got about 150 knives and 500 arrows banked, along with shortbows up to maple. I could train to about 45 fairly easily. Would black knights be killed decently by then?
  13. No, I'm 35 attack and strength, 36 combat. Lose about 16 hp every meelee kill.
  14. Thanks for responses, just finished it. Got by with only the emotes, still haven't done lost tribe, but I really don't want to walk under lumbridge. I want to kill black knights for the white armor now, and found a safe spot to do it from. Magic is expensive, but what range level would I need for range to kill them decently?
  15. I've been doing the quests for the prayer boosting meelee armours and have started to do the quest wanted. However, I can't remember how tough the final boss is, and which combat style he uses. Can anyone help? The stuff I have for combat so far is initiate armour and excalibur. My attack and strength are 35, defence is 20, and magic is 10. EDIT: Do I need to complete the lost tribe, or just get goblin bow and salute emote?

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