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  1. 10/10 for both. Animated is what I like! :)
  2. Jbui8000

    Calculators And A Guide

    Awesome new guides!!! Great job Sal!!! I've been waiting for a new calculator....:)
  3. Jbui8000

    Two New Mods!

    Awesome job guys. You definetely deserve it. Gratz! :)
  4. Jbui8000

    Rat Catchers And Rat Pits!

    I think this will will be one of the most exciting updates for me. I mean, A new-mini-game and wallpapers for my cell! Also, not to mention the instrument :)
  5. Jbui8000

    Glitchy Topic

    here's my rune essence notes glitch while I was crafting natures at karamja:
  6. 9/10 for avvy 9.5 for sig i love zelda!
  7. 9/10 for avvy. It's halarious by the way. 0/10 for siggy. Ran out of ideas? :)
  8. 6/10 for avvy 10/10 for siggy :)

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