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  1. Jbui8000

    Some May Call Me Crazy, Dumb, Extremely Insane

    Insane, k? Still remember when you were 70-something just a couple month ago.
  2. Jbui8000

    I'm Back :), Best Firecaper Peroid (soon, Support :) )

    Congratulations dude! Must be one of your biggest goals, eh? :D
  3. Jbui8000

    School Schedule

    What instrument?
  4. Jbui8000

    60 Hunter

    A lot of 60's down.. Three more to go.
  5. Jbui8000

    60 Thieving

    60 & 61 (next room at Plunder) Thieving.. Pyramid Plundered from 55 Thieving since yesterday. A lot of 60 skills down, four more to go.
  6. Jbui8000

    60 Thieving

    ZOMG Thieving Masta replied to my blog hehehehhhehe! :( I really really want 60+ in all skills first, then I'm going back. :lol:
  7. Jbui8000

    90 Farming

    You pwn me in so many ways and we're the same age. :/ If I were you, 90 Farming would be my goal and I'd stop now.
  8. Jbui8000

    Tech Support Promotion

    Yup yup. :glasses: I've seen you all over the Tech place and you totally deserved this (I remember your tiger pixels hehe). ^_^
  9. Jbui8000

    55 Hunter

  10. Jbui8000

    Re-bought Santa Hat

    When I first hit 91 Runecrafting, my first priority (well, after Mrc's order of course :glasses:) was to re-buy my Santa after I sold it nine months ago to actually get 91 Runecrafting. Two weeks after I hit 91 Runecrafting, I got the 70k Natures needed to re-buy my Santa. :glasses:
  11. Jbui8000

    Re-bought Santa Hat

    Thanks! :D I r broke now, btw. :o You already have one! :mad: Yeah, they do. Hehe I would, but I have no money. yayayaya ftw!!!! :D Well, it still took a while. :o I just saved a ton of time. :glasses: Btw, hi. :P
  12. Jbui8000

    Wannabe Tank

    Reeling in the big fish, eh? :) Congrats! I wish I was on. :)
  13. Jbui8000

    63 Agility

    Thanks and that's pwnage. :glasses:
  14. Jbui8000

    77 Runecrafting!

    You never have anyone come. :) Anyways, congrats dude! Go make bloods when they come out who knows when. :)
  15. At the end of the guide; Title should be: How to Abyss Runecraft at Low Combat/Skills :lol:
  16. Jbui8000

    Display Name Changed

    Hey man. :)
  17. Jbui8000

    Hay Guyz (volume 2)

    its like citrus now lol
  18. Jbui8000


    So yeah, I started school today. School started at 8:20 today (it usually starts at 7:20) and all Freshmens were required to meet at the Gym for an assembly. Since the assembly was going on, school did not start until around 10:30. The people in the assembly just talked about the school and how not to waste it. After that, we splited off into groups of ten with one senior. She showed us the buildings and told us where our first class was and which teachers were good. My schedule is as follows: Geometry - Nice teacher Int. Science/Biology - Mean teacher Symphonic Band - Nice teacher English Honors - Nice teacher Spanish 1 - Mean teacher P.E. - Nice teacher My school is huge with over 4,000 students, so it was kind of crazy. I had a map, but decided not to use it. Anyways, at 2:28 (it usually ends at 2:05), my P.E. teacher let us out and from there, I walked home. The End.
  19. Jbui8000


    It's Biology. :)
  20. Jbui8000

    19 Left. >.<

    I saw 19 left, I was like, "Oh no biggie, narb Sid ( :o ) just got 80." But then.. when I saw the 99, I was like.. " :( " Anyways, congrats!
  21. Jbui8000

    I'm Not Cool

    Um. That's a good thing to not make fun of them. :P
  22. If you have been hit with Teleblock, teleporting with Zamorak Mage will not help you are any time. As Teleblock works on all forms of teleportation. That, I know for a fact, is not true. The Zammy Mage uses a tele-other spell. Teleblock only works on spells that you teleport with yourself (i.e. Ecto, Crystal, Home Tele, Glory). Tele-other spells will still work even if a Teleblock has been casted on you.

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