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  1. Jbui8000


    idk who m teachers r till 2moror :D
  2. Jbui8000

    Hay Guyz

    Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweee. :D
  3. Jbui8000

    200t Anniversary Blog Awards

    Ehh.. I voted for Miley. :D
  4. I don't think the video is going to be put onto the site. :(
  5. Your Runecrafting is better than all of my stats except my Runecrafting.
  6. Jbui8000


    Congrats on 98 Hitpoints, dude! :P One more till that hot red cape. :P
  7. Jbui8000

    Reason That You Joined Sal's?

    I joined mainly because I wanted to participate in the RS discussions. :P
  8. Jbui8000


    Have fun. I love your family.
  9. They're like birds and squirrel and stuff. :D Congrats on 54 Vooncrafting! You can now teleport for free with your own runes.
  10. Jbui8000

    No Rude Comment (and Other Rule)

  11. Known you for a while. Good person. Likes owls.
  12. Jbui8000

    Yo Wanna Buy Some Crack -|-|-bodys Log-|-|-

    You're getting so rich, Body. Good luck on 90 Slayer.
  13. Jbui8000

    Runescape's Hall Of Respect

    sir Xilef, M__a__t__t_2, iTush, Ralex18, lilmessedkid, X Darashi X, Troyg2007, Skate4000, The Old Nite, amaze, Rune_Lizzard, L J H Fight, Ming Der, Colinross, Grimrepersos, Master of Penguins, Demsla, Evin290, Elephant King, Zorada, =+= iCheese =+=, Sledgeham, Allstar31992, djpailo, Dr Skull, Cow Queen!!, Dizomniac, 2dude0, gala blue, Bankrobber23, Joe Mama739 blasterman/rickdejong4 Entrility <--- the best on the list sox_king_21 (pws joo) Range_Plus Kevin 7345 Lord Searyn. aero Jbui8000
  14. Jbui8000

    Hannah Montana Also Bad Day.

  15. Jbui8000

    50 Hunter

    Just a small goal that I haven't gotten around to in a while.. (50+ all skills - I'm catching up Supertrain. ) Finishing up some skills. 55 Herblore.
  16. Jbui8000

    50 Hunter

    Nice job, Jbui.
  17. Mellowing out while playing CS and GW, ftw. :/
  18. I still remember you as the 99 Agiliator, though. :/ Grats. ^_^
  19. Jbui8000

    Daniel Isn't Cactus

    So then someone else said, "You should update the rules then, Dani, if that's true" on Nicole's blog.
  20. Seems to know a lot of Sals' oldies and also likes to program stuff.
  21. He likes to "pwn" noobs and music.
  22. Jbui8000

    Moar Pls

    Bye Cactus and Daniel.
  23. Jbui8000

    Summer Of The Synopsis!1!

    Wat instrument u play man i play obo here :D
  24. Jbui8000


    First of all, I'd like to thank all friends and supporters for helping with with this goal. :P Seriously wouldn't have done it. :) Rank before 91 Runecrafting: And now after half a year of crafting: Double Nats: The Drop Party: And finally, my rank at 91 Runecrafting: :P

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