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  1. Person above me likes tigers. :P
  2. Jbui8000

    Slayer Lv 80

    Congrats and good job. :) Only five more levels until you can provide whips for me. :) :D
  3. Jbui8000

    Moar Pls

  4. Jbui8000

    91 Runecrafting

    I ended up choosing the spot near Edgeville jail. One of my biggest goals is done.
  5. Jbui8000

    91 Runecrafting

    Thank you.
  6. Jbui8000

    2nd 90 Skill

    Omgosh, nice! 90+ Fletching and now Cooking, too?! :) Amazing achievements. (Good luck to 99.)
  7. Jbui8000

    Blog Nominations

    You're evil. ;)
  8. Jbui8000

    Snakes On A Plane Turns One!

    Lmao. ;)
  9. Jbui8000

    I Am Master Of The Waves!

    You did it! ^_^ Now go own narbs at Castle Wars or something. :)
  10. Jbui8000

    Mixing Vial Lvl

    Nice blue phat Enipeus. ^_^ Congratulations on all your goals that I didn't get to say "Congrats" too before. :)
  11. Jbui8000

    --anubislr's Log--

    Good luck on 91 Runecrafting, fellow HD leader. :D You will be very rich, haha.
  12. Jbui8000


    Hey yeah I see you!! :o Thanks. :P Thanks a lot, Eberk. And I thought I was just slow looking at Firebomb ranking up in skills so fast. :D Haha, maaaaaybe. Thanks and you'll get it someday. :) I r not crazeh hoez. :mad: Awwww, thanks Neon. You were a person I could always talk to in HD. :P Thanks Albert! One day maybe I can catch up! (not) I'll look forward to Runecrafting with you. I did? :o Anyways, thanks. I'm not sure if I'll be that rich like you. And yes, hehe, I beat the Camster good. :o
  13. Jbui8000

    Large Pouches

    Wow, that is definitely an amazing achievement! Congrats on being able to use Large Pouches. Gonna go for 75 next for Giant? :(
  14. Link to the guide. It is now been changed to World 88 when World 66 is too crowded or experiences technical difficulties. There is supposed to be a closed parentheses at the end. "runecrafting" is capitalized and there doesn't have to be a period at the end since it's a list. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Finally, for the Pure Essence Running What You Need part of the guide, add to the list: 1x Spottier Cape (-4 or -5kg (depends on current weight)). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Link to Cape of Achievements Intro it's is supposed to be "its". Thanks. :(
  15. Jbui8000

    Close This

    Item's doesn't need an apostrophe. An is not capitalized. 1 would look better if written as "one". I'm not quite sure, but I think charges does not need an s.
  16. Jbui8000

    I'm A Farming Girl, In The Farming World!

    You can farm! You can compost! You can plant.. It's alwaaays heeeeree.. Oooh-ooo-ooo Congrats on another 70 skill.
  17. Jbui8000


    Haha, thanks! :D Yeah, I can't wait. Are you going to go back to RS? :o Thanks! In the future, hopefully, yes. :) lolz thanks. :P Thanks and yeah hopefully, I'll do that soon. Fireboo!!!! :/ I was waiting for a while. ^_^ `Ily Fire. :/ Soddies! Thanks you. I'll try my best to do that. Thanks dude! Thank you. Yes, I do prefer doing the Abyss more. However, since level-54 Runecrafting, I've been doing a mix of Abyssing and FFL so I don't get too bored. :P Thanks darkside! :) Awwwww, thank you! I'll do just that! Thanks and again, I'll try to in the future. :o Thanks Sn. I tried to find you but you weren't on. :D Anddd..maybe. :P Wow thanks!!!!!! Hiya Champ! :/ Yes, be active on Sals so we can talk more! :P Tried to find you too, dude. :) Thanks, SiD though for the support! :lol: Haha yeah, it's been a few months since I started the goal. My cousin got me into Barbarian Assault so I'll play that and yes, whenever I skill, I'll usually be Runecrafting. :) I think it's 99. :o Thanks! :D
  18. Jbui8000

    91 Runecrafting

    Yuppp. Thanks.
  19. Jbui8000

    How Many Times Do You Shower In A Week?

    I shower seven times a week, one time a day. :( :o
  20. Jbui8000

    91 Runecrafting Screenshot

    I am extremely close to 91 Runecrafting. 100% I will get it on Tuesday, if not this evening. Anyways, what I need help is where to take the screen shot? I have a Lamp so it can be anywhere (with reason ). That's all for my blog entry. (As of 8/13/07) Laws to 91: 5,064
  21. Jbui8000

    Daxflame Is Back!

    WOOT! Go Dax! :)
  22. Jbui8000

    91 Runecrafting Screenshot

    Thanks, I will write that down.
  23. Jbui8000

    Summer Work

    Wow man. When does school start for you?
  24. Jbui8000

    Linking Blogs

    Add me. I'll add you.

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