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  1. Jbui8000

    Summer Work

    I have to read a novel and write a dialectical journal on it.
  2. Jbui8000

    Top 5 Builders And Level '102'

    Congratulations Alboo!!! One of the most dedicated person I've seen in RS and again, you never cease to amaze me (Yeah, a phrase used by tons of people, I know. <_<). Seriously, rank 1 next, dude. Or maybe 99 Runecrafting? Front page Thieving? :P
  3. Jbui8000

    I'm Back :), Best Firecaper Peroid (soon, Support :) )

    Finally! A well-deserved #1 spot as Sal's most powerful Runecrafter! I've been waiting for that for a while, so congrats Fireboo. :)
  4. Jbui8000

    When Do You Start School?

    My school is starting on the 28th, Tuesday, I think. :)
  5. Jbui8000

    What Grade Are You In/going Into?

    I'm going to become a Freshmen this year. :)
  6. Jbui8000

    New Guides

    Well, usually, in the first page of a "New Guides" topic, we can post quick corrections if there need be. :)
  7. Jbui8000

    New Guides

    Quick mistake. :) Other than that, great guides! The Clan guide will be helpful.
  8. Jbui8000

    Arson Is Fun!

    Congratulations, Sid! <_< You now have three skills at 99: Cooking, Fletching, and now.. Firemaking. Amazing achievements, man. :lol: Haha, good luck on 99 Thieving!
  9. Jbui8000

    Burger King Or Mcdonalds?

    Wendy's and In-N-Out Burgers, please! <_< Mcdonalds for speed. Burger King for taste. But if I had to choose between them, I'd say Mcdonalds since it's faster. :lol:
  10. Jbui8000

    Zero Kool Loves 85's! - Nine 85's <3

    You can't ignore me at the law altar! ;) Congrats on 84 Runecrafting, Zero. Only a couple more levels left until double nature crafting and then the money will come reeling in very very slowly. :P
  11. Jbui8000

    Yo Wanna Buy Some Crack -|-|-bodys Log-|-|-

    Keep up the great work, Body. :P Love those combat skills, man. ;)
  12. Jbui8000

    Capes Of Achievement

    The runes that circle around the player are not the four elemental runes. It is the Air, Nature, Water, Fire (in that order) runes that spin around him. Thanks. ;) [EDIT] Forgot the link to the Cape of Achievements.
  13. Hehe 3/10. I've seen you somewhere...around.
  14. Jbui8000

    ~!~ Lakerkobe's Lovely Log ~!~

    Oh come on, man, go for that D Helm! (I only read the above posts to find out what you were doing at this time. ^_^) Edit: Typo.
  15. Jbui8000

    I'm Back :), Best Firecaper Peroid (soon, Support :) )

    Congrats Fire. :mad: Only two more levels until you get that... ...Smoking hot...cape. :) >.<
  16. Jbui8000

    My Second Level-90 Skill

    Awesome, 90 Fletching and Cooking now, lol. Grats.
  17. Jbui8000

    Floooooooooood!6x Water!

    Wait for me, please? :D Make me some waters for Ice Bursts if you have some time, haha. (Congrats.)
  18. "You play RS right, Jack?" :P
  19. Jbui8000

    The Answer You've All Been Waiting For..

    Congrats on 70+ all non-combat. :) Those are some really high skills you've got there! And grand piano.. Money bags.. Funny. :P
  20. Jbui8000

    100,000 X 295 Each = 110,305,835

    Wow, that's a ton of money Bomb!!! :P That's a nice amount and good luck with that paper hat. :D ;) :) Go get 99! :)
  21. Jbui8000

    It's About Time, Huh?

    Yeah!! ;) Haha, thanks. :) Thank you! :D Well, I started this goal at 85 Runecrafting, so from that to 90 takes about 200k runes to craft. :P Hey, I still have one more level to go. :o Hey, good luck on 99 Runecrafting, Magician! :) And thanks a lot. :P I will. Thank you. :) Thanks!!!
  22. Jbui8000

    It's About Time, Huh?

    Finally, after like four months, I achieved my first 90 skill, Runecrafting! I'm almost there. :/ Thanks to Zero and the Soopa Train for coming. :P

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