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  1. Jbui8000
    I also posted up a topic in Achievements. ^_^

    Oh, which means that I will plan to get 70+ in all skills, except summoning and prayer in the future.
  2. Jbui8000
    After a while, I thought since Christmas was coming and that Santas drastically decreased in price that I wanted to re-buy a Santa Hat. They might increase in price thanks to the Christmas event, bringing Santa Suits, so I thought I'd buy one just in case. Plus, it's one of my favorite holiday items.

  3. Jbui8000
    Yeah, I know I haven't blogged in forever, but I have been so busy lately. But anyway, here's the 7Mil xp mark.

    Edit: Wow, and I just noticed this happened to be my first blog in almost exactly a year. >.<
  4. Jbui8000
    Ok, so.. normal day on my birthday. I started off the day well, with my handy Nice Guy T-Shirt on me. :D Unfortunately, most of my friends know my birthday, and on the way to P.E., I received 32 painful punches to the arm. :D At the end of school, I headed out with a trip to the library and my girl friend giving me a poem for my present. :D At around 6, I went back to school to play at the Fall Concert. It was a blast as we (Symphonic Band) played really well and not only that, we got to listen to the Wind Ensemble and the Symphonic Orchestra play as well.
    I officially celebrated my birthday on the 20th. I invited my closest friends and we all met at Home Town Buffet. The meal was pretty good. The best part was when my girl friends surprised me with a present, which were two pairs of glow-in-the-dark boxers. Also, they bought me an Oreo cake. We basically all devoured it, haha.
    That's about it.
  5. Jbui8000
    Haha, well today is my 14th anniversary of coming out of my mom's stomach.
    Today is also a Late Start day (classes start at 10:23AM). I'll see how the day goes, then I'll blog about it later. :P
  6. Jbui8000
    Ok, so here's the main jist of the story.
    I let my brother (Ed Bui) borrow my Santa and he broke rules 1, 5, and 12 for his final black marks and bam. Everything I loaned him is now gone.
    I don't know what to do now.
  7. Jbui8000
    When I first hit 91 Runecrafting, my first priority (well, after Mrc's order of course :glasses:) was to re-buy my Santa after I sold it nine months ago to actually get 91 Runecrafting. Two weeks after I hit 91 Runecrafting, I got the 70k Natures needed to re-buy my Santa. :glasses:

  8. Jbui8000
    So yeah, I started school today.
    School started at 8:20 today (it usually starts at 7:20) and all Freshmens were required to meet at the Gym for an assembly. Since the assembly was going on, school did not start until around 10:30. The people in the assembly just talked about the school and how not to waste it. After that, we splited off into groups of ten with one senior. She showed us the buildings and told us where our first class was and which teachers were good.
    My schedule is as follows:
    Geometry - Nice teacher
    Int. Science/Biology - Mean teacher
    Symphonic Band - Nice teacher
    English Honors - Nice teacher
    Spanish 1 - Mean teacher
    P.E. - Nice teacher
    My school is huge with over 4,000 students, so it was kind of crazy. I had a map, but decided not to use it. Anyways, at 2:28 (it usually ends at 2:05), my P.E. teacher let us out and from there, I walked home.
    The End.
  9. Jbui8000
    Just a small goal that I haven't gotten around to in a while..
    (50+ all skills - I'm catching up Supertrain. )

    Finishing up some skills.

    55 Herblore.

  10. Jbui8000
    I am extremely close to 91 Runecrafting. 100% I will get it on Tuesday, if not this evening.
    Anyways, what I need help is where to take the screen shot? I have a Lamp so it can be anywhere (with reason ).
    That's all for my blog entry.
    (As of 8/13/07)
    Laws to 91: 5,064
  11. Jbui8000
    89 Runecrafting. <_<

    Thanks to Destorys for coming and "Teh Siddelz" for saying a message. <_<
    (As of 4/12/07)
    Laws to 90: 53,049
    Laws to 91: 111,627
  12. Jbui8000
    88 Runecrafting..or x9 Airs

    Thanks to Destorys and Animeboy for coming and Jithin and Baby-Killer for sending messages! :closedeyes:
    (As of 3/18/06)
    Laws to 89: 48,044
    Laws to 91: 159,680

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