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  1. Make your brother get you another one.
    I tried to, but then I let him free since he doesn't have a way to make money (it took too long for him to make money anyways) and I didn't want to see him suffer like that, so yeah. :P
    Ouch. >.< Why would your brother do that? Did he purposely break the rules?I don't know what to tell you. :s
    Well, no. He knew he was on a last shot, but that's his personality.
    :yay: Ya ftw.
    If he's younger- shove his head down a toilet, or beat him aganist a wallif he's older- constantly pester and annoy him until he goes insane :)
    He's younger, so on the first day he gets banned, he was really quiet. Then, the next few days he was really pissed off. >.<
    Meh, be creative. You know him in real life. :evil:
    Yeah, I beat him up.Heh. Course I'm joking.
    Meh, be creative. You know him in real life. :evil:
    +1thats sad, same thing happened to my friend, except his brother lost him in wild :s well, make your brother buy you another santa or you will do something or reveal something :D it always work for me :cute:
    Haha. :wub: Well, I can't really help it now. He'll help me make back the money in small quantities. I'd rather to see my brother lose it in the Wild, then getting banned by it when he knew he had something of great value. :s Ok, I won't be buying another one. Whatever I runecraft will go into my skills funds. :P

  2. How awesome!!!! :DBuy me one pl0x
    Thanks! :D I r broke now, btw. :o
    Can I try it on? :santa:Grats :cute: Santas rule.
    You already have one! :mad: Yeah, they do. :wub:
    Now you have that all you ned is to get my Green H'Mask
    Hehe I would, but I have no money. :evil:
    zomg santa brother!1 :thumbs:
    yayayaya ftw!!!! :wub: :D
    Tell us about your Runecrafting. Did you lose your mind at all crafting 70k Nats (using only 35k Ess. :cute:)
    Well, it still took a while. :o I just saved a ton of time. :glasses: Btw, hi. :P

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