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  1. Jbui8000

    95 Runecrafting

    Finally started back again on the road to 99 RuneCrafting & 60+ in all skills, then I can say this journey is over. :mad:
  2. Jbui8000

    95 Runecrafting

  3. Jbui8000

    Random Levels

    Finally started back again on the road to 99 RuneCrafting & 60+ in all skills, then I can say this journey is over. :(
  4. Started as Jbui8000, then decided one good day that I didn't want numbers, so now I am just Jbui. :(
  5. Jbui8000

    70 Farming

    I also posted up a topic in Achievements. ^_^ Oh, which means that I will plan to get 70+ in all skills, except summoning and prayer in the future.
  6. Jbui8000

    70 Farming

    My first real non-random achievement in months. I just felt as if I needed to farm when I'm not doing anything else.
  7. Jbui8000

    70 Smithing

    Haha, congrats on 70 Smithing, man. You back on RS? >.<
  8. Jbui8000

    Verac's Helm

    I started Barrows again and I got a pretty nice item doing so:
  9. Jbui8000

    94 Runecrafting

    First things first: Haha, and just before the new year, too, so where's the congrats? :P Happy holidays to everyone. :D
  10. Jbui8000

    Santa Hat

    After a while, I thought since Christmas was coming and that Santas drastically decreased in price that I wanted to re-buy a Santa Hat. They might increase in price thanks to the Christmas event, bringing Santa Suits, so I thought I'd buy one just in case. Plus, it's one of my favorite holiday items.
  11. Jbui8000

    Santa Hat

    Dude, that's exactly what I thought when I had that much. :(
  12. Jbui8000

    65 Farming

    Farming Level on my tree runs. :lol: 94 Runecrafting should come up by tonight.
  13. Jbui8000

    65 Farming

    I love them mushrooms, too.
  14. Jbui8000


    Wow, good luck on this, man. >.< Seriously, once you get all the tokens, it's just fast XP all the way. Wish I had that much tokens, haha.
  15. Jbui8000

    Random Levels

    Even though it's not really random, I don't think it's worth putting a topic up, so here's 65 Farming and 94 Runecrafting. >.<
  16. Jbui8000

    The 1,000 Page Topic!

    LOL, epic phailz.
  17. Jbui8000

    Sal's Online!

    He probably can, but not before finding the square root of negative one first. Haha, Sal's on a lot of the time.
  18. Jbui8000

    Break Out The Christmas Avatars!

    Haha, already got the Santa in my avvy.
  19. Jbui8000

    What Is The Above User Most Famous For?

    Obviously, the awesome name! Who doesn't like Dad?
  20. Jbui8000

    93 Runecrafting

    Getting there. :D
  21. Jbui8000

    99 Runecrafting

    Congratulations Eberk! ^_^ Gah, I still remember when you just got 91 Runecrafting. How time flies.
  22. Jbui8000

    7 Mil Runecrafting Xp

    Yeah, I know I haven't blogged in forever, but I have been so busy lately. But anyway, here's the 7Mil xp mark. Edit: Wow, and I just noticed this happened to be my first blog in almost exactly a year. >.<
  23. Jbui8000

    7 Mil Runecrafting Xp

    Hai Zach! :( And yeah, I sometimes go on Sal's ... very rarely, rofl.
  24. Jbui8000

    93 Runecrafting

    Thanks. Well, I've been playing on-and-off, so I'm not really sure how long it would take me if I played straight-through. If you look at when I got 92 Runecrafting, it's been a year since then, haha.

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