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  1. Hmm... Quite kewl, definitely! 8.4/10
  2. Zevo

    5 New Worlds In Sweden

    Doesn't seem too over-popular at the moment... Swedish p2p servers are having 800 players each, while the Amsterdam ones are almost full at over 1900. But for me, this might be even quite a good thing. Living in Finland, these servers are only behind that gulf between us. And it wouldn't surprise me if other Finns played there, too. I could even make new friends. Whatever. But it's never bad that they add more servers. Makes the rest of them a tiny bit less crowded. edit: Although, the unpopulatedness might also be because the servers don't seem to work too well. It might be just that they're brand new and have some bugs, but still. I'm not changing my home world to 120 from 54... yet... /evo
  3. Zevo


    Unicorn horn dust Picture: Type of item: Potion ingredient Item Specific Details: Made by grinding a unicorn horn with pestle and mortar. Used as secondary ingredient in regular and super anti-poison potions. Examination: Finely ground horn of Unicorn. Members Exclusive? Yes Shop price - Buy: 25 gp Shop price - Sell: 8 gp Street price: 500-1000 gp
  4. Zevo

    Cave Goblin Dungeon

    In the Lost tribe quest guide, there is only some weird picture with wide lines of red and blue showing the correct route... Probably it does it's job, but I still don't like it. Well, I went and mapped the dungeon; it was 3 hours hard work, but I think it paid off. Here it is. Comments? I also have a version without that safe route line, if that's needed as well. /evo
  5. Zevo

    Random Levels

    And my combat is now 77 as well. :P /evo
  6. Zevo

    Your Formal Wear

    Well, since I got my ranged to 50 a few days ago, I bought some blue d'hide armour. And I've got to say that it fits even better with the rest of my look! :o Same as previous, except for the different color. And comments are still appreciated. /evo
  7. Zevo

    Your Formal Wear

    Well, the items you're wearing are good, but as for the looks... I don't know. Doesn't really 'hit' me. But that's just my opinion, one of the millions. But then, here is my own 'formal wear'. I use it pretty much always, except for when the situation requires something else. And I have 'standard' wears for most cases, but I use them rarely. Anyway... And if you can't see what I'm wearing... -Full set of green dragonhide -Dragon dagger (s) -Amulet of Glory -White beret -Boots of lightness -Ring of Dueling The ring is because I used it as an emergency teleport before I got my glory. I guess it kinda stuck on me, since I still have it as an extra. Comments are naturally welcome. :P /evo
  8. Zevo

    Glitchy Topic

    Apparently the sandwich lady can levitate. :P Besides, random events seem to love that place. I've lost count long ago on how many ladies, doctors and frogs I've seen in the arena today... Maybe they just want to train their agility, too. On a side note, I got lvl 50 agility with the tickets you can see me going for in that pic. :) /evo

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