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  1. man

    What did you learn today?

    TIL my account password. :)
  2. man

    Old School Slammers.

    hi dhamp
  3. man

    She wants to break it off

    good, it is always important to mend the bonds between you two :)
  4. man

    credit card stolen

    i was jst identity thefter wich 1 of u did it
  5. man


    wats goin on
  6. man

    the face of courage

  7. man

    5 years

    im registerd 7 years beet that :)
  8. man

    Egghebrecht Leaves Runescape Over Squeal of Fortune

    gud by eghebrecht
  9. man

    Pedophillia in Runescape

    ya i agree with yuanrang as well what the heck is the point of the article????
  10. man

    Friend's List 2011

  11. man

    Girl Halp... I Has Need Some :<

    ur ex is a man?
  12. man

    This Year

    sry sofee gud luck
  13. man

    Im Drunk

  14. man


    u shud lern Scheme
  15. I don't like your two column layout. Also, I think your Amazon ads would perform better if one was directly under the header (horizontal though) and you just placed a few inline ones. The Widgets or whatever on the side just slow things down, especially on a Smartphone or tablet by the way, and I think they probably aren't as effective. Making it tablet friendly could be important, since a lot of readers will soon be using tablet based e-readers such as the Kindle Fire, B&N Nook Color, and, of course, all the iPad/Android tablet users that are out there!!! I just think the content should be on the left and the right side bar could contain everything else like your navigation and author bio. Idk much about computer tho!!!!!!!!!!!!! Edit: Also, I don't think Sal's is representative of AdBlock users. The userbase here is generally more tech savvy and apt to use browser addons like that. I don't think your demographic would be as aware/adverse to advertisements.
  16. man


    ya i agree steve jobs is most influential if it wasnt for iphone we wouldnt have portable video game
  17. man

    I Just Noticed

    if it wasnt 4 sals
  18. man


  19. man

    College Life And Girlfriend

    theres ur problem
  20. man

    My Range Of Emotions Lately.

    u shud become budhist []quote] From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "Sunyata" redirects here. For other uses, see Sunyata (disambiguation). Śūnyatā, शून्यता (Sanskrit noun from the adj. śūnya: "zero, nothing"), Suññatā (Pāli; adj. suñña), stong-pa nyid (Tibetan), Kòng/Kū, 空 (Chinese/Japanese), Gong-seong, 공성(空性) (Korean), qoγusun (Mongolian) is frequently translated into English as emptiness. Sunya comes from the root svi, meaning swollen, plus -ta -ness, therefore hollow ( - ness). A common alternative term is "voidness". In Buddhism, emptiness is a characteristic of phenomena, arising from the Buddha's observation that nothing possesses an essential, enduring identity (see anattā), by virtue of dependent origination. Thus to say an object is "empty" is synonymous with saying that thing is dependently originated. Śūnyatā generally holds that all things, including oneself, appear as thoughtforms (conceptual constructs). This view is roughly shared by the historically related Perfection of Wisdom Sutras, Mādhyamaka and Yogācāra[1].
  21. man

    I Am Engaged

    gud luck on ur childr

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