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  1. Infiniti

    Official Wow Thread

    You're like me. I just abandoned my Tauren Druid and made yet another new character. BE warlock ftw.
  2. Infiniti

    May 16th- Underground Pass

  3. Infiniti

    Official Wow Thread

    I play World of Warcraft too now. I got a bit bored of runescape when I got scammed... My new name is Mistyk and I'm in the Shu'Halo realm. Here..'s my profile in the armory.
  4. Infiniti

    New Poll System

    It's great! I love the new voting system. And a new skill, I wonder what it is! :impatient:
  5. Infiniti

    Easter Antics

    Super event! I've finished it. The whole thing was fun, but I wish the reward was a little better... :glasses:
  6. Infiniti

    April Fools '07 - Event Over

    This is crazy!
  7. Infiniti

    April Fools '07 - Event Over

    Congratulations!!!! :P :) ^_^ :P
  8. Infiniti

    April Fools '07 - Event Over

    Is this even a clue I thought it might be that, because it's written in bold... EDIT: I CAN'T FIND THE SECOND CLUE ANYWHERE ON THE SALCAST FORUM!! :( :o :)
  9. Infiniti

    April Fools '07 - Event Over

    Is it something to do with Devinespade?
  10. Infiniti

    April Fools '07 - Event Over

    I've searched each Salcast thread and haven't found anything!
  11. Infiniti

    April Fools '07 - Event Over

    I agree with you! I found this one clue, but I just can't find anything else! I've searched the profile of every single mod and admin and havn't found ANYTHING!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:
  12. Infiniti

    April Fools '07 - Event Over

    Why are the names all in italics? I searched all the profiles and didn't find anything...
  13. Infiniti

    April Fools '07 - Event Over

    Does this mean we have to look for something in bold in the f**** r*l**? lol
  14. Infiniti

    April Fools '07 - Event Over

    Omg, I'm sorry if I'm giving out information, but the underbanners keep changing... A few minutes ago sal's was Xaria fan and now it's Neo Avatars fan...

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