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  1. private party isn`t private anymore =]
  2. anton k1

    Micronblast's Log

    Gratz on levels and Clues Etc and Sir pk
  3. anton k1

    Fake Weapons Of Mine

    i didn`t put 10 because it`s to realistic for rs
  4. anton k1

    Noosy's Fake Gallery [3 Pwnzors Fakes]

    numbers on the runes are to big
  5. anton k1

    _.-°*worst Faking Contest 2! It Is Back*°-._

    most of them aren`t fakes at all
  6. anton k1

    My Lamo Weapon

    pretty good but try to pixel yourself
  7. anton k1

    Leave Me Alone!

    font isn`t correct & uh to bad for 2nd fake
  8. anton k1

    Watching The Game! X3

    never saw anything like this
  9. anton k1

    Notice To All Fakers

    wow i didn`t know that thank you i`ll know now
  10. anton k1

    ~~~~~~ L337m3rch4nt's Log ~~~~~~

    good luck til 99
  11. anton k1

    Smaus's Ownage Log - Good Fight Log

    i wish i were you
  12. anton k1

    A Few Fakes

    First one is copy and paste. Second one isn't 1 min job Third isn`t fake
  13. anton k1

    Evil Level!

    =[ i can`t see it =[
  14. anton k1


    in mu opinion it isn`t fake !!!
  15. anton k1

    Neutralgaia's Fakes.

    not bad but i already saw 1st fake
  16. anton k1

    My First Award Fake

    4-5 min work worst fake
  17. anton k1

    My Fake Gallery

    not bad keep working maybe you`ll be a good faker in future
  18. anton k1

    89 Hp + 110 Combat

    i want such big smithing too =] gratz on all skills
  19. anton k1

    Multi-site Steel War 2 (may 19, 2pm Est)

    i`ll probably come
  20. anton k1

    Dragons Log To 99 Log Fletching

    gratz soon (not soon at all)you`ll have 99 cooking =]i promise
  21. anton k1

    Sals Realm Second Homecomming

    what is this all about?
  22. hope you`ll get 99s soon =]
  23. anton k1

    Dragon Weapon Pwnsausage

    i didn`t find it =[
  24. anton k1

    We Are Fubar!

    Great but work on text more
  25. anton k1

    Omg Talking Cow

    many errors with letters

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