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    crap ISLANDS :D
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    SLAYER 0F N000000BSSSSS!!!
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  1. The Emo Nymph

    Buying All Sardines

    5 gp each~!!!!!! :) :P :) :s ;) :xd:
  2. The Emo Nymph

    Count Down From 1,000,000

  3. The Emo Nymph

    New Guides

    Wow! More awesome guides, they look marvelous! Nice job. :P
  4. The Emo Nymph

    Barrelchest Anchor

    Here's a transparent version. :/ [IMG=http://i11.tinypic.com/3yg9t7q.gif]
  5. The Emo Nymph


    Name: Selena Picture: City/Major Location: Yanille Specific Location: Northwest of the Magic Guild. Members-Only?: Yes. Specific Info: This NPC is standing near a farming patch, ready to sell you farming equipment, give you tips about farming, or watch your crops. Examine Info: Perhaps this gardner might look after your crops for you. Contributors: Queen Skilla
  6. The Emo Nymph

    Lord Oligars Fakes Gallery

    Great fakes, I loved them. About 9/10 I'd say. The karajama one is funny. :P Nice Job! :D EDIT: Oops sorry for the big bump... I clicked the link in his sig....I'm sorry. (I'm scared..:D):o
  7. The Emo Nymph

    "come On, Keep Posting!"

    That's strange. I've never noticed it before.
  8. The Emo Nymph

    Gem Stall Image In Thieving Guide

    Erm, Jagex updated it a tad bit. Look at the wood section where the gems are. There's a slight difference...
  9. The Emo Nymph

    Gem Stall Image In Thieving Guide

    This image shows an image of a gem stall, but it is outdated. Here is a new version: (If that's too big, then ... oh! Sorry. )
  10. The Emo Nymph

    Farming Guide

    Well, here it is.
  11. The Emo Nymph

    You Know You're Addicted To Rs If...

    You know you're addicted to RuneScape if you throw ice cubes at them and claim that you are casting ice blitz.
  12. The Emo Nymph

    New Guides

    Wow! Those are some great guides! Nice job to the authors of the guides and everyone who helped. :D
  13. The Emo Nymph

    Entrana City Re-write

    Oh. Sorry. :P No one posted for such a long time. No problem. :D
  14. The Emo Nymph

    Entrana City Re-write

    High detail? You can't even write a complete sentence. I support proper spelling, grammar, and capitalization! Ok, he obviously abandoned this guide, so your post was very pointless and provided NOTHING constructive whatsoever! His guide is fine, there is no need to redo the pictures.
  15. The Emo Nymph

    Missing Satchels

    Ok. No problem, but in the future, don't make anymore of this type of topics. >.< Thanks.

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