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    Player Owned Ports

    I have a few questions. Here's where I'm at (I'm limited by only have one of the six skills at level 90+ (fishing)): Late game PoP is all about trade goods. I already don't care about the resources because I have what I need. That being said, are the jade merchants worth it for the extra one or two trade goods vs lowered chance of failure? My calculations show it would reduce the success rate by about 12 points. Granted, I play conservatively and pretty much don't send a ship unless it has 90% success rate or higher. Speaking of my conservative playing... I've been playing for a few days now in The Bowl so that my random trade goods voyages are in the 16k range instead of 20k range. I still get the 20k special voyage anyway, but it makes the others more guranteed to succeed. I guess there was no question there. Comments? Totem hotspots - what are you doing with them? You get the biggest jump in boost (+4%) for the first one. So does it make more sense to have four different ones (unless you truly only care about one of them, perhaps)? What do you have for captains? I have 1 of the highest morale, 2 combat, 2 seafaring. I see no reason for speed as the benefit seemed quite minimal in my limited testing. I'm not sure if things get a little more complicated when I get another 90 skill and unlock some more special voyages. I love PoP's because of the money I've gained. I've made 3 tetsu's helms so far and made almost 20 million from them in total.
  2. 123man

    Player Owned Ports

    I'm interested in keeping this thread going! I just made it to the Bowl a few days ago and it's seems quite odd how weak the ship upgrades are, especially compared to the updated crew. Some of the ship upgrades only raise the stats by a few hundred and they're expensive while the crew will boost by about 500 per crew member once they're up to level 7. And in just a few days, I've had enough jade to get over half my crew replaced. Now I've jumped back to Scythe to level them up for a day or two. I think I'm doing decent, even if I'm behind many others. I only have the Whaler to work with so when I realized he brings the plates, I switched to the plate scrolls. I play conservatively, but I've also only failed 4-ish missions and haven't lost a crew member. Can you still get easier trade goods special missions if you choose the easier areas? As you move into harder areas it seems like you get more trade goods but the missions are harder, i.e. staying in the easier area would just mean you don't get as many trade goods. Is that correct? My stuff:
  3. I don't play too much, but started up again in July. I've ignored the crap you could buy from Loyalty Points because, at a glance, they did not seem useful (emotes, clothing). But I've just discoverd the auras and see they actually have a use. The ones that offer a 3% increase in resource gathering interest me the most, especially considering you can increase it more with the higher tiers. But then I see ones like Jack of Trades and I wonder if that's more worth it or three of the 3%'ers instead. I like gaining free xp. Or others like the Vampyism one looks worthwhile too? Thoughts on the above or any auras that you've found particularly worthwhile?
  4. 123man

    Sals Minecraft Topic

    Yes, all of your maps will be kept. Although you might not want to get 1.9; It's a pre-release so it's buggy and incomplete. Thanks - to the both of you! Just to clarify - I can update via the "Do you want to update?" when you first start up and I'll only go to 1.8, right? I'll have to download something to get to 1.9? That would be good because I've been afraid I would accidentally upgrade to something I didn't want to.
  5. 123man

    Sals Minecraft Topic

    Anyone got time for noob Minecraft questions? I'll keep it simple enough...for now. I figured you guys would be gentle with me. :( I just started playing with version 1.7. If I upgrade to 1.8 or 1.9 will I still be able to keep playing on my current map with the current stuff I've built? It's my understanding I can upgrade to 1.8 via the standard game update, but 1.9 requires a new download, right? I have only ever played on peaceful mode. It doesn't sound fun to me to be building stuff and have mobs come along and destroy it. Plus, I scare easily. I hope peaceful mode doesn't go away. I know there's a creative mode, but I like finding and collecting the resources too.
  6. 123man

    Obama Releases Birth Certificate

    Luftey, you need to comprehend what you read! No where in my sig does it say I'm a fascist. Not even close. I never claimed he purposely delayed it this long. I was giving a theory as to why he would choose to release it now. Very different. You and the right-wing fringe decided early on that Obama cannot be trusted. So anything he says or does will be met with scorn and talk of lies and treason on the president's part. His birth was questioned. Newspaper announcements were provided and statements from public officials that all birthing documents were legit. Not good enough. Now more is released. Not good enough. You question his intelligence. You question his faith in God. You question and will question everything about him because you hate the man himself. It disgusts me to no end that this crap actually needs to be talked about. It makes a person cynical about where this country is headed and makes it easy to see why other countries look at us and shake their heads. I won't respond directly to the other garbage you're bringing up because this topic is called, "Obama Releases Birth Certificate." So pretty please, with sugar on top, stay on topic.
  7. 123man

    Obama Releases Birth Certificate

    My thoughts are similar. By even responding to these types of conspiracy theory claims, it gives credence to them. When the idiots spew their nonsense, you ignore them and get back to governing and working with the grownups to try to get something done. The new Tea Party Republican meme will be one or all of the following: - Obama took so long too show the birth cirtificate, it must have been faked. - Obamas school records MUST be released now to proove he was legititlmy lejitmetly, errr, that he really should have been let in to college. - Obama is relly a secret muslim and is going to institue She-rah law in the usa. He needs to provide a written note from Jesus H. Christ for us to believe him. And if he does provide a note from Him, we wont beleive it because it will be faked by satan and that muslim guy. It's a classic tale of moving the goal posts: Someone demands crazy. If you actually try to discuss the crazy, it just shifts the conversation so that the crazy is seen as less crazy and appears to be bordering on mainstream. Repeat it enough and people look back decades later and wonder how the hell we let things get to this point. The only reason I can fathom for Obama to release it now is that he's got a plan to make these people look very, very foolish and run with that all the way into election season. Obama has proven to be a smart, capable, and crafty pol. I'll follow my own rules and not reply directly to anything Luftey said.
  8. 123man

    Slayer Points

    So I decided I really want that neato slayer helmet, but I've got a few questions about how the slayer points work. The explanation at the end of our Smoking Kills quest guide isn't too great... So I need to do four assignments before I earn points on the 5th assignment, right? Can I do four assignments from Mazchna (the lowest point guy) and then start on higher ones for my 5th? Looking at the point spread: Mazchna - 1 Point Vannaka - 4 Points Chaeldar - 10 Points Sumona - 12 Points Duradel - 15 Points It seems that Chaeldar is the best to get points the fastest - being a combination of a lot more points than Vannaka, only two less than Sumona and the fact that hers will be easier/shorter than Duradel's. Does anyone agree with that logic or disagree?
  9. 123man

    Fc? High Priest? 50m+ Rep? Discuss!

    What server are you? Royal Garden.
  10. 123man

    Fc? High Priest? 50m+ Rep? Discuss!

    I have a famous city. When one of my alliance-mates was getting a better one, I got his from him. So I didn't have to fight for it. I got it a few weeks ago at about 8 million rep and now I'm at about 11 million. They're a lot of fun because you can build everything up to level 25, including the sciences. Mine has been attacked a few times by the alliance we're warring with, but with level 25 ramparts, etc my boys defended it quite well while I slept. And when I was awake to lead the troops, they didn't stand a chance. Very fun. Since there's a finite number of them (and since you can't move them), they need to be well defended. The troops in mine eat near 250k food per hour and I would like to have some more in it.
  11. Not really interested in an alliance. I'm enjoying being in the strongest alliance on the server.
  12. 123man


    I've heard that mentality before and I don't understand it. Do people not play RS because other are already so far ahead? I know, the comparison isn't exactly the same, but still... You shouldn't get beat up on if you don't give the bigger people a reason to. If you don't have tons of resources sitting there and if you have some archers set to ride out, they'll quickly tire of not gaining anything from you and losing troops for their troubles.
  13. 123man

    My First Level 10 Invade

    I tried my hand at a level 10 wildland. It was the only invasion/occupying task left of that type for growth tasks. Here's what I sent: Here's what I was up against: Here's how it turned out: The legend I gained was level 37 (one level higher than my highest) and thankfully had a high ability of 26. The huge amount of xp and rep was nice too and the the fact that I occupied the level 10 lake too makes for a nice boost to food. And since it was my first level 10 invasion and occupation I got a coffer and heaven box, but nothing too great out of either.
  14. 123man

    My First Level 10 Invade

    Yes, I think it was worth it. I gained a legend almost as strong as my main legend that I've spent weeks on. I also gained a ton of rep and xp and finished the task to get me enough level 3 meteors to get to Justice Minister. Granted, I haven't done one since and don't plan to again for awhile. 1-hitting wildlands is the way to do it (minus enemy archer, of course). Just keep moving up slowly. I'm on the verge of 1-hitting lvl 7's. She became a captive so I paid to free her and now she's one of my loyal legends. And I renamed her "Tehn" in honor of beating my first level 10. :)
  15. 123man

    War Of Legends

    Invade wildlands, use the divination trigram as much as you can per day to try and get a coffer (I've gotten three), and occupy wildlands and explore them. That's called farming, it's pathetic. To be fair, after three invades or occupys, you don't gain any more resources or gold.
  16. 123man

    Request For Aid

    Sometimes people will continually attack for the fun of it, but I would have to assume that the VAST majority of people will stop if they don't get much from you. So you can help stem off the attacks but not keeping a ton of resources on hand or a ton of gold. Have some high level warehouses in your city, use your resources (you can always build troops and then kill them off via high level wildlands), or sell excess in the market. If you find yourself with extra cash, lower your tax rate and be sure to spend your 100k a day on the divination trigram. The point is - make it worthless for them to attack you. That means, not mouthing off either, because they might get enjoyment from "punishing" your back talk. -.-
  17. 123man

    The Year of the Tiger

    http://services.jagex.com/m=news/g=warofle...amp;allcat=true The 14th of February marks the start of a festive fortnight for everyone at War of Legends, when we say goodbye to the Chinese Year of the Ox and say hello to the Chinese Year of the Tiger! The Chinese New Year is steeped in mythology and tradition, dating back centuries and centuries to ancient China. To celebrate the Year of the Tiger, we will be running a number of community events, including the chance to battle against a secret J-Mod City. To get involved in this, plus other forum competitions, please check out the ever-expanding War of Legends community forums here. From tomorrow, we will also be running a special 'Deal of the Day'. Throughout the two-week celebration, we will be cutting the price of some of our top game artefacts. So, if your city or army is in need of a helping hand, why not visit the shop and take a look? 農曆新年 (Happy New Year) – Play Now!
  18. 123man


    The same way that you set them. Click on your Parade Ground. Click the "defense" button. Then a screen comes up and there's a drop down at the top that either says "anti-invade" or "anti-conquest". On this screen will be a list of legends on the left and a list on the right. Click on the ones on the left to move them to the right. Save and then those legends on the right are set to defend. Leave the Parade ground, come back into it, click "defense" to see the legends and the troop amounts that are set to defend. Change the drop down at the top to set for the other type. I understand how to get the legends from the left list to the right list, but I don't understand how to see whether the legends in the left list are anti-invade or anti-conquest. (Sorry if you explained this in the above quote, but I didn't understand. :)) -.- If the drop down says anti-invade, then the list on the right on the ones set for anti-invade protection. If you switch the drop down between the two and nothing changes, then you have the same defenders set for both. To see how it works, hit the red X on one of the legends and save, then there should be a difference between the two. Part of me thinks you're pulling my chain with these questions...so you better get it now! :)
  19. 123man

    Mark Gerhard At Javaone 2009

    Very cool talk. Thanks for posting it. When he was talking about the server that hadn't been rebooted in years...what was that for, the forums?
  20. 123man

    Women And Sky Jumping

    C'mon, people! I think they're talking about sex here, not gender. Gender being based on self identity and culture and sex being determined by your genetics and physical traits (for the vast number of people). That's my off-topic comment.
  21. 123man


    The same way that you set them. Click on your Parade Ground. Click the "defense" button. Then a screen comes up and there's a drop down at the top that either says "anti-invade" or "anti-conquest". On this screen will be a list of legends on the left and a list on the right. Click on the ones on the left to move them to the right. Save and then those legends on the right are set to defend. Leave the Parade ground, come back into it, click "defense" to see the legends and the troop amounts that are set to defend. Change the drop down at the top to set for the other type.
  22. 123man


    If you've encountered that, it's a bug. You can choose to set up to 5 legends to defend for anti-invade and 5 for anti-conquest. They can be the same 5 or different ones. How do I make one of my legends set as "Anti-invade" and another as "Anti-Conquest"? When it's set to anti-invade, click 1-5 legends names. Then save it and switch to anti-conquest and do the same (or different legends) there and save it. I usually come back in and double check after I've saved to make sure that it looks right. Also, if you have a legend set to defend and then you send him out to invade something, he'll still be listed in the defense scheme and will remain there after he gets back. Although, if a legend is gone and you try to change and save while leaving the absent legend in there, it'll complain and not really save it. If that made sense...
  23. 123man


    There is a drop down menu at the top that says either anti-invade or anti-conquest. You need to set up a defensive plan for both. So when you switch to the other it'll be empty and then you can choose either the same legends or different ones. If you were set up to defend under anti-invade but not under anti-conquest and someone conquested you, then you wouldn't have defended.
  24. 123man

    Beta Update – No Resets!

    http://services.jagex.com/m=news/g=warofle...amp;allcat=true Your continued support and feedback during the War of Legends Beta has been invaluable and much appreciated. The feedback has allowed the developer to optimise the gaming experience and we are continuing to improve the game on a daily basis. Due to these improvements, we are happy to announce that we are not planning any more resets during the Beta, and we will also not be resetting the servers at the end of the Beta period. We will continue to run the game as a Beta for a little while longer and will update the community as we get closer to the end of Beta period. We do have a few tricks up our sleeves that we want to implement before we officially call an end to the Beta period. Thank you for your ongoing support, it’s been incredible!
  25. 123man

    JCredits Now Available!

    http://services.jagex.com/m=news/g=warofle...amp;allcat=true We are pleased to announce that the functionality to purchase JCredits has been made available to all players. To thank our players for their continued support, we have put up a number of special offers. For example the Labour Bill, which allows you to construct up to five buildings at the same time, is discounted by over 50% for the next couple of days. Head on over to the in-game shop to check out all 14 artefacts currently on offer! To top up your account with JCredits, simply open up the account management section or click here. Additionally, for each purchase made, our dedicated War of Legends team will hand pick and send out a complimentary artefact pack to go along with your JCredits. See you on the battlefield and happy shopping!

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