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  1. Rufus the Cubone

    Proof Of God

    Yes, death is the punishment in the Christian religion. Here's how it went down. Adam and Eve were created by God. He told them not to eat from this tree, right? So they eat from it anyway. Man sins, God takes away the utopia they had and boom, Death. Except for the fact Adam and Eve lived for years after having atleast three sons (Cain,Abel,Seth) If the "school system is teaching kids christianity" idea is all you can think of, Ill gladly mention how Athiest my school teaches.
  2. Rufus the Cubone


    Whats not too love about Isreal? Warm beaches, Biblical Sceneary, Powerful military filled with preety women...errr. Personally I think Isreal is nice.
  3. Rufus the Cubone

    What Is Your Sexual Orientation?

    Why is it so bad to be different from you? Its nothing against them for being diffrent, and I dont mind bi sexuals, I just believe its now a trend to be "bi"
  4. Rufus the Cubone

    Anime Or Manga

    Manga. Just becuase I enjoy all types of comics. In my collection I have a little bit of manga, its mainly just american comic books and a book of comic strips.
  5. Rufus the Cubone


    I just dont like them for there boring everybody wearing the same cloths, the same bands, the same everything. Saying how sad they are, when really they have it good. There creepy haricuts, there annoying tight pants. BLEH!
  6. Rufus the Cubone

    Music Recomendations Thread

    I got POLISH ASSUALT Its a mix between Decapitated, Yattering, Lost Soul and Damable.
  7. Rufus the Cubone


    Yep, then Black Metal will be Emo. Mayemo, Emozum, Emoperor.
  8. Rufus the Cubone

    Music Recomendations Thread

    Thanks for both suggestions, I listend to and enjoyed them.
  9. Rufus the Cubone

    War Survey...

    14 Male 1. Maybe among young kids, but other then that no 2. If it was the beggining of a world war yes, if they ever really needed it Yes. 3. Possibley 4. Not much 5. Dictators, diffrences in goverment, culture, territory, religion
  10. Rufus the Cubone

    Tons Of Youtube Videos Pulled Off

    The WMG sucks, how do you think any people will hear there music these days. Are there most underground musicians gonna suddenly get magicially famous? Heres some music I like from WMG: Anthrax Black Label Society Black Sabbath Cradle of Filth Dio The Doors The Eagles In Flames (older cds mainly, however I wont be able to hear them I dont own them) Led Zeppelin Lynard Skynard Machine Head (Robb Flynn should have stuck to Vio-Lence) Megadeth Metallica (Dont care, I own the worthy stuff) Morrisey (OK NOW IM MAD!) Nightwish Oasis Opeth Tom Petty Pixies Queen The Ramones REM Red Hot Chilli Peppers Scorpions Smiths Soulfly (Actually they weren't good, but becuase of Max Cavelera, I must love them) Testament Twisted Sister Van Halen The Who
  11. Rufus the Cubone

    Music Recomendations Thread

    Shoegaze Black Metal will probally be the next step in Black Metal, after the first and second waves its branched into Nazi Black Metal (makes me not wanna listen to black at all), Atmospheric Black Metal and even Christian Black Metal. So Shoegaze Black is next. Ill listen sometime, the only Neune Deustsche Harte bands I've listned to were Rammstein and Oomph. Yup
  12. Rufus the Cubone

    Favorite Band Of All Time

    Depends on Genre. But currently out of every genre, The Clash. The Clash make me feel amazed.
  13. Rufus the Cubone

    Music Recomendations Thread

    Lodon calling has to be one of my favorites cds of all time now.
  14. Rufus the Cubone


    No Screamo for me, Death Metal/Black metal is great. But Screamo isn't my style.
  15. Rufus the Cubone

    Music Recomendations Thread

    Woah..wait you listen to music off youtube, you mean that low quality trash? Er, use playlist.com, imeem.com, or even the new myspace playlist or something.. I can't even stand thinking of listening to the terrible music quality of youtube *shivers*. Quality enough for me

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