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  1. Fedora

    Spirit Jailbreak

    I dont know where you downloaded from, but it's clean. Can back that up to. It's nice to see another userland jailbreak, but I'm just glad there's the hole in the Touch 2G bootrom. I'd rather not have to rely on security holes like this.
  2. Fedora

    What The Heck Is That?

    Just incase I let you down a bit, I mark incredibly harshly. Incredibly.
  3. Fedora

    What The Heck Is That?

    I'm only going to do the 1st one. Your focal is quite oversharpened (even for that style) and pretty much throws off the balance this signature has. Nice but fairly average background work. Don't bother with scanlines if you're going to do them like that (it's meant to be a subtle overlay). Learn some more stuff about text and placement, then you'll be good to go. I'd go more in depth, but I have music to listen to. 3.5/10
  4. Fedora

    Rate My Signature

    It doesn't matter of you submit it for review when it's over 60KB. The digital section is a bandwidth whore anyway, so it doesn't matter if it's higher. As long as your personal signature is under that mark, you're fine.
  5. Fedora

    House M.d

    No need to defend yourself. It's my opinion. Personally I think some of the rules on Sal's for signatures are annoying. Only 60KB? Pfft.
  6. Fedora

    Paint Splatter

    Also, release them onto the Creative Commons license. See if you can make them proper Adobe Photoshop brush files too.
  7. Fedora

    Paint Splatter

    http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...showtopic=11582 Anyway, as for a review. Good job for not using any presets, but what is it essentially? There is nothing to focus on (focal), it's got a massive copyright thing over it (protip: only the bad artists are that paranoid about getting their work stolen) and it lacks any depth and texture that would make it look some-what real. A bit of poor effort I'm afraid, but I suppose you could make some of those splatters larger and individually publish them as brushes. No rating can be given here from me, I'm afraid.
  8. Fedora

    House M.d

    There's a lot of wasted space on the left hand side. It's not a particularly good stock of House either, and things are quite blurry when you look closely. The depth is a bit messed up, and I know you can do better. 4/10, according to my personal opinion.
  9. Fedora

    Youhei's Tag Stall

    Oh god, my examples are bad.
  10. Fedora

    Ghrulz's Transparent Background Shop

    That's a white background. You've done nothing. Get the frak out of here.
  11. Fedora

    Deviantart Stuff

    Congrats. You're one of the last remaining (good) artists. I'd suggest you go to a GFX only forum as fast as you can, and hone your skills to a fine point. There isn't much you can learn here.
  12. Fedora

    Ghrulz's Transparent Background Shop

    Examples. For all I know you could be rubbish.
  13. Fedora

    :::..pinkrockerz Gallery...:::

    You have to do original stuff. All you've done is taken a brush from someone and art from someone and mixed the two together. What you've done is bordering plagiarism, if anything. Please, read some tutorials and do your own artwork, not other people's.
  14. Fedora

    My Work

    Wow, you've only succeeded in making it worse. Being honest. I can't suggest anything to that except not to do it again and read some tutorials.
  15. Fedora

    Newest Siggy

    What he said. 1/10. You've got a lot to learn, and you've got a lot of effort to put in. First: that's an awkward size to have your signature at, especially if you're going to put a render on it. Second: that render is crap. You've blurred it, placed it randomly in the corner and left it. Third: WTF is happening in that background. If there wasn't such a sensitive filter on here, I'd call it something else, but it looks like a storm of something then you've thrown some brushes on top. Fourth: learn some stuff about text. You need to steer away from pixel fonts, grunge fonts and arty fonts (unless you can pull them off well). Fifth: putting 'DESIGN' at the end doesn't make you look arty. It just makes you look like a fool who doesn't know what they're doing.

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