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  1. Sankune

    Recipe For Disaster

    pic plz of "dragon gloves" o.o
  2. Sankune

    Recipe For Disaster

    when someone has a pic of dragon gloves or barrows gloves - or both plz post here o.o
  3. Sankune

    Christmas Update!

    Is there a santa in runescape this year? (and i finished and have everything already =P)
  4. Sankune

    Champions, Wyverns And Granite

    if only wyverns were bigger.....anyone know the stats on the new armor?
  5. Sankune

    Champions, Wyverns And Granite

    oooh...bony...-anyway how much is the new armor selling for :question: -Oh and is it any good -.0
  6. Sankune

    Champions, Wyverns And Granite

    They don't usually update F2P so it being members only was kinda obviouse...(Wyvers have to look cool!)
  7. Sankune

    Champions, Wyverns And Granite

    yea i did, looks like it did in an old game i played (legend of dragoon) but uhh i wna c the rest of it :)
  8. Sankune

    Champions, Wyverns And Granite

    Can someone plz post a screeny of the wyverns (id go c them but im cutting mages-i need $$). :)

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