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  1. Evermore

    My Report On The Canting Summer Solstice Festival 2010 Pt 3

    nice write-up, and im sorry i could only make it for half of a race :(
  2. Evermore

    Worst Laws You've Broken?

    Marijuana Possession, Speeding, Underage Drinking, illegal download, and some law about having other teens in the car with you for 5 months
  3. Evermore

    Moar Picture

    np its easy to comment on a nice lookin owl
  4. Evermore

    Omg Help I Burned My Gf

    i remember you posted this a while ago lol
  5. Evermore

    Blog Game #[email protected]@@@@

    free bird is probably number 1
  6. Evermore


    Celadon City ------------ Pokemon: #133 Eevee This city contains the largest store in the game and Game Corner! To get Eevee, enter the back of the mansion and go up the building to get it. It's a good idea to buy some Stones at the store to evolve Pokemon and expand your collection. Now head to Game Corner, and press A at the poster at the back to find a hidden switch. The switch makes a secret passage appear to your right. Enter it to reach the basement... -------------------- Game Corner Basement -------------------- Items: TM 02 TM 07 TM 10 Super Potion Hyper Potion Escape Rope Nugget Rare Candy HP Up Lift Key Silph Scope As you can see, this place is loaded with items! I'll just tell where to go to get the Lift Key and Silph Scope. From where you entered, go down the stairs. Continue and go north from the Rocket guard and go down those stairs. Now you have to go through these moving tiles. This part is pretty easy, so figure it out for yourself. Once you navigate through them, go down the stairs. From there, go up and then left and fight the Rocket guard. After you beat him, talk to him, and he drops the Lift Key, so pick it up. With that, go back through the moving tiles room and go up the stairs. Now you have to go through more moving tiles! Again, this is easy enough to figure out how to get through. Once through that, go past the stairs and enter the elevator. Go up to the control panel and go the 4th Basement Floor. Exit the elevator and beat the Rocket guards near the door. Then go through to fight Giovanni, the head of Team Rocket... **************************************************************** TRAINER: Giovanni POKEMON: Onix - L25, Rhyhorn - L24, Kangaskhan - L29 This guy is quite easy if you use a Water-type Pokemon at about L25. Onix and Rhyhorn will go down with a couple Water-type attacks, but Kangaskhan will be a bit harder. **************************************************************** Once you beat Giovanni, you get the Silph Scope! Now's the time to go into the Celadon Gym to fight for another Badge... **************************************************************** TRAINER: Erika PRIZES: Rainbow Badge & TM 21 POKEMON: Victreebel - L29, Tangela - L24, Vileplume - L29 For this fight, use a Fire-type Pokemon at about L26. Then just burn each one out a couple Fire-type attacks. **************************************************************** Now with that done, head to the Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town. ------------- Pokemon Tower ------------- Pokemon: #92 Gastly #93 Haunter #104 Cubone Items: Elixier Awakening Escape Rope Nugget Rare Candy HP Up X Accuracy Poke Flute With the Silph Scope in hand, you can identify the Ghosts inside! Make sure you do capture a Ghost-type Pokemon because a good bit of attacks do not hit them. Once on the 2nd Floor, you'll run into Gary... **************************************************************** TRAINER: Gary POKEMON: Pidgeotto - L25, Growlithe - L23, Exeggcute - L22, Kadabra - L20, Wartortle/Charmeleon/Ivysaur - 25 Since you got the Rainbow Badge, build up about 4 Pokemons' levels to about 25 for an easy fight. For Pidgeotto, use the usual Electric-type Pokemon. When fighting Growlithe, put out its fire with Water-type attacks. For Exeggcute, burn it with Fire-type attacks. For the rest, just use your best ones. **************************************************************** Head to the 3rd and you'll find some people which evil spirits have "taken" over them. You can free them of the evil spirits, but it's not required to do so. Keep going up until you reach the 5th Floor. On that floor, someone has made you a "healing tile" to heal your Pokemon. When you try to go up the stairs on the 6th Floor, you will fight a L30 Marowak. When you beat Cubone's Mother, her spirit will lay to rest...allowing you to go on. On the final floor, there will be some Rocket guards around. Defeat them, and talk to Mr. Fuji. Then you will appear back at house. Talk to him again to get the Poke Flute. Always carry this with you, for it will wake up sleeping Pokemon. Head back to Celadon City and visit the big Poke Mart. Go to the top floor with the vending machines. Buy some Fresh Water. Remember those guards who said that they were thirsty? Talk to the guard and give him the water. He then shares with the other guards so you can pass through to Saffron City. But before you want to go Saffron City, you may want to get HM 02 which teaches Fly. Check the "Important Info" section to find out how. lol pokemon blue version guide
  7. Evermore

    An Image Of The Future

    this looks very nice
  8. Evermore


    i might be inactive for a little bit so i wont be on that much. See you soon :D
  9. gratz audio now go for 99 fletch!
  10. Evermore

    80 Thieving

    gratz, liked the video too
  11. Evermore

    New Poll + Db Submissions

    looks like a nice new poll i choose me btw
  12. Evermore

    Swan Song And Garden Of Tranquility

    nice i need to do those quest
  13. Evermore

    Congratulations To...

    gratz toungy on dmship

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