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  1. Adam?

    RIP me

    still bummed this happened
  2. Adam?

    The last person to post here wins

    Congrats to Sobend for the shortest reign in this topic since 2015
  3. I have the winter graphics setting on because it is whimsical
  4. It has somehow got me playing RuneScape again with a new character. Not something I expected in 2023. Me and @Synapsi and no she didn't give her permission
  5. happy birthday!!

  6. Adam?

    Who is alive?

    Hello there! Yep as Sobend said we have a Discord and some of us still lurk the forums.
  7. Adam?

    Hero of Sal's Realm 2012

    thanks Lonely I'll make sure to only release 1 a year from now on so I can get a winning streak going
  8. Adam?

    Elden Ring - Random musings

    Interesting read. You are echoing a lot of the complicated thoughts some folks have about the game, and it's a great reminder that you can't bestow a game with the title of "revolutionary" until we see what comes after. The truth is that From Software popularized gameplay mechanics and an approach to storytelling that lends itself extremely well to experimentation and iteration. I think it's very fair to say that Elden Ring is an iteration on a model that began with Demon Souls, and From continues to (unsurprisingly) be the best at crafting the type of game that they popularized. Elden Ring is Dark Souls lifted onto an open world with horse combat, and I think the most impressive thing about Elden Ring is how well they were able to successfully iterate on their model for an open world setting. For me, the difference between the world design of Dark Souls and Elden Ring is that Dark Souls is extremely good at making you feel like the world is bigger than it is and that you are making unique choices, when in reality the game is guiding you through the illusion of organic discovery. (Bloodborne is also great at this.) In Elden Ring, you are given a vague direction to go in if you want to continue the main thrust of the story, but otherwise you are truly able to take off in any direction and explore. And regardless of where you go, your curiosity will be rewarded. Another thing that Elden Ring completely nailed for me is feelings of awe. Entering certain areas left me breathless with the scale of the game and the lasting impact of their art direction. Each section of Elden Ring is densely packed with compelling content and has its own distinct color palette / look and feel. This is unique for open world games, at lest for ones I've played. As an aside, I have no idea how you could think the late game bosses are easy. Malenia in particular I still haven't managed to beat, but maybe I just need to git gud.
  9. Adam?

    Worst Laws You've Broken?

  10. Adam?

    The last person to post here wins

    how are we going to celebrate
  11. Adam?

    How Do You Get A Girlfriend!

    bump pls help someone call @Mr FANG
  12. Adam?


    I am pretty pumped by this. Also I wonder how long development is going to take
  13. Adam?

    The last person to post here wins

  14. Adam?


    crazy how quickly they fell off

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