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  1. Adam?

    The Call

    the light is blinding the sound is deafening the memories are overwhelming The Call is Unyielding
  2. Adam?


    I can't get it out of my head. I'm constantly delighted by new things I discover and I know I'm missing the majority of the games content because there's so much of it. My only real complaint is that I think From's more passive approach to questline progression doesn't work as well in a massive open world, which they even admitted when they added NPC locations to the map in a patch. The next step for me will be combining AI Dungeon and Elden Ring. Keep the main content as the perfectly crafted epic that it is, but I would love within the next 5-10 years having procedurally generated optional dungeons / bosses.
  3. Adam?


    Just dropping in to remind everyone that this is one of my favorite games of all time and could be my new top game ever. Just need to see how it ends. :-)
  4. Adam?

    Dragon Sal Z

  5. Adam?

    Sal's Guestbook v2.0

    Are you planning on making a SUPER GUESTBOOK
  6. Adam?


    @lilshu was born 16 years ago today :')
  7. Adam?


    it is out lord and saviors day of birth he of the most posts @20000_Posts! return! grant us eyes!
  8. Adam?

    Space Butterfly

    Looks fantastic. I guess the only thing I don't like is the text, but that's also probably because I dislike text generally. Overall 9/10 would win SOTW unless man had an entry.
  9. i cant believe yuan would do this
  10. Adam?


    I walk to work almost every day and it's 1.5 miles. Very good podcast time
  11. Adam?

    The last person to post here wins

    I got guys for that
  12. Adam?


    Honestly it's the game I've always wanted to be made. You'll love it. Please play it and nerd out with me
  13. Adam?

    Sal's Guestbook v2.0

    Excuse me where's the white text layer for Morte
  14. Adam?


    It's huge and dense. You can fast travel everywhere. There are no waypoints aside from 1) markers you put on the map yourself and 2) vague directional suggestions that this games bonfires supply to show you what direction to go to follow the traditional story path. It's handled very well. I feel like I'm constantly missing exciting content because you need to actually explore and find the optional dungeons / secrets for yourself. Also riding around on Torrent is so fun. You can double jump on a horse!!
  15. Adam?


    Here's my first day impression. The PC performance is completely fine and the game is incredible. I'm blown away by how much there is to do. The overworld is full of incredible shizzle and the small dungeons are quick diversions that give you variety. Torrent is the best mount I've used in a game. The variety in area design is staggering. I'm overwhelmed. My hype was out of control and at worst it's been met. Everyone should play this game.
  16. Adam?

    Sal's Guestbook v2.0

    I don't have any of the original GIMP files anymore so its pretty similar unless you want the one that isn't a meme. Looking at the page reminded me of this peak humor tho.
  17. Adam?

    Hi it’s Adam?

    serves him right
  18. Adam?


    We doubt Miyazaki-san at our own peril
  19. Adam?


    My issue with sports podcasts is that the only sport I can discuss confidently is basketball. And I'm not as interested in sports punditry as I am in seeing plays broken down and more strategic discussions, which is why I like Thinking Basketball and Bball breakdown on YouTube. Are there any good basketball ones you think I'd like? I listen to a lot of political / world events podcast as well as a few history ones. I finished The History of Rome last year and I'm currently working through its spiritual successor, The History of Byzantium.
  20. 12 hours until Elden Ring 

    1. Morte


      Good night sweet prince

  21. Adam?


    I had hope that it would reach this level, but I didn't think it would actually happen. Elden Ring looked like the game From has been building to from Demon Souls to Sekiro, taking everything they learned, refining the core aspects of what people except from their games while expanding into a massive open world that leverages their form of storytelling. Anyway. Tonight's the night. I have off from work tomorrow and I'm starting my day early so there's no risk that I'm not able to launch this potential masterpiece as soon as its available. I'll post here with my spoiler-free impressions as I go.

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