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  1. Adam?

    can i be extinguished member?

    I was made a DM shortly after equating a Runescape Clan to the KKK
  2. Adam?


    pls rate b4 removed
  3. Adam?


    of course the deep state is looking to cancel me
  4. Adam?

    Charlie My Love

    I had to make one of the most difficult decisions of my life on Wednesday. My 5 year old cat, Charlie, had been experiencing recurring health issues that would have required multiple invasive surgeries with a decent likelihood of complications and no guarantee they'd help. Even so I desperately wanted to help him. Charlie was my boy. Anyone who knows me knows how much I desperately love my cats, and Charlie was the heart of our household. He was never mean or unfriendly to any visitors. He forced his love on his cat siblings. And today is the first day in 5 years when I haven't been greeted by him right in the morning at home. I'm trying to focus on what I loved the most about Charlie. There's a lot. I loved how playful he was. I loved how energetic and athletic he was. I loved how he groomed all of his cat friends including me. I loved how he rolled over for me to rub his belly. I loved how proper he sat and crossed his little paws. I loved how he chattered at birds. I loved how he would knead me. I loved how he would sleep at my feet. I loved how he would climb under blankets. I loved how he would follow me around. I loved how excited he was when I got home. I loved how smart he was. I'm so sorry I couldn't help you more, Charlie. You were my special little boy. I'm happy that you were able to find peace on my lap and with my wife and I telling you how much we loved you. I'm happy you were able to become so calm and purr and knead us and look up at me just like you were my Charlie when you weren't feeling sick. I'll never forget you. RIP Charlie 2017-2022 in physical form 2017-eternity in my heart
  5. Adam?

    can i be extinguished member?

    I have a negative warn and was a distinguished member which is about the biggest indictment of the entire system as I can think of.
  6. happy birthday!!

    1. Sobend


      The big 3-0!!!

    2. Adam?


      One of us! one of us!

  7. Adam?

    Queen Elizabeth II has died

    The issue folks had with Queen Elizabeth II isn't about her role as head of state for mainland Britain. It was all the other countries / provinces where she served / serves as head of state
  8. Adam?

    Yuanrang is admin

    Yeah but he can take it away at any time It's led to an awkward power imbalance dynamic and I don't feel safe
  9. Adam?

    Does anyone still play?

    I pop in on RS3 sometimes for my quarterly "old man yells at cloud" where I complain about how much has changed
  10. Adam?

    Yuanrang is admin

    Grats me next
  11. How long has it been? What year is it? How did I get here? This can't be right. It's 2022, this isn't how things were supposed to be. How have you been the last decade? Dragon Sal Z - Episode 42: Unfinished Business. Is this real?
  12. Latest Episode - Episode 42!! Read the entire series on Fatalysm's website! Sal's Realm's official anime! Starring all your favorite Sal's personalities! Helpful List of Helpful Links! :-) Character List Most Recent Episode Extra Stuff The Dragon Sal Z Team Episode Listing Fanart Top 5 Super Fans Character list: Main Characters: Adam? Yuanrang Yelo Xrvn Man Xaria Secondary Characters: Whitey Venom Cameron Topdog Goliath Gob Emanick Dad Dwar Lilshu Ellibereth Donovan Doddsy Neo Avatars Gillis Daniel Doom Minor Characters: Sal Macki Sparhawke Jamster Vera Jack-Nicholson Hawk Dani Sryen Fshi Redmonke Mr FANG Goggie_100 Morte Master Neverdead Hebo Pheonix Rider Beret Andyana Joe the Twin Zooey Cameos: Smokey Beeboy Co-Z Zachary Drokarus The Moneus Brothers! Dragons Jose0 Finway Mr_E Stobbo easl Jordo Falcon Entrility Razorlike Pixel Bunnie ??? and ??? B0B Ligerliger Yoko Blakie Fake Twist of Fate Lily Nicole Naota Definition Cxkslei Po22 Vaskor Domino Dice King of Monra Click This Uther Common Sense Magic of Woodcut Jacky Meen imsleepy JoeGrech Anthem Ko Mr. X Senor Diente Yoyoma Samsara Helm Lardar Composition Jethraw Tabt MFI BEEN0 goldentoon42 Gnostic Christian Bishop Extra stuff Outdated character bio. Dragon Sal Z Wiki. Episodes 1-14 Episodes 15-whatever. Read it backwards. The Dragon Sal Z Team Director: Adam? Writer: Adam? Producer: Adam? Starring: Everyone! Episode listing. In the Old Times, episodes were hosted and read on the Forums themselves. However, due to Tinypic no longer existing, the original posts are lost. Fatalysm was kind enough to host all episodes, so the links below take you back to when the episode was released to see what people said at the time!! Season One The Forest of the Banned Arc Episode 1: Pilot Episode 2: Emergence from lower than dirt! Jamster is high! Episode 3: Behold: Beeranjebus! Episode 4: Goliath embarrassed. Two new enemies appear! Episode 5: A battle against an army of trolls!? Welcome to Neo-Sals Arc Episode 6: Gillis is Jewish! Episode 7: Follow the Vera! The new dm is... Episode 8: Goliath attempts homicide! Also, virgins. Episode 9: Jack-Nicholson attacks! Vera's a dude!? Episode 10: Emanick is scary. The Doddsy and Sryen Arc Episode 11: Dani makes a joke. Derp. Episode 12: Meet Venom: owner and operator of bro. Episode 13: Pixel Bunnie likes married men. Episode 14: Adam? is out of control! Doddsy and Sryen enter the game. Episode 15: Shine on, you crazy diamond. Episode 16: What does the scouter say about his power level? Episode 17: Adam? v Doddsy. Let the fight begin! Episode 18: You would not believe your eyes... Season Two The Finisterra Arc Episode 19: Ellibereth's troll mafia game. Episode 20: Be our guest! Episode 21: Zezima fanfic. -daniel Episode 22: The blogs of Salmoneus. Episode 23: Assault on house of bro! Episode 24: A package for Cxk! Can Venom and Fshi escape? Episode 25: A ghost from the past. Episode 26: The Topdog Episode Episode 27: IT'S A TRAP! Episode 28: The Great Finy. The Convergence Arc Episode 29: Turn back the pendulum. Episode 30: For Today's Lesson Episode 31: The rising. Episode 32: The Beginning of the End Episode 33: Falling into Place Episode 34: Convergence Episode 35: Betrayal at Falador Episode 36: Flight of the Trolls Season Three The Populus Arc Episode 37: Welcome to Populus Episode 38: Breakdown Episode 39: If You Say So... Episode 40: Mods Trolling Trolls Episode 41: Two and a Half Mods Episode 42: Unfinished Business Episode 43: SLAUGHTER (Working TItle) Fanart Emotional Battle! - Andyana Depiction of Dani! - Twist of Fate The sad hand of man! - Tree Andy's Adam - Andyana Baby Adam - Lonelywolf Rule 34 Xaria - ??? Changing Venom - Joe The Twin Hebo - Hebo DSZ Omake 1 - Silavor Ellibereth drawing - Kyo Obligatory Comic - Andyana Top 5 Super Fans! 1st: Morte 2nd: Silavor 3rd: Mad Max 4th: Entrility 5th: Tabt DRAGON SAL GT: SUMMER 2012
  13. Adam?

    Queen Elizabeth II has died

    She lived a truly one of a kind life.
  14. Adam?

    Man it's been a while

    yare yare daze
  15. Adam?

    Man it's been a while

    hello there!
  16. Adam?

    Taking Bets! *updated*

    Who's going to be banned first? http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...?showuser=76659 http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/index.php?showuser=572 http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...?showuser=95876 Mutt was suspended for a week, so obviously Reap's more in the running for a ban. If you put 1 dollar on Reap you will get 2 dollars if he wins. If you put a dollar on Mutt, you'll get 10 dollars if he wins!!!! Lord Condom is medium bet: you get 5 dollars if you bet 1 dollar. POST BETS iToast: 300 dollars on Reap hlow: 50 dollars on Mutt Vera: 10000 dollars on Mutt yelo: 2 dollars on Mutt Kwinten: 1000 dollars on Mutt Cxkslei: 4 dollars on Lord Condom W1z: 23 dollars on Lord Condom Fen: 42 dollars on Lord Condom A D A M: 43 dollars on Lord Condom Po22: 5,000 dollars on Mutt Twist of Fate: 1,000 dollars on Mutt Twist of Fate: 500 dollars on Reap LCD: 100 dollars on Reap Doom: 20,000 dollars on Lord Condom Fini: 100 dollars on Reap ccf: 200 dollars on Mutt ccf: 100 dollars on Reap Rain: 1000000000000000000000000000000000000 dollars on Reap Toad: 100 dollars on Mutt ibleed green: 500 dollars on Lord Condom Mutt's value has gone up to a 4:1 return!!! Reap has fallen to a 1.00001:1 return!!! Lord Condom went up to an 11:1 return!!! People who bet on Lord Condom tend to be low rollers, therefore his return has skyrocketted to 10:1!!!
  17. DSZ 41.5 and DSZ 43 planning time.

  18. I am extremely happy that you were able to see it. I'm planning to finish the story in the near future so be sure to tune in next week for another episode! Also you should join the Discord so we can catch up. Yelo and fshi are on it.
  19. Adam?

    RIP me

    Time to reset your IP or use a proxy I guess. I hope this can be resolved. I've been enjoying your blog.
  20. Adam?

    The last person to post here wins


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