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Everything posted by Adam?

  1. Adam?

    Pop Art Stencils

    thanks zooey
  2. Adam?


    Don't lie you joined in 2007!! Rolf is the question. Rolf is the answer. He was always here and never was. He is what Sal's has been waiting for.
  3. wow we are alive 2.0

  4. Thought this was about the Sals Forums!!
  5. Did you make sure to type out "take that goblin" when you attacked?
  6. Yuan you have gone soft. I must be given a deadline to complete 43 or I lose my beloved pip.
  7. I believe we landed on me actually finishing the series and stop being such a lazy, selfish, and generally cringe person.
  8. nice try killing the forums to win
  9. Adam?


    why would you post this edit my ctrl v:
  10. wow we are alive

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    2. Adam?


      thank you sal!!

    3. Yuanrang


      Yeah, it was a double whammy. Sal got notified late because I was down with Covid, and Sal did not see Sobend's messages because he was on holidays.

      ....so when I did manage to contact him, he was still on holidays and could not fix it before this week.

      TL;DR: Sorry for the wait, and thanks Sal! :ice: 

    4. Sobend
  11. Congrats! Let me know if you have any interest in the OSRS clan.
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