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  1. Happy Birthday Gh0stf00t(16) and the rest: th3mast0r(13), xz598(13), Dark zelda00(13), Colorshade(13), thelongdavid(14), EvilBio!(14), dintruder(18), no life(18), Gh0stF00t(16), Master of Mining(15), elementa397(17), Aragil(18), Super Mario(14), danny_boy195(16)
  2. Adam?


    what do you people do i'm a financial analyst at a bank please kill me
  3. Season 1 banner. Season 2 banner. Lawful, Neutral, Chaotic. Sal's Realm's official anime! Starring all your favorite Sal's personalities! Helpful List of Helpful Links! :-) Character List Most Recent Episode Extra Stuff The Dragon Sal Z Team Episode Listing Fanart Top 5 Super Fans Character list: Main Characters: Adam? Yuanrang Yelo Xrvn Man Xaria Secondary Characters: Whitey Venom Cameron Topdog Goliath Gob Emanick Dad Dwar Lilshu Ellibereth Donovan Doddsy Neo Avatars Gillis Daniel Doom Minor Characters: Sal Macki Sparhawke Jamster Vera Jack-Nicholson Hawk Dani Sryen Fshi Redmonke Mr FANG Goggie_100 Morte Master Neverdead Hebo Pheonix Rider Beret Andyana Joe the Twin Zooey Cameos: Smokey Beeboy Co-Z Zachary Drokarus The Moneus Brothers! Dragons Jose0 Finway Mr_E Stobbo easl Jordo Falcon Entrility Razorlike Pixel Bunnie ??? and ??? B0B Ligerliger Yoko Blakie Fake Twist of Fate Lily Nicole Naota Definition Cxkslei Po22 Vaskor Domino Dice King of Monra Click This Uther Common Sense Magic of Woodcut Jacky Meen imsleepy JoeGrech Anthem Ko Mr. X Senor Diente Yoyoma Samsara Helm Lardar Composition Jethraw Tabt MFI BEEN0 goldentoon42 Most Recent Episode Extra stuff Outdated character bio. Dragon Sal Z Wiki. Episodes 1-14 Episodes 15-whatever. Read it backwards. The Dragon Sal Z Team Director: Adam? Writer: Adam? Producer: Adam? Starring: Everyone! Episode listing. Past episodes 1 and 2, you can simply watch one episode and click the "Next Episode" link at the end. Season One The Forest of the Banned Arc Episode 1: Pilot Episode 2: Emergence from lower than dirt! Jamster is high! Episode 3: Behold: Beeranjebus! Episode 4: Goliath embarrassed. Two new enemies appear! Episode 5: A battle against an army of trolls!? Welcome to Neo-Sals Arc Episode 6: Gillis is Jewish! Episode 7: Follow the Vera! The new dm is... Episode 8: Goliath attempts homicide! Also, virgins. Episode 9: Jack-Nicholson attacks! Vera's a dude!? Episode 10: Emanick is scary. The Doddsy and Sryen Arc Episode 11: Dani makes a joke. Derp. Episode 12: Meet Venom: owner and operator of bro. Episode 13: Pixel Bunnie likes married men. Episode 14: Adam? is out of control! Doddsy and Sryen enter the game. Episode 15: Shine on, you crazy diamond. Episode 16: What does the scouter say about his power level? Episode 17: Adam? v Doddsy. Let the fight begin! Episode 18: You would not believe your eyes... Season Two The Finisterra Arc Episode 19: Ellibereth's troll mafia game. Episode 20: Be our guest! Episode 21: Zezima fanfic. -daniel Episode 22: The blogs of Salmoneus. Episode 23: Assault on house of bro! Episode 24: A package for Cxk! Can Venom and Fshi escape? Episode 25: A ghost from the past. Episode 26: The Topdog Episode Episode 27: IT'S A TRAP! Episode 28: The Great Finy. The Convergence Arc Episode 29: Turn back the pendulum. Episode 30: For Today's Lesson Episode 31: The rising. Episode 32: The Beginning of the End Episode 33: Falling into Place Episode 34: Convergence Episode 35: Betrayal at Falador Episode 36: Flight of the Trolls Season Three The Populus Arc Episode 37: Welcome to Populus Episode 38: Breakdown Episode 39: If You Say So... Episode 40: Mods Trolling Trolls Episode 41: Two and a Half Mods Episode 42: The Strongest Mod Episode 43: You Must Unlearn Episode 44: Futile The Great Sal's Revolution Arc Episode 45: Turn Back the Pendulum II Episode 46: What You Missed Episode 47: Choosing Sides Episode 48: Advance Episode 49: The Battle For Sals Episode 50: Tragedy Episode 51: Once a Troll, Always The Final Battle For Sals Episode 52: Final Fight Episode 53: Big Mouth Episode 54: Ascension Fanart Emotional Battle! - Andyana Depiction of Dani! - Twist of Fate The sad hand of man! - Tree Andy's Adam - Andyana Baby Adam - Lonelywolf Rule 34 Xaria - ??? Changing Venom - Joe The Twin Hebo - Hebo DSZ Omake 1 - Silavor Ellibereth drawing - Kyo Obligatory Comic - Andyana Top 5 Super Fans! 1st: Morte 2nd: Silavor 3rd: Mad Max 4th: Entrility 5th: Tabt DRAGON SAL GT: SUMMER 2012
  4. Adam?

    What are Distinguished Members?

    They are our betters.
  5. Adam?

    Ten Years

    Maybe we should rebrand as a Pokemon Go community
  6. Adam?

    Happy Birthday Salmoneus

    Where goes the time I'm feeling twenty niiiiine
  7. Adam?

    Make Sal's Realm Great Again

  8. Inspiration strikes At the strangest of times
  9. Adam?

    Okay, Wikipedia, I believe you

  10. I definitely made three pages and then a bunch of shizzle happened and then YEARS PASSED
  11. they got rid of my original acc y
  12. Adam?

    is growing up worth it

    ya its pretty great
  13. Damn the big move was over a decade ago. Jesus Christ
  14. Adam?

    Runescape Role-play Ii

    Character Name: Braff Zacklin Age: undetermined M/F: m Powers: driving fast Armour: world weariness History: I was an international race car driver. One day, a baby carriage rolled out onto the track so I swerved into the retaining wall to avoid it. The car burst into flames, but the baby miraculously survived ... I was that baby. Occupation: detective
  15. Adam?

    Sal's adverts

    Can someone help me look for Elvarg erotica
  16. Adam?


    As a Cavs fan I'm still recovering from Blatt getting fired. It seems clear that players never gave him respect, essentially following Bron's lead. It's a bummer but you can't have a coach that the players don't want to play for.
  17. Adam?


    I've never met farmer before!
  18. Adam?

    Hello, everyone!

  19. Adam?

    Hello, everyone!

  20. Adam?

    Runescape Role-play Ii

    hey does anyone else want to continue this game
  21. Adam?

    Album of the Year: 2015. (Language warning)

    This shizzle transcends genres. Essential listening.

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