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  1. U S Grant1

    Need Dungeoneering Tutor

    I'm level 64 Dung, but that is mostly from Tears of Guthix and Pengs. I need someone to teach me how to get good at dung. I'm willing to pay. I realize there are leech clans out there, but that isn't what I want. A leach does nothing, I'm willing to work but I don't know what to do. I'm mostly a skiller, but I'm level 113 combat so I'm sure I can be of some use. If you would be willing to teach me dungeoneering just pm me in game and let me know what your rates would be. I'll probably pick whoever is second to lowest rates. Thanks!
  2. U S Grant1

    Wife sees husband die on Skype

    The army has released a statement saying he didn't have a bullet wound, so he wasn't shot like the wife claimed. I'm sure more details will emerge. He probably simply had a bum heart and just keeled over at the wrong time. My thoughts go out to the family.
  3. I have a Runescape related site (and no, it doesn't overlap with anything that Sal's RoR does) but due to my current work schedule, I haven't had time to maintain it properly. I'm looking for a programmer who can keep it running properly, it doesn't take much work, and it's a very useful site. I think with a little PHP love and a little promotional work, it would make some money once the traffic picked up, and of course I could share that money with you. All the code is pretty well commented so you shouldn't have any problems finding out what I was trying to accomplish. It just needs some minor tweaks to get back to 100% but I just don't have the time. If you think you would be interested in this, please contact me in-game, my user name is Soundman Jim. I'll be happy to fill you in on the rest of the details.
  4. U S Grant1

    Looking for a new desktop

    I had a HP Pavlion a824n computer that had served me well for almost 7 years, then the motherboard up and died. I looked around for a replacement and decided that I could do it better myself. I had already done lots of upgrades so I figured I could just buy the bare minimum of new parts and save some money. Reused from old computer: Case, Case fan Card Reader and front USB/Audio Jacks Two Acer X223w LCD screens Audio system consisting of two Behringer Truth 82030A studio monitors Logitech wireless USB mouse and keyboard Existing upgrades that I kept using: 2TB hard drive Dual Layer DVD-R drive Bought new: Processor: AMD A8-3850 for $92 on eBay (This processor has a built in video card, so that saves you some money right there) MBoard: ASUS F1A75-M Pro/CSM for $105 at buy.com Memory: G.Skill 8gigs DDR3 1333 for $28.99 on Amazon Power Supply: Thermaltake TR2 500w for $54.81 on Amazon OS: I downloaded Win7 Ultimate from a torrent file, but I could have just as easily reinstalled my old XP SP3 instead. So for about $280 I got a kickass new desktop that runs flawlessly. I'm extremely pleased with it. It's not a pure "gaming" system, as I don't play any first person shooters, just RS, so it's perfect for me. Setup was not hard to do and it only took a couple hours to get everything up and running. Just remember to download a little app called "Take Ownership" if you change operating systems or usernames, otherwise you won't be able to access stuff from your old system as it will be locked and unviewable.
  5. Maybe I can add something to the discussion. I'm a 47 year old guy, and yes, I play Runescape. I started playing so I could interact more with my nephew after my sister (his mother) died unexpectedly. I wanted a way to interact with him even though I lived in another state and I didn't really have anything in common with him at that time, and for a while, Runescape was good, as it gave us something in common that we could share. He's since quit playing, but I didn't. So with that being said, you know my background. In the four plus years I've been playing, I've talked to a lot of players some of which were girls with very lonely lives. The news story indicated that the 13 year old victim lived with her mother who had "2 or 3 jobs" and wasn't home much. So the girl was basically lonely and isolated all day when not in school. When someone is going through that sort of phase in their life it's easy to get immersed in the online game culture and cling to the relationships formed there because you have nothing else good going on in your life. I'm sure this was the case, and that made her an easy target for a pedo. All he needed to tell her was "You are special and you are loved" and since she was so lonely and emotionally needy, she clung to that. I've talked to many girls on Runescape, and I've had some become attached to me in the same way, but I've told them that I'm an adult and that's not appropriate. I've had some say VERY sexual things to me and once again, I had to tell them that it's illegal for them to say that to me and they need to mellow out on that. I told them that we are just friends and that's all that is possible. For the most part, they understood and cooperated. So I'm sure he didn't have to coerce her into doing anything. I'm sure she knew he was 54 and she was fine with that, because she felt she had finally found someone to love her and cherish her, even though she didn't realize it was all a lie. As you know that's not confined just to 54 year old guys, guys of all ages have been guilty of "manipulating" the situation to suit our needs at various times. Some much more than others, however. So yes, he should go to jail. As for how long, we must trust that the judge will figure that one out. And for those who say he should be charged with statutory rape, the legal definition of that usually includes penetration, and if there was "making out" but no penetration, then he can't be charged with statutory rape, he'll end up being charged with some sort of lesser crime like "sexual misconduct" or something like that. In most states, a minor cannot consent to any sexual activity with an adult until they are 16. And if he truly loved her, which I doubt, and she truly loved him, which she might have, they always could have waited 5 years until she was 16 and he was 57, then everything would have been perfectly legal. If they had waited two more years, they could have even run off to Vegas together and gotten hitched. Think that sounds farfetched? Look here: But rest assured, that the average life expectancy of a pedo in jail is very short. Most of them prefer to keep getting thrown in solitary confinement because at least they know they will live to see the following morning. Jeffery Dahmer, the famous pedo and cannibal, was sentenced to 957 years in prison but only survived for 2 and a half before he was beaten to death by another inmate. Unfortunately, we won't really know what the truth between them was because I'm sure the judge will bar all cameras from the courtroom and seal the testimony to protect the privacy of the victim.
  6. U S Grant1

    Mor'ton Shade Burning

    Mor'ton Shade Burning minigame isn't listed anywhere under minigame guides. If I'm missing it somehow, I apologize. JIM
  7. U S Grant1

    How To Defeat Price Manipulation

    Merching clans are an annoyance, but not a real problem. Most of the items they manipulate are short term, like a week or so. It's hard to keep people focused for longer than that, and they know it. So if there is something you want or need, just wait a week or two and the price should be back to somewhere near normal after it crashes. Second, how are you so sure that the item you focus on is not just increasing in price through the normal market forces? Sometimes that does happen. Third, if you see a price going up abnormally, there are two ways you can take advantage, first is to just buy some of the item and sell it the next day. Since clans usually work the item for a week or so, you can get in, make a quick small profit, and get out with very little risk. Or you can find a way to manufacture what they are manipulating. With our previous example of emerald bracelets or whatever it is, go mine a couple hundred gold ore (or better yet buy some cheap gold bars), head down to Shilo Village and hit the gem rocks until you have a couple hundred emeralds. Head to Port Phantasmys and smelt them into bracelets. Couple hours invested and you should have about a hundred of these bracelets to sell. Then you just wait until you see the price peaking out and then sell, sell, sell. But seriously, isn't it better to just ignore that item until the clans move on to something else? If they are manipulating jewelry, work on your fletching. If they are manipulating arrows, work on your mining. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this one out, people!
  8. Oct 25 - U S Grant1/U S Grant1 - 5 Admiral Pie - 10K Thanks! JIM
  9. U S Grant1

    Crafting Calculator Problem?

    I think something is out of whack with the crafting skill calculator, it appears to be off by about 10%. I was making pottery, advancing from 5 to 8 and the figures for the number of pots or pie dishes or bowls it would take to advance to the next level was not correct. Thanks!
  10. U S Grant1

    Suggestion: Armor Upgrade Guide

    Well that is the point... HOW do I know that the mith scimmy is faster? I don't know where to compare all the weapons to make that sort of decision, is there a chart somewhere that shows the relative speed of the different weapons versus the cost? Right now, people offer me weapons, armor, or other items at a bank, and although I have no idea what their street price or various advantages are...if it looks like a good deal, I buy it. I'd like a better system than that!
  11. U S Grant1

    Suggestion: Armor Upgrade Guide

    Maybe the mods would kindly move it to that heading for me.
  12. As a new player, it would be nice to get a guide to advise me how to handle upgrading armor and weapons. For instance, should a new player go from bronze to iron to steel to mith to ammy to rune, or should they skip over a few steps and go bronze, to steel, to rune? I guess it would depend if you are planning on going into the wilderness or not. I'm not a big fighter, so I don't plan on spending any time in the Wilderness if it can be helped. However, I need good armor and weapons to complete quests, so I need to know what to buy, when to buy it, and how not to get ripped off buying it. I need to know which pieces of armor are commonly available at the armor stores, or general stores, and which I should go try to buy at a bank sale, and how much I should be paying "on the street" so to speak. I also need to know how to strike a balance between saving money and getting things purchased in a timely manner. It does me no good to save a bunch of money if I will have to search for the item for 2 months in order to find it at a bank sale. I also need to know where to go to unload used armor for the best profit, in the quickest amount of time. Sometimes the general store is paying more for an item than a specialty store, whats up with that? Same thing with weapons.... I just bought a mith scimmy and found out it wasn't much better than the black longsword I was already using. Thanks! JIM (U S GRANT1)

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