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  1. Irradiated Moth

    Favorite Runescape God?

    I'm not really into polytheism :\ But, I'd have to say I like Guthix the most.
  2. Irradiated Moth

    One Large Step To Avoid Hacking.

    Or you could just not tell anyone your password and use different languages as your password :\
  3. Irradiated Moth

    The Throwdown

    Oh? I find ranged extremely weak when used against a melee-based person wearing something as common as rune armour. I don't see how you came to the conclusion that it's strongest. I find mage overpowered :\
  4. I'd say give the freeplayer the freeplay skill capes... Though they'd need to move some of the cape seller guys...
  5. Irradiated Moth


    Seriously. This is ridiculous. FREEPLAY IS A DEMO OF THE ACTUAL GAME. MOST DEMOS DON'T EVEN GET UPDATES. SO BE HAPPY WITH WHAT YOU GET. Um... why are you on a runescape fansite if you have a low opinion of runescape?
  6. Irradiated Moth

    In What Detail Do You Play Runescape And Why?

    High Detail (small) I can run all detail levels but I don't really like full screen. Not to mention I don't want to stray too far away from those old graphics I love.
  7. Irradiated Moth

    Ever Get Bored?

    I took a long-donkey break and now I'm regretting it So much has changed.
  8. Irradiated Moth

    Coolest Things You've Seen In Runescape

    A new person actually turned down the money I offered to give him and told me he wanted to earn his money. If that's not cool I don't know what is.
  9. Irradiated Moth

    Why Joshc Why?

    It means Biblical Interference.
  10. Irradiated Moth


    What are you guys smokin'? It's a shield.
  11. Irradiated Moth

    Why Joshc Why?

    Uh... Great...?
  12. Irradiated Moth

    Have I Said Thanks For Sals?

    I'd prefer a game that has bad graphics and a ton of things to do than a game with good graphics and one thing to do. Also, I couldn't understand half the things those people were saying.
  13. I don't go to the forums simply because it's very boring in there. Overall it's a good community in-game. Freeplay world is much better than before I took a break from runescape. It has changed a LOT
  14. One question, how is the word 'cabbage' offensive? It's a plant...
  15. Irradiated Moth

    I Am Sooooo Behind The Times...

    He never was. He has been for like 3 years. Just because he's 99 in every skill is not my idea of number one. There's a ton of other people with 99 in every skill. So why aren't they number one? Total level doesn't really amount to anything as it really has no effect in-game other than the whole trade thing.

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