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  1. Irradiated Moth

    Favorite Runescape God?

    I'm not really into polytheism :\ But, I'd have to say I like Guthix the most.
  2. Irradiated Moth

    One Large Step To Avoid Hacking.

    Or you could just not tell anyone your password and use different languages as your password :\
  3. Irradiated Moth

    The Throwdown

    Oh? I find ranged extremely weak when used against a melee-based person wearing something as common as rune armour. I don't see how you came to the conclusion that it's strongest. I find mage overpowered :\
  4. I'd say give the freeplayer the freeplay skill capes... Though they'd need to move some of the cape seller guys...
  5. Irradiated Moth


    Seriously. This is ridiculous. FREEPLAY IS A DEMO OF THE ACTUAL GAME. MOST DEMOS DON'T EVEN GET UPDATES. SO BE HAPPY WITH WHAT YOU GET. Um... why are you on a runescape fansite if you have a low opinion of runescape?
  6. Irradiated Moth

    In What Detail Do You Play Runescape And Why?

    High Detail (small) I can run all detail levels but I don't really like full screen. Not to mention I don't want to stray too far away from those old graphics I love.
  7. Irradiated Moth

    Ever Get Bored?

    I took a long-donkey break and now I'm regretting it So much has changed.
  8. Irradiated Moth

    Coolest Things You've Seen In Runescape

    A new person actually turned down the money I offered to give him and told me he wanted to earn his money. If that's not cool I don't know what is.
  9. It's been a ridiculously long time since I last played runescape. I took a break that turned into a long nap, so now there is a ridiculous amount of thing I need to figure out... hoo boy, I swear I saw a dragon pickaxe this morning. Could someone, in a nutshell, tell me what I should think about investing in, if there's any new quests I should do?
  10. Irradiated Moth

    Why Joshc Why?

    It means Biblical Interference.
  11. Irradiated Moth


    What are you guys smokin'? It's a shield.
  12. Irradiated Moth

    Why Joshc Why?

    Uh... Great...?
  13. Irradiated Moth

    Have I Said Thanks For Sals?

    I'd prefer a game that has bad graphics and a ton of things to do than a game with good graphics and one thing to do. Also, I couldn't understand half the things those people were saying.
  14. I don't go to the forums simply because it's very boring in there. Overall it's a good community in-game. Freeplay world is much better than before I took a break from runescape. It has changed a LOT
  15. One question, how is the word 'cabbage' offensive? It's a plant...
  16. Irradiated Moth

    I Am Sooooo Behind The Times...

    He never was. He has been for like 3 years. Just because he's 99 in every skill is not my idea of number one. There's a ton of other people with 99 in every skill. So why aren't they number one? Total level doesn't really amount to anything as it really has no effect in-game other than the whole trade thing.
  17. Irradiated Moth

    The New Upcoming Skill 2010

    We have enough skills as it is. We could have a 'barbarian' skill which would incorporate all the barbarian ways of things into one skill... plus more. I doubt there will be a new skill though. Highly doubt it. Hi, generic naruto fan.
  18. Irradiated Moth

    Is Zezima Really The Best Player On Runescape.

    My definition of best is someone who is simply unbeatable because he or (the very unlikely she*) knows exactly what to do in any situation. There is no one like that in runescape. There is no 'best player' *I say this because there aren't that many girls in runescape. There's like 109 guys to every girl.
  19. Irradiated Moth

    I Am Sooooo Behind The Times...

    Actually the last time I was on the forums there actually was a rants forum... I didn't even know they removed it. He never was. Already knew that before I left :\
  20. Irradiated Moth

    I Found This Pretty Funny.

    That MAPLESTORY is advertising on RUNESCAPE. Don't think ads are controlled by Jagex. Ain't even funny. Also, try to crop. How rude can people get? Rude? It's got a lot of unneeded space. Cropping it would make it at least a bit nicer. And I'm sorry but that isn't even slightly funny. Though ironic, not funny.
  21. Irradiated Moth

    Do Free-to-play Deserve New Updates?

    I would've actually stayed freeplay. I don't like the new graphics.
  22. Irradiated Moth

    Do Free-to-play Deserve New Updates?

    They should get some once in a while. Not as much as Jagex has been giving them lately, though. If they lose money we might have to deal with the RS servers shut down for awhile.
  23. Irradiated Moth

    When Do U Stop Being A Noob?

    Hmm? I thought it only had two. Noob: Idiot Newb or Newbie: New person
  24. Irradiated Moth

    Olllld School Runescape 2 Vids?

    I miss Runescape Classic. I honestly do. The bright 2d people and monsters and the dark 3d environments were so nice and cozy... I also miss the old graphics. These new ones look wierd.
  25. Irradiated Moth

    Easter Event

    I quite like using my godly root of death. I can hit 12's I believe you've already started that.

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