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  1. SlashingUK


    SlashingUK is still around. More helpfully.... Trust isn't a binary variable. To mis-paraphrase, you can't trust all of the people all of the time. There are shades of trust and shades of trustworthiness. If you trust anyone completely, and hence blindly, you're being a fool to human nature. If you deny trust, you won't find you can get by in society. When did I stop feeling I had a home that was unequivocally safe? Probably the first time I realized my parents weren't perfect, which would have been before I was 10. But nothing's unequivocally safe, nothing. Regarding your decision of who to "pick" as your friends to keep in touch with... it just doesn't work that way. It takes two to make a friendship, all the more so a long distance one. To plan, (or worry or even agonize), over which friendships to keep and which to let go won't change the outcome. And, as time and opportunity are squeezed, Sal's will still be here, and like me you can lurk and visit from time to time, rather than dropping out completely. Good luck with your life and all the changes in the near future. Introspect if you must, but look forward, not backward; the best is yet to come.
  2. SlashingUK

    24 Hours To Live

    This - since this thread will attract the same posts as all the others like it.
  3. SlashingUK

    Intregration By Parts

    Try treating (1+x) as a part, rather than ln(1) and ln(x).
  4. SlashingUK

    Plane Ride To Space

    To clarify why this is different: 360,000 ft = 110km I am more interested to know what it would be like to be so rich as to contemplate spending 200k for a 5 minute thrill than to experience the flight itself .
  5. SlashingUK


    I had computer class today and I asked what was wrong and your nailed it . I was just following the text but apparently it had some errors in it .Both errors, or just the second one? Were they placed in the text deliberately? Doesn't seem very helpful! I did wonder whether my first "error" was actually part of the declarative structure of the language (i.e. the function call had previously defined a). I only discovered Wolfram-Alpha about 6 months ago. I've been privately tutoring maths and physics for about a year now and am amazed by that site.
  6. SlashingUK


    So, cocaine and nicotine affect dopamine, not the synaptic gap. Dopamine, however, does, as does serotonin for instance.
  7. SlashingUK


    I've never programmed in Mathematica, but the form looks similar enough to other programming languages. A couple of things look wrong with this. You appear to declare x=a, before defining a. So x takes on an undefined value The sense check "while <0.001" will fail at the first iteration. I think you should have "while > 0.001" Hope that helps. If you're feeling really nerdy, you might like to extend this to work for nth roots, rather than just 2nd (square) roots . It should only take a few minutes.
  8. SlashingUK

    Sal's Write Off - First Edition

    Good luck to you all with this. I find I can't write well unless I know where a story is going, so I've decided not to participate, but I wish you all the best with this project and will be reading with interest.
  9. SlashingUK


    Ask not what your friends can do for you - ask what you can do for your friends.
  10. SlashingUK

    The Real World

    I would, if I knew the first thing about poetry. But I'd happily review any short story you wrote. (: I'm with Riddick on this. But since you seem determined to pressure for an opinion... Rhyme - non-existent Rhythm - non-existent Imagery - I don't see any (even the first line doesn't really bring any image to mind) Meaning - incomprehensible (to be honest, I felt pretty stupid reading this, and maybe others of your readers did too, but I'm just gonna come straight out and admit I have no clue what this poem is about) You mis-spelled buoys I had to look up "expiate" and I'm normally pretty good with my vocab Overall rating: WTF Either I'm being really dumb and missing the whole point, or .... Well - if you could explain even a single line of this poem to me, I'd certainly feel enlightened. Not one line makes any sense to me.
  11. SlashingUK


    Thanks for this and the extensive critique - much appreciated.
  12. SlashingUK

    Special Ops

    Thanks for your thorough and useful critique. When I get a chance, I'll amend in line with most of your comments. Much appreciated. Thanks. Doesn't sound much like me :). Unless you're referring to the legendary awfulness of the first stories I posted on Sal's :). Always bear your reader in mind as you write. Work to expand your vocabulary. The rest should follow with practice. Do enough of these things and, I'm sure, you'll soon be writing a lot better than me. Now, get out of this topic and go comment on Shafted.
  13. SlashingUK

    Story Of The Month, March

    Has this contest died? Do you have (m)any entries?
  14. SlashingUK


    Thanks I prefer my version of these - or stand to be educated. I prefer your version of this. I'll amend. No - but this is only one "big, red override button" Maybe a difference in usage between US and UK English. Ahh - the Oxford Comma. Generally it's better for clarity, but I was taught never to use it this way - another British vs US difference. I picked "edged" because it implied careful, slow movement. I dislike adverbs as unnecessary literary flourishes. When used considerately, poetically and thoughtfully, they can add a literary flare, but that has never been my strength. If anything, the verb has failed in its duty, not the lack of an adverb. No. I never would have thought you were. I prefer a thorough critique. Your time and observations are gratefully received. Thanks for commenting.
  15. SlashingUK

    Hall Of Fame

    I can't imagine a subforum will ever be created. I'm a firm believer in the "if you build it, they will come" principle. You can create a thread with links to your favourite stories. You can invite opinions and maintain the thread accordingly. I did this with Neverdead's bookcase, which acted as something of a hall of fame for the Library during the time it was maintained. I also stickied the Reviewing Circle in the Library, which does also cover Runescape Stories, but again there's a burden of maintenance on the owner. Given my experiences with these two threads, I don't think there's a big demand for a Hall of Fame, but if there was a simpler mechanism that didn't cause one person to have to maintain it continually, I reckon it could work well. But for now, just post up a Hall of Fame thread and start populating and maintaining it yourself. You can accept nominations from others, and once a nomination gets seconded, add it to the Hall, for instance. If it proves popular... Let's see.

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