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  1. Yes, though not much at all.
  2. Ancient Magician

    Should I Just Go Main?

    It appears as if you've already answered your own question, listing the pros out, yet no cons to your proposition.
  3. Ancient Magician


    You're going to have to make elemental runes through the abyss if you want to make money. The ZMI might be losing you a little money at lower levels, but nothing worth going into.
  4. Ancient Magician

    Is This Against The Rules?

    What Mod Jon H says about macroing. "Hiya, The basic point is that you're OK as long as you carry out one action on your input device for every action in-game. "An action" in this context is basically one of two things: * Moving the pointer * Clicking on something We don't really care/need to know what kind of input device you use. Could be a traditional mouse, a trackball, a touchpad, a graphics tablet, a touch screen... the hardware's not important. The key thing is that every time you want the on-screen pointer to move somewhere, you must make a movement on/with your input device that exactly corresponds with the on-screen movement. And every time you want to click on something on-screen, you must carry out a click using your device. There are two main ways to set up a programmable button on your device (well, probably more, but two that are relevant to what we're discussing here). * To launch a single command of your choice. * To launch a pre-defined sequence of movements/clicks. Launching a single command is fine, launching a sequence is not. So for example, you might have a mouse with 8 buttons on it, and you might decide to set it up so that pressing button 5 has the same effect as pressing F5 on your keyboard. That would be fine. But if you set button 6 up so that it moved the pointer in a specific direction, clicked on a certain spot, moved somewhere else, clicked again, moved back... well, you get the idea. Not OK. Once again, the spirit of the rule is that one action = one action. One movement = one movement. One click = one click. Now, if you really know what you're doing, you might be able to set up your device so that, although you're still performing one action per onscreen action, you can do this to train in a really efficient way. That's not against the rules. But... ...beyond a certain point, if you're too efficient it can become very difficult to tell the difference between what you're doing, and what a machine/automated solution/program would be doing. I can't go into very much detail about this, as I'm sure you will all understand. But I have spoken to Mod Mark L in the macro investigation team, and he says it is something that they are actively looking into. Obviously we want to make sure our detection methods are as tight as possible so that we continue catching anyone who is trying to cheat, while not unfairly penalising players who are playing honorably, just super-efficiently. So to sum up, it's OK to use any input device you choose, as long as you don't use any automated functions. All of your inputs into the game must be done manually, by you, one-to-one. :D -JH "
  5. Ancient Magician

    Smithing 61-70

    I'm pretty positive I did it when I was weaker than you (in terms of most stats, combat and non combat) and I was just fine.
  6. Ancient Magician

    Smithing 61-70

    Smithing gold ore with the gauntlets will get you to level 70 with about 7740 ores, which will cost you approximately 1.6m gp
  7. Ancient Magician


    I can't imagine that botters will be botting for cash to go around and randomly hand to players. I presume they'll want to transfer to their own main accounts.
  8. Ancient Magician

    Good Armour

    If you plan on really doing a lot of combat, don't need the extra defense that barrows provide, etc. you can stick with rune. Rune is still a great thing to have on hand Magician.
  9. Ancient Magician

    Weapon Poison

    You get absolutely no experience from poison damage.
  10. Ancient Magician

    Superheating Mith Bars

    Mining guild is decent if you've got the level.
  11. Also note that the corrupt version lasts for 15 minutes (worn) and has no special attack, while the non-corrupt lasts for one hour (combat) and does have a special attack.
  12. Ancient Magician

    Membership Help

    Not to mention that this will absolutely infuriate all other dragon hunters, but he stated that he wanted to train melee stats. If you do want to use a cannon for Ranging XP, keep in mind that it is extremely expensive to buy and maintain ammunition for, and make sure to bring an anti dragon shield whether you melee the dragons on the side or not.
  13. Ancient Magician

    Candi & Smokey's Skill Log!

    Guess I fail at late bumping things... oops, sorry Candi, oh well less work for you:P
  14. Ancient Magician

    Candi & Smokey's Skill Log!

    CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNDIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Congratulations on everything recent that you've achieved, and thanks for putting up with me along in your dungeons :) My name not in this thread yet, hm, will have to keep working at that :) In all seriousness congratulations on everything, catch ya in-game sometime, and let's keep workin' together on that dungeoneering. Your friendly neighborhood noob, Ajones
  15. Ancient Magician

    Perfect Combat Setup/armour?

    I argued the Fury when it was 5m. Is it really worth 13 now ?

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