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  1. Therrester

    The Phoenix Legions | 5+ Years Active!

    I'm on whenever I feel like it. More specifically, when you're not :D
  2. Therrester

    The Phoenix Legions | 5+ Years Active!

    Yes, he clearly can't deal with the fact that I have shown my face once again and runs for the hills whenever i log on.
  3. Therrester

    The Phoenix Legions | 5+ Years Active!

    It's Michael O_o. Shame I missed you when I logged on to chat last week or so. Would love to catch up and talk about nothing, like we used to.
  4. Therrester

    The Phoenix Legions | 5+ Years Active!

    You know, I haven't giving this clan, nor game a glance in a couple months, probably close to a year now. Feels nostalgic looking you guys up again. I see you guys are still going strong. Hope nothing's changed! You know, looking back, I've been with you guys for around 4 years, on and off. I mean from way back when, when Beret/Adam/B0b/Devil were leaders. Probably only a few of you remember those times. Good times guys, thanks for the memories. Since you guys are just full of awesome, here's a free bump! ~Proud ex-TPL member, Eric.
  5. Therrester

    The Phoenix Legions | 5+ Years Active!

    Please, join today -.-
  6. gratz on everything diz and gl on 40+ all ;)
  7. Therrester

    The Phoenix Legions | 5+ Years Active!

    Bumpy bump bump We has a lot of wars recently , anyone think we're getting better? ~T
  8. Therrester

    The Phoenix Legions | 5+ Years Active!

    Lol,isn't bumping each minute...... nvm ~T
  9. It was fun, until the last guy. Then i got bored :) ~T
  10. Therrester

    91 + 92

    Gratz on 91 & 92 FM :) GL on the remaning 6m xp ~Therrester
  11. Therrester

    90 Mining?

    Nah, i'm already in a clan, sorry, but, we could add each other and just talk or chill or something since we have the same goal in mind ~Therrester
  12. Therrester

    90 Mining?

    9 more to lvl 99 :) Took me about a week 1/2 on and off powermining iron ore at ardy mines on a full world, getting about 45k per hour. Next up, 92 (for half-way :) ) ~Therrester
  13. Therrester

    Double Acheivements

    Gratz on 50 mining (again :) (got 89 myself not too long ago actually) ) and 60 def :) Drag armour ftw? ~Therrester
  14. nice log and gratz on all the levels Keep it up :)
  15. Therrester

    Find The Fakes (hard)

    the room on the upper left has a door but it doesn't show on the minimap

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