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  1. Kwinten

    Metal Thread

    I can't get enough of this album. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYTZrNkrf7I Hail Thor!
  2. Kwinten


    Well there were also some other courses going on but those had far fewer people.
  3. Kwinten


    I don't. HEAVY METAL. ARGHH But, uh, since when? I don't know, I've always found myself to be hilarious, though feel free to disagree.
  4. Kwinten


    It was pretty cool. We talked about Pokemon games, Flash games, video games in general, movies, and probably some other stuff as well. No beer as of yet, unfortunately. I like Ice Tea more anyway. A harmless joke. I do share many interests with these guys. But hey, I'm a nerd/geek/social outcast and so are they. I was having quite a good time. And actually, most tables were "nerd tables", because most were on campus for a programming course that day. I was glad to have my nerd table and not sit alone in silence like half the people. So before anyone grabs their pitchforks, I just thought it was a slightly funny observation that I was already at the "nerd table" about 2 weeks before school is actually starting (this was an "introduction course").
  5. Kwinten


    College hasn't even started yet and I'm already at the nerd table.
  6. Kwinten

    Metal Thread

    What type of guitar is it? I can't see the logo on the headstock, seeing as it's the farthest from the camera in that pic. Ibanez RG350MX Nice! Had you heard good things about that specific line of Ibanez axes? I hadn't, actually. I went into the store without much of an idea of what I wanted. I tried a bit of everything, Les Pauls, one of those crazy Jackson metal guitars, then I spotted this one. Very reasonably priced for great quality. Or at least that was what the guitar store guy said. He played on it for a bit and it sounded pretty good, so I went with this one.
  7. Kwinten

    Metal Thread

    What type of guitar is it? I can't see the logo on the headstock, seeing as it's the farthest from the camera in that pic. Ibanez RG350MX
  8. Kwinten

    Metal Thread

    I hope red guitars are trv enough, cause I just got this one... And I fudgeing love it!
  9. Kwinten

    Girlfriend Trouble

    Indeed he doesn't. One of my friends got tail for the first time in Catholic school in the girls' restroom. What was he doing in the girls' restroom? Unless he is a she, then I apologize, and the situation suddenly seems much hotter.
  10. Kwinten

    What happened

    I just realized I've been a member here for over 5 and a half years. What the hell.
  11. Kwinten

    Metal Thread

    Because I won't be able to go to this beast of a festival Sunday... ...here's some Immortal!
  12. Kwinten

    Metal Thread

    Nice! Of course Powerslave is a Maiden cover, and I must say a damn good one at that.
  13. Kwinten

    Metal Thread

    Sounds great, Saxon are really good and Machine Head were my fave band shortly after The Blackening came out, did they play Halo and Hallowed Be Thy Name? (My 2 favourite :P) Halo, yes, along with many other fan favourites. Hallowed Be Thy Name would have been nice though, seeing as that song was in fact my first introduction (I guess "first" is kind of redundant but whatever) to Iron Maiden :) Speaking of which, it's Bruce's birthday today. Also, does anyone have any (semi-) confirmed European tour information from Maiden yet? They should almost definitely be visiting Belgium next summer, but I hope so badly they'll be at a real metal festival then. Programming Black Eyed Peas after Iron Maiden at Rock Werchter last year was a fudgeing disgrace. So, please come to Graspop next time!
  14. Kwinten

    Metal Thread

    Sunday was awesome. Dio Disciples started off pretty good, albeit with a short set. After that came Ministry. Absolute shizzle sound, I don't know what was going on there. The absolute opposite of enjoyable. Saxon was fudgeing amazing. After 30 years these guys don't show any signs of slowing down, great entertainers, great music, and great atmosphere! In Flames... meh. Played one older song I think. But I found them so very boring. Great sound though, and the set was more of a light show than anything else. Machine Head... what can I say? The best performance of the night is an understatement. Non stop energy for 2 hours. The audience was great as well. Not too many obnoxious drunk guys, which is always nice. Only complaint is that the merch they sold was pretty bad.
  15. Kwinten

    Making Money Online

    Buy Chinese fake products (like Dr Dre earphones) for really fudgeing cheap on Dealextreme, get free shipping, sell them to people you know for 300% profit. I have a friend that does this. He makes a shizzleload of money, mostly with those earphones. Although he does always mention they're fakes, people have no problem paying 20 euros for them. It's probably illegal though, I'm not sure.

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