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  1. pk freak12

    Rate My 1 Pray Nub! Pics Inside!

    yea, but you could you still have 10 more cb lvls before you get out of low crater i would say get to at least 75+.
  2. pk freak12

    Rate My 1 Pray Nub! Pics Inside!

    very very nice. only thing is max out strength. w/o strength your a 7/10. maxed str 10/10
  3. pk freak12

    P2p Low Or Mid Crater

    thanks guys really appreciate it. any other good ideas?
  4. pk freak12

    P2p Low Or Mid Crater

    thanks guys. any other sugestions?
  5. pk freak12

    Bounty Hunter, F2p!

    well your def is 5. that kinda messed u up with like 1 or 2 cb lvls. and u should use a cb calc to see if 31 pray will keep you under 55 cb. bot otherwise you would look really good and def. get your range up higher
  6. well im makeing a skiller of mine a member. and i would like to know the best pure. for low and/or mid crater. money wont be a problem so if u vote please post why. also post the stats of a good one. thanks in advance.
  7. pk freak12

    Good For Low Lvl Bh F2p

    i think those stats would be good except the mage im only gonna stay at 32 for now
  8. pk freak12

    Good For Low Lvl Bh F2p

    Max of 19 with strength potion? I don't think you can hit 19 with 55 strength. I recommend get defence levels to level 54 combat. Without defence you will die so easily. Also, you will have the upper hand against pure who fill low level bounty hunter. yes he max will be 19 with 2h. with 31 pray and a str pot it will be. and NO DEF! cant you people read. not till mid crater. it will ruin a low bh pure
  9. pk freak12

    Good For Low Lvl Bh F2p

    yea defence doesnt affect how high you hit. it affects how high your combat level is. i want low combat for maximum range/str stats. i will get defence once in mid crater
  10. pk freak12

    Good For Low Lvl Bh F2p

    any other opinions? thanks guys
  11. 40 attack 55 str 1 def 31 pray 60 range 45 mage That would be 49 combat with a max of 19 with a rune 2h. would it own?
  12. pk freak12

    Bh Pure

    no 25 magic is pointless. but he should get 32 for bounty locate
  13. pk freak12

    F2p Hybrid.

    thanks guys. any more?
  14. pk freak12

    F2p Hybrid.

    Thanks. i am currently just getting mage up for binds in higher level crater. or even if i go p2p ancients. but in f2p im doing range 2h. and thank you
  15. pk freak12

    F2p Hybrid.

    lol. thanks. any more ideas. suggestions.

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