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  1. 0liver

    Rate The Above Poster's Username

    3 a bit too "furry" imo
  2. 0liver

    Oli Smith

    i can has bedtime now, i'm so ill.
  3. 0liver

    A Challenge

    ancient curses would be more usefull than the regular prayer book, this may mess up your antifire/ppot ratio, so check first.
  4. 0liver

    Doing 2 Elite Clue Scrolls At Once

    it's.. beautiful.. you have too much free time.
  5. 0liver

    The Guild Of Farming.

    how about north of camelot bank. south west of that manor house.
  6. 0liver

    Double Exp

    if i do dungeoneering on the double exp weekend, will i get double the amount of tokens, because i don't really care about my dungeoneering exp, i just want 200k tokens.
  7. 0liver

    The Guild Of Farming.

    the greenhouse sapling area is allready used in a quest, infact that whole area is, also there are 3 guilds exedingly close to it. legends/fishing/ranging. a different spot would get my support. mabey north of falador.
  8. 0liver

    Sal's Weekly Cs Mass Event

    Why don't you do Cs on Saturdays and Ls on sundays?
  9. 0liver

    Scaper's Log To The Epic Pure!

    Gratz on 75 mage, get 94 and become sals ultimate pker.
  10. 0liver

    Some Large Total Level

    wth is that thing in the second picture. gratz on 2100 total.
  11. i have 750k summoning exp banked. a free 75k summoning exp is nothing. SCREW YOU JAMFLEX. i guess i'll train herblore or something, if 1k unf snap pots buys. stupid expensive skill raggle fraggle, i might do dung.
  12. 0liver

    RS Game Bar - Try it out!

    if it could be added to the official client i may have used it, but on my precious firefox. nowai.
  13. 0liver

    I Can Now Kill Everything!

    gratz, but you need 99 to kill everything (soulgazers)
  14. 0liver

    So... I Think The G.e Likes Me

    how much is that armadyl body, i'm tempted to try and get one, tried it out at kree yet?
  15. 0liver

    ♥ ← Nya's Log ♥ Quitting Runescape

    gl on 99 mage. i suggest stringing in nietisnot bank. 87/88 mage makes herb runs super easy and once you're 96 spellbook swap means you can incorporate trollhiem into the route. just fyi.

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