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  1. My latest: Constructive Criticism appreciated.
  2. Ryan

    New Vertical Sig - Simplicity

    There wasn't any smudging in my abstract or simplicity signatures actually.
  3. Ryan

    New Vertical Sig - Simplicity

    What do you mean by that? The other black & white signature I have currently isn't recent, probably from half a year or more ago. My most recent one before that is this: I branched out a bit on this one with trying to make it work vertically.
  4. Ryan

    Sotw 67 Voting (spiderman)

    You have to give reasons.
  5. Ryan

    1 V 1

    If you like your battles like you like your sex, why are you battling a guy though?
  6. Ryan

    1 V 1

    Can we make this a three way battle or I'll battle you seperately with a theme of Abstract.
  7. Ryan

    Sotw 67 Voting (spiderman)

    1. Fatalysm - 3 Points - You get my vote for the first place sig this week because of the great idea and pretty nice use of effects to create a good flow. You put some thought into the text which I think is pretty cool and it really just catches your eye. 2. TeKno - 2 Points - You get my second place simply because of the text. everything is fantastic, the flow is amazing, great depth, incredible focal point, but the text is just... there. Great sig if you didn't have the text there (which I know you have to have your name in it) or if you modified it a bit to blend more. 3. Ahmad - 1 Point - You get the third place because the sig just catches my eye. Although it's a little monotonous, it works really well and the background is great. More blending and a better focal point and lighting could really improve this sig, but what you have so far is pretty good. To all the people arguing about how people vote, stop. People get to vote for who they want for whatever reason as long as it's not because they like the render or something like that. They can vote for as many people as they want, and don't criticize people for who they vote for.
  8. (Not sure where this should go) Alright, well a group of FT [Forgotten Templars - www.rsftemplars.com] including Wuey6, I Of Str I, Twin Suns 17, and some others went to the new minigame, Stealing Creation. I had an awesome method of getting points, therefore getting it in a very quick fashion. Here are the sets: Melee: Range: Mage: FAQ: Q: Do you have to get all 3 sets? A: No, if you operate an item in the set then it transforms into the next type, from Melee to Range to Mage. Q: How long did it take you? A: About 3 hours with a game update and a small break in between. Q: Is it boring? A: No, I actually really enjoyed it, I thought it was quite fun. Q: How many points does it take? A: 238,000 in total, most people get about 30-40k per game, although I found out a method to get about 70-80k a game. Q: Are these items tradeable or just complete worthless junk? A: Well, the items are untradeable, BUT, I do not think it's really worthless junk. The armor itself looks pretty cool when it's mixed with different items and it's pretty fun getting it as well.
  9. Ryan

    Stealing Creation Armor!

    Clay maybe?? Also maybe like points if they're like tokens similar to CW or FoG Not really sure, it's this thing that can turn into different items. Not sure.
  10. Ryan

    Stealing Creation Armor!

    1. Not telling. 2. I don't know. The bow does need ammo.
  11. Ryan

    Positive Indifference

    Version 2 is much better. It gives a calmer feeling for what is supposed to be a calm sig.
  12. Ryan

    Sal's Christmas Banner Topic-vote!

    Got bored:
  13. Ryan

    Ronin Closes.

    I was hacked in the last few days of Ronin closing so I couldn't have done much to help the clan, although I enjoyed being an Application Manager of Ronin and a part of Ronin for over 8 months. From day one Ronin has been an amazing clan and from day one we have looked towards every single challenge we've had and dove at it. We were always able to do everything no matter how big the obstacle was in our way. Well, that's not the case anymore. This obstacle is too much, it's too big, to overcome. No matter what, Ronin was an amazing clan and I am and will always be proud to have been a part of Ronin. It was a hell of a run. R.I.P Ronin.
  14. Ryan


    Sanji - 3 - Really has a good flow to it with the C4Ds, like the image overall. Gillis - 2 - Good focal point, had good depth and really stands out. Reap - 1 - It's simplicity yet good composition appeals to me.
  15. Ryan


    Made it for somebody in my clan: 100% brushing with an added render and some text.
  16. Ryan


    I made it just from brushing myself, have the PSD as well.
  17. Ryan


    The render is part of the sig. The effects are nice but with a crappy render it'll still end up as a crappy sig. Now the render isn't all that bad but its not that good either. Its decent. Learn about sigs before you post bro, you don't judge the render, people who actually know anything about sigs is to judge signatures by the sig overall, not about the render.
  18. Ryan


    Judge the sig not the render.
  19. Ryan

    Signups For The Worm

    Add me. I'll definitely give it a go.
  20. Ryan

    Sotw 59

    Darn, I absolutely hate this theme, can't do signatures with manga or anime, just too unrealistic for me...
  21. Ryan

    Sotw Discussions...

    I've only entered two, but I've only been active on this board for about four weeks and I was in a car accident and haven't been on lately, so I haven't entered the past two. The two I did enter I placed first in one and second or third in another. I really like it and I think that the idea of a team would be good. Maybe have a group of 3-5 individuals somehow meet together, possibly on IRC or something and discuss the idea. Although my other idea would most likely be too much, I would also suggest the possibility of there being a sub-forum for SotW Discussions that could only be viewed by certain individuals? Not sure, probably too much, but just throwing out ideas.
  22. Ryan

    Sotw Discussions...

    Hm, what if there was a Sig of the Week on the movie Iron Man or what about the topic being Musical Artists or Comic book Superheroes? I like the idea of Superheroes actually. =]
  23. Ryan

    Sotw 58 Results

    Why wouldn't the vote for Reap count? It's different and original, which in my opinion is a legitimate reason why it would receive a vote, signatures aren't just based on flow, you could have an amazing sig with a very common concept and have it not be too great and then have an incredibly original and new sig, and you would like the new and unique sig because of that - it's unique. "The sheer randomness and difference of it". That doesn't sound like he just voted without putting any time into it, it caught his eye because of the style and it was different, I think it should count. =\
  24. Ryan



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