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    Playing Runescape (duh) trying to figure how to make a hypercam work on mac and uhhhh did I say playing Runescape?

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    hmmm, tie between magic and strength
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    currently looking for clan.
  1. Auron123111

    My Birthday Bash: Event Over

    Its almost here...
  2. Auron123111

    My Birthday Bash: Event Over

    Decide on the day! oh well I was sick yesterday so thank you for changing it... But now i will must likely come now that it is on saturday but i might have to log off sometimes coause dad uses computer and forces me to get up and I wont change the subject anymore... :D And Rune_Rune9 wats with the triple post?
  3. Auron123111

    The Race To 99 Trees!

    Good luck for both of you. Count how many tree spirts you disturb.
  4. Auron123111

    My Birthday Bash: Event Over

    i might not be able to make it any more. ill try to make it but it is unlikly
  5. Auron123111

    My Birthday Bash: Event Over

    I want to take part in the iron war! RS Name: Auron123111 Combat Level:55 Chain or Plate:pl8 Which weapon are you using? if i can double wep 2h and skimmy if i cant skimmy Will you donate for a drop party:sure why not Party Bag: all but fleching
  6. Auron123111

    Would You Take This Over Ramen Noodles?

    Looked at em, baught em, ate em, hate em. :D I chose pizza

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