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  1. NJL72413

    Is The Public Education System Good? Why?

    LOL, go biscuit! So what effects does the public school system have on kids, as opposed to private school, home school, no school? Can public schools do no wrong =P
  2. Your views on what is good and what is bad about public education. I will post my thoughts on here after a bit.
  3. If anyone happens to know where to find info about college debt in America I'd appreciate it. I'd prefer government or education research sources (.gov and .edu) though any would help really. Thanks =D
  4. NJL72413

    Training Dummies, Def Xp?

    well that's no good... i dont' want hp xp. thanks
  5. NJL72413

    Training Dummies, Def Xp?

    Can you get def xp on training dummies, do you get hp xp, and what level can you get to?
  6. NJL72413

    The Dark Knight - Survey

    Thank you all. It seems pretty definite... the movie was good (I agree), the storyline was good, the actors were good. It was good =)
  7. NJL72413

    The Dark Knight - Survey

    First, might I request this be moved to the Polls and Surveys forum... srry bout that... All comments are welcome, please answer, I need this info by the end of today =D Thanks!
  8. NJL72413

    Freedom Of Choice Act

    Wow... I read through half of this, yes half of all the posts, and I got bored of the flame war that was going on, so now I'll post. 1) I am both for and against this. I don't see why it shouldn't be legal if it's not technically murder (yet to be decided??), but I'm inherently against the whole idea. If it isn't murder than allow it, just make sure that it is the absolute, bottom line, extreme last resort possible. If it is murder than even under the circumstance of the mother's life being in danger I don't know if you can constitute murder as the correct procedure. In either case sex education should be the VERY top of the list when it comes to education, so that abortion is the last resort. 2) As for abortion being an option after birth, that is plane wrong, abortion after viability is plane wrong. If abortion is the only reasonable option (which I personally doubt, but what do I know) than it should be done long before a viable human being exists. Personally yes, if I were in the position to pay to take care of a child or many I would, and technically I do. There are many programs that help people in third world countries take care of their children in a reasonable way. I personally financially support one of those programs, I know people who are willing to adopt a child if it means that it will not be aborted, and since we're on the topic of paying for this why not just have the government do it? We pay the government to do most everything else for us these days, if they are going to make it so easy for people to have abortions than why not make it just as easy to keep the baby if money is the reason for not keeping it. Some day I may adopt children, I don't know what the future holds in store for me, but I'm certainly open to it provided that I can afford to take care of those children in a reasonable way. And also, I doubt that it really costs 2-3k/m to take care of one child. I'm the oldest of three and all three of us have been homeschooled all of our lives and all of us probably will be through graduation, which means that we cost more than normal (school supplies, my mom does not work full time, and I take classes at a private school) and I'm pretty sure that we don't cost 3k/m. But once again, what do I know... I'll ask them tomorrow lol... -As yet undecided until further evidence comes into play on this subject-
  9. NJL72413

    A Shot From The Back Of A Train?

    Thank you SlashingUK!!!!!! Finally someone who understood my question! That was the conclusion I came to as well. Since Object 1 is already moving at 1mps forward, as soon as it begins it's travel backwards at 1mps it is going 0mps and it falls to the ground, or if we carry out this experiment in space it just stays at the exact point (or pretty close) to where it began moving backwards. So that means that beginning to travel backward at 1mps in that situation is the same as stopping instantly. If that is true than was it ever going at 1mps (backwards), or did it simply stop. Was all the energy that was put into that 1mps (backwards) lost because it simple stopped moving? If an object was somehow on the ground at the exact point where the bullet began moving at 1mps (backward), would that object feel the same effect as if the bullet had hit it at 1mps from the ground beside it? Does this bullet, now traveling at 0mps have enough energy to do anything more than bounce off the ground it hits?
  10. NJL72413

    A Shot From The Back Of A Train?

    I have extremely simplified the question in the first post. Please look at it and maybe you will see what I mean, because no one is giving the answer to the question I'm asking. Everyone is giving the answer to another question which I already understand.
  11. NJL72413

    A Shot From The Back Of A Train?

    So it would just float in the air at the point from which it was shot?
  12. NJL72413

    A Shot From The Back Of A Train?

    It's wouldn't look like it was moving from whose perspective? The person how shot it? or someone watch from the outside?
  13. NJL72413

    A Shot From The Back Of A Train?

    That's doesn't sound right. An objects speed = Initial speed +/- speed of object it's fired from. So if you're going 1000mps and you fire a bullet at 1000mps from the back of the train isn't the bullet doing 1000-1000=0mps?
  14. I dunno if there's really much to debate, but it's an interesting question at least. So the typical speed of a bullet shot from a rifle is 1000 meters per second (or so says wikipedia). If you are at the back of a train or air plane, or whatever your traveling in and you are travel at 1000mps and you shoot your bullet, does it move at all? Will it even leave the gun? If it leaves the gun than how far does it go? Does it fall straight down? Lol I wanna know! This might not be in the right forums, but whatever, it's an interesting question. THIS IS NOT BEING UNDERSTOOD - Here is the simplest version possible - Object 1 is being carried by object 2. Object 2 is moving at 1 unit per second in a straight line, we assume it's going forward. Object 1 begins to move in the opposite direction (backward) at 1 unit per second. At what speed is unit 1 moving, and if it is moving, is it moving forward or backward?
  15. NJL72413

    Proof Of God

    Now I totally dont get that I think that it's a good thing that you can't prove that God exist and vice versa the world dont need any more chaos Interesting. I find it much more reassuring to have physical proof that my god exists. This way, life is far less confusing to me. When things happen that I cannot explain, I can say: “It is the will of Her Pinkness”, and then push forward without having to give it any more thought. That is a good point, but how long can you go along blissfully believing that the world is in the terrible state it is simply because it's 'Her Pinkness's' will. Human nature is to want to know the answer, any answer, but particularly the answers to life's more pressing questions. You can go on blissfully as long as you aren't the object of Her Pinkness's wrath, but when Her Pinkness deigns to visit some catastrophe on your life than do you respond to Her Pinkness angrily? repentantly? incredulously? do you give up hope in Her Pinkness (whatever that hope may be...)? One thing that can be pretty much guaranteed from human nature is that you will not simply go on blissfully not noticing the terrible things happening to you. The problem with terrible things being Her Pinkness's will is that people would tend to wonder why Her Pinkness would go to the trouble of causing trouble. Doesn't Her Pinkness have something better to do? I've been a good person, I say my prayers and give money to the beggar on the corner, why is Her Pinkness doing this? When questions like that come into play and the only answer you have is that 'it's Her Pinkness's will,' well human nature is generally not satisfied with that though it's very good at tricking itself into thinking it. The fact that there is good in the world (and I hope we're not arguing here whether good and bad exist...) poses an interesting paradox. Why is there good? Because humans have the capability to be good. Is being good the natural thing to do? In nature animals don't seem to be either good or bad, they follow their instincts and eventually die. As far as we know they don't care, they just exist. Thus it seems that being good isn't natural, at least from looking at nature as a whole, self preservation and instinct are natural. If being good is not natural (and being good can be simply defined as going out of your way to help someone else) than why is anyone ever good? Possibility 1) Something went wrong in evolution along the way and broke it's perfectly random system, making a species that defies natural selection and doesn't live on the same terms as the rest of nature. Possibility 2) Some outside force specifically gave humans the ability to do good (and evil). Now I could go on for hours about how terribly incorrect and nonscientific evolution is but I'll spare you.. for now. The point is that the two current answers that we have for life are the possible answers for whether God exists, it just depend on which you choose obviously. If those are the only two answers (and I can't think of any others...) and I'm obviously trying to prove that God does exist, than my first and possibly only step to logically make God the only choice is to eliminate evolution. That is a long and complicated process (as I've stated before...) but, and yes I know this point to driven in to the point of overkill but it's really the best point ever... There is an answer to where God came from, and there is the fact that by the rules which now govern the universe (and we assume have always governed the universe) the universe coming into existence from a preexisting item (namely the spec from which the Big Bang is supposed to have occurred) is an impossibility. And the answer to where God came from, tada! He didn't, He doesn't exist via any means we know and I don't know if we ever will (even when we meet him), He exists outside of all the dimensions and rules that we know. Any loopholes in that? I wanna know so I can fix them ;}

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