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  1. Your views on what is good and what is bad about public education. I will post my thoughts on here after a bit.
  2. NJL72413

    Is The Public Education System Good? Why?

    LOL, go biscuit! So what effects does the public school system have on kids, as opposed to private school, home school, no school? Can public schools do no wrong =P
  3. If anyone happens to know where to find info about college debt in America I'd appreciate it. I'd prefer government or education research sources (.gov and .edu) though any would help really. Thanks =D
  4. NJL72413

    Training Dummies, Def Xp?

    well that's no good... i dont' want hp xp. thanks
  5. NJL72413

    Training Dummies, Def Xp?

    Can you get def xp on training dummies, do you get hp xp, and what level can you get to?
  6. NJL72413

    The Dark Knight - Survey

    First, might I request this be moved to the Polls and Surveys forum... srry bout that... All comments are welcome, please answer, I need this info by the end of today =D Thanks!
  7. NJL72413

    The Dark Knight - Survey

    Thank you all. It seems pretty definite... the movie was good (I agree), the storyline was good, the actors were good. It was good =)
  8. I dunno if there's really much to debate, but it's an interesting question at least. So the typical speed of a bullet shot from a rifle is 1000 meters per second (or so says wikipedia). If you are at the back of a train or air plane, or whatever your traveling in and you are travel at 1000mps and you shoot your bullet, does it move at all? Will it even leave the gun? If it leaves the gun than how far does it go? Does it fall straight down? Lol I wanna know! This might not be in the right forums, but whatever, it's an interesting question. THIS IS NOT BEING UNDERSTOOD - Here is the simplest version possible - Object 1 is being carried by object 2. Object 2 is moving at 1 unit per second in a straight line, we assume it's going forward. Object 1 begins to move in the opposite direction (backward) at 1 unit per second. At what speed is unit 1 moving, and if it is moving, is it moving forward or backward?
  9. NJL72413

    Freedom Of Choice Act

    Wow... I read through half of this, yes half of all the posts, and I got bored of the flame war that was going on, so now I'll post. 1) I am both for and against this. I don't see why it shouldn't be legal if it's not technically murder (yet to be decided??), but I'm inherently against the whole idea. If it isn't murder than allow it, just make sure that it is the absolute, bottom line, extreme last resort possible. If it is murder than even under the circumstance of the mother's life being in danger I don't know if you can constitute murder as the correct procedure. In either case sex education should be the VERY top of the list when it comes to education, so that abortion is the last resort. 2) As for abortion being an option after birth, that is plane wrong, abortion after viability is plane wrong. If abortion is the only reasonable option (which I personally doubt, but what do I know) than it should be done long before a viable human being exists. Personally yes, if I were in the position to pay to take care of a child or many I would, and technically I do. There are many programs that help people in third world countries take care of their children in a reasonable way. I personally financially support one of those programs, I know people who are willing to adopt a child if it means that it will not be aborted, and since we're on the topic of paying for this why not just have the government do it? We pay the government to do most everything else for us these days, if they are going to make it so easy for people to have abortions than why not make it just as easy to keep the baby if money is the reason for not keeping it. Some day I may adopt children, I don't know what the future holds in store for me, but I'm certainly open to it provided that I can afford to take care of those children in a reasonable way. And also, I doubt that it really costs 2-3k/m to take care of one child. I'm the oldest of three and all three of us have been homeschooled all of our lives and all of us probably will be through graduation, which means that we cost more than normal (school supplies, my mom does not work full time, and I take classes at a private school) and I'm pretty sure that we don't cost 3k/m. But once again, what do I know... I'll ask them tomorrow lol... -As yet undecided until further evidence comes into play on this subject-
  10. NJL72413

    A Shot From The Back Of A Train?

    Thank you SlashingUK!!!!!! Finally someone who understood my question! That was the conclusion I came to as well. Since Object 1 is already moving at 1mps forward, as soon as it begins it's travel backwards at 1mps it is going 0mps and it falls to the ground, or if we carry out this experiment in space it just stays at the exact point (or pretty close) to where it began moving backwards. So that means that beginning to travel backward at 1mps in that situation is the same as stopping instantly. If that is true than was it ever going at 1mps (backwards), or did it simply stop. Was all the energy that was put into that 1mps (backwards) lost because it simple stopped moving? If an object was somehow on the ground at the exact point where the bullet began moving at 1mps (backward), would that object feel the same effect as if the bullet had hit it at 1mps from the ground beside it? Does this bullet, now traveling at 0mps have enough energy to do anything more than bounce off the ground it hits?
  11. NJL72413

    A Shot From The Back Of A Train?

    I have extremely simplified the question in the first post. Please look at it and maybe you will see what I mean, because no one is giving the answer to the question I'm asking. Everyone is giving the answer to another question which I already understand.
  12. NJL72413

    A Shot From The Back Of A Train?

    So it would just float in the air at the point from which it was shot?
  13. NJL72413

    A Shot From The Back Of A Train?

    It's wouldn't look like it was moving from whose perspective? The person how shot it? or someone watch from the outside?
  14. NJL72413

    A Shot From The Back Of A Train?

    That's doesn't sound right. An objects speed = Initial speed +/- speed of object it's fired from. So if you're going 1000mps and you fire a bullet at 1000mps from the back of the train isn't the bullet doing 1000-1000=0mps?
  15. NJL72413

    Proof Of God

    Now I totally dont get that I think that it's a good thing that you can't prove that God exist and vice versa the world dont need any more chaos Interesting. I find it much more reassuring to have physical proof that my god exists. This way, life is far less confusing to me. When things happen that I cannot explain, I can say: “It is the will of Her Pinkness”, and then push forward without having to give it any more thought. That is a good point, but how long can you go along blissfully believing that the world is in the terrible state it is simply because it's 'Her Pinkness's' will. Human nature is to want to know the answer, any answer, but particularly the answers to life's more pressing questions. You can go on blissfully as long as you aren't the object of Her Pinkness's wrath, but when Her Pinkness deigns to visit some catastrophe on your life than do you respond to Her Pinkness angrily? repentantly? incredulously? do you give up hope in Her Pinkness (whatever that hope may be...)? One thing that can be pretty much guaranteed from human nature is that you will not simply go on blissfully not noticing the terrible things happening to you. The problem with terrible things being Her Pinkness's will is that people would tend to wonder why Her Pinkness would go to the trouble of causing trouble. Doesn't Her Pinkness have something better to do? I've been a good person, I say my prayers and give money to the beggar on the corner, why is Her Pinkness doing this? When questions like that come into play and the only answer you have is that 'it's Her Pinkness's will,' well human nature is generally not satisfied with that though it's very good at tricking itself into thinking it. The fact that there is good in the world (and I hope we're not arguing here whether good and bad exist...) poses an interesting paradox. Why is there good? Because humans have the capability to be good. Is being good the natural thing to do? In nature animals don't seem to be either good or bad, they follow their instincts and eventually die. As far as we know they don't care, they just exist. Thus it seems that being good isn't natural, at least from looking at nature as a whole, self preservation and instinct are natural. If being good is not natural (and being good can be simply defined as going out of your way to help someone else) than why is anyone ever good? Possibility 1) Something went wrong in evolution along the way and broke it's perfectly random system, making a species that defies natural selection and doesn't live on the same terms as the rest of nature. Possibility 2) Some outside force specifically gave humans the ability to do good (and evil). Now I could go on for hours about how terribly incorrect and nonscientific evolution is but I'll spare you.. for now. The point is that the two current answers that we have for life are the possible answers for whether God exists, it just depend on which you choose obviously. If those are the only two answers (and I can't think of any others...) and I'm obviously trying to prove that God does exist, than my first and possibly only step to logically make God the only choice is to eliminate evolution. That is a long and complicated process (as I've stated before...) but, and yes I know this point to driven in to the point of overkill but it's really the best point ever... There is an answer to where God came from, and there is the fact that by the rules which now govern the universe (and we assume have always governed the universe) the universe coming into existence from a preexisting item (namely the spec from which the Big Bang is supposed to have occurred) is an impossibility. And the answer to where God came from, tada! He didn't, He doesn't exist via any means we know and I don't know if we ever will (even when we meet him), He exists outside of all the dimensions and rules that we know. Any loopholes in that? I wanna know so I can fix them ;}
  16. NJL72413

    Atheism Vs. Religion

    If we are talking about the Christian God than I do mind as the proper pronoun is He (as God is always described as Father and Son, it may not make sense but that's the way it is). If you're not talking about the Christian God than by all means call it It =p The biggest problem with being human (other than sin it seems) is that we naturally put human characteristics onto anything that we deem intelligent. We see human characteristics like emotions (depression or happiness) in animals, we tend to assume that aliens will be humanoid in sciencefiction, we think that God will think and act like we do but better. This is not true of the Christian God (hither to referred to as God): God is complete and gains nothing from our existence or non existence that He doesn't already have. Whatever God's reason for creating us it is the right reason. And you've got to understand that before the Fall the whole universe had exacting purpose, nothing was purposeless and everything fulfilled it's purpose completely. I don't know what the purpose of the rest of the universe was but it had a purpose. After the Fall entropy was let loose in the universe and stuff could no longer fulfill it's purpose as before. For all I know the universe was meant to be populated by man before the fall, perfect man inhabiting a perfect infinite universe (it would have to be infinite as man would reproduce infinitely in the infinite amount of time allotted them), and as no one would die the population would increase exponentially. Lol and I agree, those last two possibilities don't seem likely to me, but in any case Hell is the worst possible thing, obviously worse than you see it otherwise you'd see how bad it is. In any case it's not the terribleness of Hell that is incentive to believe in God, it's that God Loves you that brings people to Him. And if all humans really need is Love and since God is Love than He is all we really need. Personally I don't give much thought to Hell as that's not what's important, it's God's Love that matters so that's what I devote more of my thoughts too. To be resigned to a fate of pleasant neutrality or eternal separation from God is a very illogical approach the the afterlife. If God exists and is good than choosing to spend the afterlife with Him is the logical choice. The better choice is the obvious one to take and there is no better choice than a completely fulfilling eternity. Anything else is pathetic in comparison and choosing such a fate would be completely illogical and pointless. Don't mistake the afterlife you've thought up yourself for the one that is the best choice. One last point about the afterlife. It's more logical to choose to believe in God even if He doesn't exist because the chance that He does exist makes not choosing Him the worst possible choice. God exists + choose God = gain, God exists + deny God = loss, God doesn't exist + choose God = nothing lost and you probably won't even know it because you probably won't exist, God doesn't exist + don't choose God = nothing lost. Choosing God leads to either gain or nothing, not choosing God leads to either loss or nothing. Choosing God is the logical choice.
  17. NJL72413

    Atheism Vs. Religion

    I never once said my beliefs were fact. If it sounded like it, then I'm sorry. I agree. I don't believe in an evil God. I believe in a vague/indifferent God... err, well, the half of me that believes in God does anyway. If that's all Hell is, then I'm fairly sure most atheists will be able to deal with it. Most of them believe morals are manmade and that people make their own reasons to live. I tend to agree. So even if I'm going there, and that's all it is, then I'll be fine. Strikes me as being just like Earth. I might be bummed that God actually did exist but there's no way for me to contact Him now, but I don't see the big deal otherwise. Life... err, well, afterlife... goes on and there's no use being sad. Though they're probably going to be pretty pissed that they're getting stuck with all the evil people that go there too. As for the rest of your post, it's very interesting and has made me think. I guess my assumption that the J-C God would be a selfish lunatic if He existed was pretty unfair. I completely agree about God existing outside our line of vision and comprehension. If God exists, certainly the concepts of "time" (as in creation followed by existence) mean nothing to It/Him. I'm quite sure if any living human were to look at God they would either see nothing or their sense of time and space would utterly shatter, as would their mind. But if I'm correct and God does exist than His actual existence is the only reason for atheists to continue to live even if they don't believe that. If there really is no hope at all and if you really didn't care than why do you live? You must find purpose in something to continue to live even if it's a simple your being alive that gives you reason to keep living, and assuming God's existence it's because of His creating you that you continue to live. Thus, assuming God's existence is the reason for your existence and His continuous effect of your living is literally keeping you alive than without that effect you would have to reason to live. If you had no reason to live but could not stop living would that not be the worst thing possible? I would liken this to what Bootstrap Bill Turner in Pirates of the Caribbean 2 says: "Strapped to a cannon at the bottom of the ocean, unable to breath, unable to die..." If that doesn't sound to bad to you than I don't know what to tell you, but in any case it's the worst possible thing, surely beyond human comprehension of torture. And might I mention, not inflicted by God, but set in place because of the sin that people refuse to let God remove from them. God offers the remedy freely and leaves the choice to us. Agreed, the Bible says that man cannot look on the face of God and live, thus God is invisible. And really it's quite logical to assume that God is a good God because otherwise He is a neutral God in which case there is not reason for the earths existence, or He is a evil deity and created the world simply out of malice in which case there's no reason for there to be an happiness or joy in the world at all, but if God is good than it makes sense that He would love His creation enough to offer an answer to all the evil in the world no matter what caused the evil in the first place. John Adams- I too was just clarifying =p Finding evidence of literally anything isn't to hard if you are purposed to find it, thus if you purposed yourself to find evidence of God than you could find it just like you could convince yourself that the holocaust never happened by cherry picking the evidence enough. It's simply a matter of not cherry picking evidence, which of course I believe leads to finding God. If I'm correct than you too could look at the evidence of evolution and see evidence of God if you purposed yourself to look for God (or to look at the world realistically, which are one and the same from my point of view). You would see that some systems inside even the simplest organisms simple cannot be simplified further and the chances of those things coming into existence even given the mass amounts of time assigned to them are so close to zero that it's ridiculous to think that they could be otherwise. You would see that DNA is so complicated even in the simplest cells that it's ridiculous to think that it came about by chance. You would see that the connections between fossils and the huge gaps in the fossil record make for such a sketchy map of historical events that all that can be said is that these creatures existed at some time in the past. That's the way I see the evidence for evolution, but I go further, I see if it fits into evidence of Biblical events and creation and it seems to. The way that fossil layers match up makes sense when it's put into the Flood Story. The first things to be buried the deepest would be those already in the water, thus fish and crustaceans (naturally pretty close to the bottom of the pecking order in the fossil record), next you'd find small land animals that don't move to fast including reptiles and mammals, next larger land animals that can move faster to escape the rising waters, next of course come humans and birds, those more intelligent and best equipped to escape. Then of course there's the fact that the fossil record isn't continuous throughout the world which makes sense if it was caused by a flood, things would get mixed up. And of course there are a good friends the fossil fuels, which it makes sense could only be created by extremely massive amounts of plant and animal life all being squished at the same time (there are more fossil fuels under the earth than the current max vegetation of the earth could create if I'm not mistaken). What better to cause such an occurrence than a flood of worldwide proportions (this is of course assuming that most of the earth was land before the flood and the earth rotated parallel to the sun instead of at an angle like it does now). I could go on and on, that's just a basic run down of what I do with evidence for evolution =) Indigo- I dislike it for both reasons =)
  18. NJL72413

    Atheism Vs. Religion

    Absence of evidence for God's existence may not be evidence of absence, but neither is it proof He exists. There isn't any proof God exists beyond the bible, a book written by very flawed men in history. Look, we're not challenging your faith or anything. We're just telling you what we believe and why we believe it. But it's rather sad that you think we're burning in hell for lacking belief even if we're perfectly reasonable, nice people otherwise. I'm certain there's no atheist that wouldn't happily admit they were wrong if they died and found out God existed. I say "we" because, while I'm agnostic for the most part, I'm an atheist to your particular God(as well as most other human-documented Gods). That doesn't mean I think it's a sure chance He doesn't exist, I just severely doubt it. But if He does exist, I refuse to believe he is that selfish and petty that he'd send perfectly reasonable people to hell just because they didn't believe in Him. Just wanted to point out that you can't really debate something without challenging someone else's faith, that just doesn't work. That would be a really boring debate... And most of the knowledge if not all the knowledge that we have about most of the people who wrote the Bible comes from the Bible. Based on your personal opinions about religion (Christianity in particular) you assume that they were very flawed men because you see what they wrote as having done terrible damage to mankind. I on the other hand see them as having followed the inspiration of God (are we not supposed to say God on the forums or something? I never got that note...) and thus having done a great thing for mankind. Until absolute morals are found and proven there is no way for either of us to say what we believe as proof. So I'd appreciate it if you would not state your beliefs as fact, it's not beneficial to this debate. Also, the only reason for anyone to be atheist is either to 100% believe there is no God or to believe that He is an evil deity (which is a bit of a theological oddity to me). If anyone believes that there is a chance that a 'good' God exists than the logical path is to believe in God. Not believing in a 'good' God when there is even a millionth of a chance that He exists is ridiculous, that is betting your life for nothing but to spite God, which gains you nothing and looses you everything. If I'm correct in that logic than the only reason for anyone to be atheist is to believe in an evil God, no chance of the existance of God at all, or just being stupid. As to the reason why God would ever send anyone to hell: Firstly, I don't believe that hell is correctly represented, the bad thing about hell is not eternal torture, the bad thing about hell is eternal excommunication with God. No hope, no morals, no reason for life, no way to stop living. In other words, living death. Secondly, God wouldn't send anyone to hell by His choice, that is made clear in the Bible. He wants everyone to be saved, but this is where we get into the tricky circular reasoning bit... I know that sounds bad but hear me out ok? 1) God exists outside our line of vision, invisible as the Bible puts it. I would add some detail to that: We live in the universe in 3 dimensions that we can see and others that we can see at work. We see things effecting each other according to defined rules, we don't understand all those rules yet, but we've got a good idea how a lot of the stuff that effects us works. God exists (existed to put it in human terms of time) before the universe existed, before 3 dimensions existed, before time existed (before is an archaic term to deal with that subject but it will have to do). The Bible describes God personally designing and putting everything in place (everything including the laws that govern the universe and the dimensions that the universe exists in), Genesis 1:1-5. First God creates the universe (the heavens and the earth), verse 1. Verse 2: describes the the earth as 'formless and void' and consisting at least partly of water. Verse 3, God creates light. Verse 4, God makes light and darkness two different entities. Verse 5, God creates time, labeling light as day and darkness as night. An important note there, the sun has not yet been created from which we assume that either the 'days' recorded here are measured in a different length (however long day and night lasted), or that the days later recorded in history are based off these first days, in other words God set the orbit of the earth to match the original days He started with. I think it's realistic to assume that God would not have told the writer of Genesis to use the same term for two different meanings in the same book... that would be unnecessarily confusing. If all of this is true than I come to the conclusion that God exists(ed) 'before'/without time and dimension. 2) God creates the universe and puts two people into it. These two people are perfect and oblivious to anything other than perfection, until Satan comes along and puts the option of disobedience into Eve's head. From there the story goes from bad to worse and then the hero comes in and saves the world and the story goes on. I've just thought of a really good analogy for this problem. Suppose the earth is perfectly peaceful and all until some astronomer looking out into space finds a giant asteroid coming straight towards earth and there's no way to stop it and it is going to destroy the earth for sure, there's no way out. The only people who are going to be saved from this are a select group of astronauts and one or two other people who will have nowhere to go really once the earth is destroyed and their only hope is to find another suitable planet in the far future. They are already set off and on their way but on earth everyone has been woken up to the fact that the earth is going to end and they had best live it out while they can, so this peaceful planet becomes wrought with war and destruction. Then out of no where one person steps up with the knowledge of how to remove this imminent destruction and the only way to complete this plan means his death. He goes through with it and on his way he tells many people about what he is going to do but most people don't believe him. After He is dead and the asteroid is gone and there is no more threat the people on earth don't even realize. The people who said this thing was coming are still saying it just because it's what they are good at and they get paid a lot to do it. Meanwhile the people that the superhero guy told about his mission, they go off telling as many people as they can to cut out the junk, they are saved, there's no more reason to live for yourself. Some people listen, others don't. Many of the ones who don't go right on ahead and keep killing people and doing downright evil things because that's what they know and they like it. That's a fairly simple analogy of the history of the world. The asteroid is Satan, the superhero is God's son, the people on the spaceship to who knows where are the Israelites, and the people who still do bad stuff are continuing to let something that is really no longer a threat to anyone still be the deciding factor of their lives. Sin is dead, but people still like to live for themselves, so they keep on bringing sin back. Why would God let people continue to sin? He lets them sin for the same reason he lets them choose to resist sin, freewill. If God did not give us a choice as to what we do than there would be no way for God to show that He cares for us, if God does allow us to choose what we do than He can show us His love. Both are circular systems, though I'm not God so I assume that I'm actually missing the big picture, this is just my view. Either our lives are not controlled by us and thus our wills don't exists and neither do we, we just watch, and God does condemn people to hell, or we do control what we do and we choose for ourselves to go to hell. God doesn't force people to go to hell anymore than he forces them to go to heaven. I've thought about that whole thing quite a bit and the answer only seems to be simplifiable to such an extent, just like life. But it's very important to think it through and see how it works out when you put everything together. There is such thing as the laws of gravity. Proof: I drop something, it falls down. Actually gravity is an effect that still has not been satisfactorily explained in a scientific way. We know what it does and we can apply it's effects to many things, but we still don't know how it works really. Someday we may find out something about gravity that counteracts what we thought we knew. That's the fun thing about science, finding out that you were wrong and that the universe isn't as simple as you thought it was. It just means that we get to find out something new. We don't know anything for sure, but for all practical reasons we can say that we know what gravity does, at least until we find out otherwise. My I do go on don't I...?
  19. I'm thinking about the kind of computer I should be looking for assuming that I have an under $500 budget give or take a little of course. I want to be able to play RS without lag (as realistically as possible, I do have a high speed connection and I normally play on HD small screen). I also want to be able to play other games without much lag (namely games like Halo 1 and Civ4+ expansions), but mainly RS. Other than that I use my computer to watch videos and I want to be able to have several screens open at the same time online (I use Firefox 3), which I do now without much trouble. I know that XP works but I don't know if it's the best choice anymore though I'm used to it. My dad has a ton of problems with Vista on his computer but I'd be willing to try it, and I've heard that it can be easy to use (as shown by the Mojave Project). I'm also open to trying a Mac if that's what it comes to, but I'd prefer to stick to Windows. Any ideas?
  20. Nice, I hope something like that will be available when I actually have $500 lol =p Thanks
  21. Yeah, I have all the other stuff, I just need a new tower. And I would be comfortable building one as long as I knew what I was getting into =p I have considered building my own PC, but my lack of understanding on the issue (as computer savvy as I am =p) leads me to the conclusion that if I have trouble than I won't be able to fix it myself and it will end up costing more to get someone to help me than If I'd just bought a run of the mill PC.
  22. NJL72413

    Universal Healthcare

    It's nice to think that people will try, but realistically there will always be those who will abuse the system and the honest people will pay for it. And as for catastrophes like cancer and other serious diseases that require expensive medical attention, that is where the church should step in and people should put their money together to help those who need help. But since that seems to be a dying tradition overall I see no problem in the government keeping it's citizens healthy when they can't pay for it, but I don't think that the government should pay for people who have colds... And I don't believe that the government should pay for anyone can pay for themselves without much trouble. Simply, I'm fine with Particular Healthcare, just not Universal Healthcare.
  23. NJL72413

    Universal Healthcare

    Personally I believe that government run anything outside of Military/Justice System is a terrible idea. The American economy can take care of literally everything else. When you put something as big as pretty much the whole medical industry in the governments hands that is a big step closer to socialism. The only things that we as Americans should depend on our government for is to organize the army to protect us and to deal with crime and punishment of crime, both of which should still be controlled by the people and implemented by the government. Other than that, it seems that in other countries -mind you I've only heard this I don't know it for a fact- because the whole system (namely Universal Healthcare) is so complicated to try and keep down freeloaders that it's not as efficient as when people have to think about paying for it themselves (thus they can't freeload), and doctors, still trying to make some money at their practice (what with paying exorbitant taxes and paying for their education and all the equipment that they need), charge for everything down to q-tips just so they can stay in business. Whereas when people pay for themselves and insurance companies are part of the economy everyone is happier overall, more honest overall, healthier overall, and richer overall. Keeping as much of the economy as free as possible everyone is better off, including the government. And I have nothing against the government helping out those who really need help to pay for serious stuff that it would be literally impossible to pay for, but I personally believe that that is the job of the church, not the government. It's nice being able to use a medium like the government, but I believe that the church (yes collectively) could take care of that sort of thing and should! I know it seems a bit wishful but that's the way I believe it should be.
  24. NJL72413

    Suicide - Heaven Or Hell?

    There is only one thing that condemns a person to hell and that is blaspheming the Holy Spirit as the Bible puts it, simple put it means if you never accept that God can save you and ask Him for salvation than you are condemned. Thus, if you were saved before committing suicide than you are going to heaven, if you were not saved before killing yourself than you are going to hell. Very straightforward. I personally believe that even if you kill yourself will the purpose in mind to go to hell (I assume that no one would actually do this though...) but you are saved than you are going to heaven. Nothing can stop God from saving you once you've accepted salvation.
  25. NJL72413

    Falador Achievement Diary - 100%

    Your original pic had some red on the top from another message. I fixed this if you want to use it =)

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