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  1. stevob92

    Stupid Botters

    i hate botters alltogether, i wish 06 or before was back there were less botters back then i reckon.
  2. stevob92

    Bigevil92's Wc Skill Log.

    thank's luftey, yeah slowly i mean still got 500k xp till 97 yet :D but i guarentee i won't want to look at ivy again once i hit 99.
  3. stevob92

    Bigevil92's Wc Skill Log.

    INTRODUCTION hi well my names stephen i'm 19 years old, i enjoy runescape and i have NEVER earned a 2nd 99 on runescape so im hoping i can make that dream come true =D, ive been a runescape player since 2006 which know does'nt sound like a long time but it's pretty long. I will update the screen-shot's each level, well here's my "day 1" screenshot of woodcutting. i know i'm new to this and everything please dont hold that against me, hope you'll read my skill log every day to see if i achieve next level =D.
  4. stevob92

    Logan's 99 Slayer Log

    congrats on 88, i like hoow to set the page out aswell and i take it you'r wanting to acheive 99? but overall nice and if you ARE going after 99 then good luck :D.
  5. stevob92

    I'm Back

    this must of been before i registered, but welcome back anyway =D.

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