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  1. Jacky

    i return to update my blog title

    yo get in contact with me bro
  2. Jacky

    I miss you all

    http://salsrealm.wikia.com/wiki/Jacky Youngest back then - Been too long! :D
  3. Jacky

    Random Fun Memories

    Also remember fiending the database contests with all the random Dungeoneering items/monsters that came out - Think I got a neat custom title for a month or something.
  4. Jacky

    Random Fun Memories

    The sals realms april fools.
  5. Jacky

    My Blog To Make Max Gp

    not maxed yet? :/
  6. Jacky

    Attack Dad - Level 111

    Memories <3
  7. does anyone still play osrs?

    1. Sobend


      Members of this community? Not really. In general? Yes; it is more popular than RS3.

    2. Make Max GP

      Make Max GP

      I do. I am going for Max Skill total, & made a Hardcore Ironman & a Ironman account.

  8. Jacky

    Active Sals Members

    Posting once again
  9. Jacky

    Active Sals Members

    I'm not active but I pop in every 3 months or so just for nostalgia :( Thank you everyone sincerely
  10. Jacky



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