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  1. Piman50

    Development Diary: Run Energy

    So, I'm not the only one that doesn't understand this... It actually sounds like Classic's Fatigue and the sleeping bag.
  2. Piman50

    No School

    That about sums up what happened here. Only it snowed like crazy...
  3. Piman50

    Will I Go To Hell. Im Homosexual

    This is a talk by an Apostle in our church. His name is Elder Jeffery R. Holland and has a good discussion on this matter. As for the Outer Darkness, only toughs who have committed the ultimate sin, such as denying the Holy Ghost, and Lucifers 1/3 of heaven are in it. Even Hitler, though he did many horrible things, may go to the Telestial Kingdom.
  4. Piman50

    Republican Ticket 2012

    Most likely Romney, or at least, that's who I want...
  5. Piman50

    What Book Are You...

    Gardians of Gahool 4 and City of Ember 4
  6. Piman50


    John Schmidt? I like to attempt to play his songs too...
  7. Piman50

    Virus Infection!

    +1 Condition: 4
  8. Piman50

    Virus Infection!

    Action: -1 Condition... 4
  9. Piman50

    First Day Of School

    That's weird... I have geomerty an I'm only an 8th grader. To Peanut: The seminary building is probably off campus.
  10. Piman50

    Count To 100

  11. Piman50

    No New Guides...

    Weed? Four letter and is a garden dweller...
  12. Piman50

    What State You Live In?

    Utah... I live in Utah... You need to make a not listed on them all so you can vote. It says you must vote against something...
  13. Piman50


    My dentist is my stake president. It's easier with Nitrous oxide and not looking at the needle. I've had about 4 fillings and 3 teeth pulled and am getting braces. My teeth are bad...
  14. Piman50

    You Won't Understand Unless You're From Utah.

    Ha!!! I know some people that that would make them mad...
  15. Piman50

    Why Lying Is Bad.

    What's the code?

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