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  1. Arborus


    Hell, I'd take $500 to stop playing a game. I never got offered money, my mom always just told me to get off my ass.
  2. Arborus

    Which Teletubby is Best Teletubby?

    check yourself just cause a tubby isn't tubbycustard doesn't mean he can't be whitemellow wow i cant even 1st off pls trigger warning before you use words like check and urself when i was 6 i didnt get check on school assignment now it triggers my ptsd and pls use my proper pronuns tree/trem/treeself 2rd tubbycustard-kin don't appercitate the appropriation of their culture by the cis-white maleows and their4 he would never identify as whitemellow u shizzlelord
  3. Arborus

    Which Teletubby is Best Teletubby?

    Did you write these? Has anyone noticed that each Teletubby is a different race? Do they identify their race by the shapes on their head or by the color of their fur? race has nothing 2 do with skin color or head shape ift they identify as something than thats theyre race my head cannon is that most of them r racefluid and po is a tubbycustard-kin, obv
  4. Arborus

    Which Pony is Best Pony?

    pls rate my fan fiction http://www.fimfiction.net/story/64783/arborus-deep-and-meaningful-stories-full-of-complex-plot-and-character-development
  5. Arborus

    League Of Legends

    Shift+left click to attack move, S key, etc.
  6. Arborus

    League Of Legends

    Because sex sells.
  7. Arborus

    First ever blog post!!!

    You really do look like a lemon!
  8. Arborus

    Guild Wars 2

    I played ranger for a bit and really enjoyed Sword/Torch.
  9. Arborus

    It Was A Good Day

    First day of University classes. Wake up at 10:00. Start a load of laundry. Make breakfast of toast, eggs. Wash dishes. Ponies on the Hub HD at 11:00. "Party of One". Class from 13:00 to 17:00. Get Home. GW2. League of Legends.
  10. Arborus

    Ohey, I just realized I made a prediction

    Because ponies.
  11. Arborus

    Guild Wars 2

    Mine is Arborus.7630.
  12. Arborus

    Guild Wars 2

    This just means you're doing it right.
  13. Arborus

    Lots of Skyrim

    That feel when people just now getting around to Skyrim.

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