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  1. falcon451

    About Paybycash

    no, I was just wondering because I'm going on vacation soon and I don't know if they would send anything while I'm gone
  2. falcon451

    About Paybycash

    If you send the money for membership through the mail. do they send you anything back like a receipt or something?
  3. falcon451

    What Are Your 3 Rs Wishes?

    99 in all my skills, and 1m of every item on the game and the ability to transfer items to other accounts.
  4. falcon451

    Logic Plox?

    jagex was probably too lazy to take it out when they released the 3k trade limit update. or, they were running out of sayings.......
  5. falcon451

    Excl's Runescape Videos

    I thought it was kinda boring, all they were doing is dancing. and the music was very annoying
  6. falcon451

    Total Lvls (f2p)

    what's with all of the "rate my progress" topics? no one really cares if you're lvl 78 or you have 866 total lvl. My opinion is that these are just to show off the fact that you sit at your computer all day.
  7. well, if you say your are a follower of guthix, then that makes you one. you don't need to waste money on armor and whatnot.
  8. falcon451

    Rs Gathering Footage

    so, what's the point of this topic anyway? to show off that you went to a 3m drop party? or you know alot of high lvl players?
  9. falcon451

    The Best Spellbook

    the only spellbook I've ever known is the normal one, but I think ancients is the best.
  10. falcon451

    What Weap Do You Use To Train Range?

    I just use a good old fashioned willow shortbow, and that's all I need
  11. falcon451

    3 Words

    don't cut yourself or quit runescape forever
  12. falcon451

    To Be Lvl 99 Or Not? ...well Duh!

    you should get cooking to lvl 99. its fast and easy.
  13. falcon451

    Quest Capers

    I think this is only for members right? because there are only like 15 quests for f2pers
  14. falcon451

    Rate My Main?

    umm, I'd give you a 9/10 if you've been playing for 2 years or under. if its over 2 years, then I'd give you a 7/10
  15. falcon451

    Showing Off On Runescape

    well, most people just play for fun, because thats what runescape is, a game.

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