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  1. Anime

    It's Been A While.

    couldn't have said it better myself
  2. Anime

    Recovering An Account

    Earlier tonight, i was trying to recover an old runscape account of mine. However i did not have the transaction ID or Recovery Questions, which i felt would pose a problem, i managed to complete the form to a "Fair" amount though. When i hit submit appeal, it returned the error "Unfortunately, there was a problem with your form submission. Please check any fields marked in yellow and correct the error(s). " The box that was yellow was the summary box however, how would i even go about fixing that? it seems impossible, anyone have any suggestions on what i should do?
  3. Anime

    What Should I Buy?

    If you're doing slayer i would suggest guthans set strength training bgs attack/defense training whip/dfs barrows or kq veracs
  4. 3rd post we did good. I got mini piled once for like 3 food then they got off. lol GF
  5. Anime

    Forgotten Templars Godwars Drops

    we is gud Wish i was there for any of them >_< i gotta start GW'ing more lawl.
  6. GF SA wish i coulda been there FOR PEE KAY PETE
  7. GJ Ft, i wish i coulda been there but had to go to church D;
  8. Anime

    Check This Out!

  9. Anime

    Check This Out!

    Thanks! lol I'm Really suprised at the views and comments for the video, we're going to be filming a sequel next weekend.
  10. Anime

    Check This Out!

    Funny Video me and my friends made about WoW addiction. Watch it all the way to the end, theres even an RS mention in the end!
  11. Anime

    Blacknights Vs Forgotten Templars

    GF Bk, that spam tower you had on me was amazing, since my view was behind my character i didnt even notice i was piled til i was downed. Sadly i was one of the Ko'd was out of it today ^-^" GF none the less though :)
  12. Anime

    Summoning Guide - Complete

    Haven't read through all the comments, however if this hasnt been posted sooner theres atleast one obilisk missing. Heres pics for the one near the Duel Arena. Duel Arena Obilisk: Yes Shop: No http://img257.imageshack.us/img257/7849/obilisteu0.jpg Shanty Pass Obilisk: Yes Shop: No http://img301.imageshack.us/img301/1686/shantpassno1.jpg Pollnivneach Obilisk: Yes Shop: No http://img169.imageshack.us/img169/2382/pollnivqc3.jpg
  13. Anime

    Ft Vs Ronin

    GF guys, i got piled like 5-6th if i can remember. Managed to tank all my food though (even if i didnt last very long ^-^") GF none the less.
  14. Anime

    The Last Hunt Is Over

    Congrats! Where'd you train?

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