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  1. Hey y'all, im sure you missed me and I know ive missed you all too!! I have done a slight update to the log below with a new monthly entry. As for everything else in Runescape, all is well and I speak French now so you may find me in a French world from time to time, haha. I still play much much less than I used to though, averaging a hour a day at the most. I am sure you guys have questions for me so fire away!!
  2. Spirit Hc


    Eternal and I used to skill together quite a bit together but lately we have both become inactive. Its nice to know that he still plays -.-
  3. Thanks, im closing on 93 just from the ess I get from gop Im just collecting tokens atm, I shouldnt get very many new rc levels :/
  4. Spirit Hc

    Mod Nyrr Does Not Pk

    Mods are unattackable in the first place :/ and they have all the codes, so yeah they could summon an AGS and dual wield dclaws and pwn your ass. I've seen two J mods fight before on a POH They are attackable by other J mods
  5. Thanks Thanks old timer :/ Ill probably end up getting a bit more for 300m cash
  6. Thanks :/ Thanks Update: Up to 150k tokens. I will most likely need only 350k more
  7. I havent really accomplished anything major yet :P Im gathering up GOP tokens, im at 98k atm So my hacking failed Oh well.
  8. It will be back Photobucket lowered the amount of bandwidth allowed :/
  9. Thanks :P Going to make nats now so it my lvs will slow down ^_^ Thanks ;) Thanks
  10. Im sorry :P I was busy at the time
  11. Thanks :D Hehe, Theres still time for irl ^_^ Thanks :P Yep, should take only a year o.o Yes its a crozier, I have both :D Thanks :)
  12. They are :D I deleted the picture they were using and replaced it. There entire site had about 900 views per day compared my G&A average of 200. I normally wouldnt mind other people using my pictures but i'm tight on bandwidth :P Last month I had over 200,000 overall views and used about 22GB of Bandwidth. If I ever exceed 25GB in a month, photobucket will crash until next month :P Currently, I am already at 13.1GB :D None of the above :P They used my Rc icon in their site ^_^ Lol OH and Hc ( :P ) Nice Runecrafting gl on 99 :P ~Markbalex Thanks :P
  13. UPDATE: Decided to crash http://corruption-clan.com/ for mass usage of one of my images without my approval Its just something I joke about, Alot of people have asked me and i keep the true answer a secret Thanks, probably not besides prayer and defence
  14. Like a couple months ;) Thanks ^_^
  15. Thanks! ^_^ Working on Runecrafting now, will probably get to 92 before school starts again Thanks :)

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