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  1. Spirit Hc


    lol, i remember ned, i havent seen him in a year :)
  2. Spirit Hc


    i hate bankers... there stupid. they go "hi, how may i help you" omg!! your a banker and im in the bank, what do you think im trying to do? buy a hot dog???? :)
  3. Spirit Hc

    Postie Pete

    ive seen postie pete at port phaysmas tele spot from time to time, im sure that helped :)
  4. Spirit Hc

    Sandwich Lady

    the sandwitch lady is dangerous, she teles ppl away :)
  5. Spirit Hc


    nice guide, and pictures :)
  6. i love the guides and every single one of them uve made :)
  7. Spirit Hc

    99 Firemaking!

    Woot!! 99 Firemaking!!!! :) how i just gotta figure out how to download my screenshots on this page... hopefully ill figure it out tommorow
  8. Spirit Hc

    Bank Pwnage

    how do u do animations :)
  9. Spirit Hc

    Players' Gallery And Questhelp

    This update is wierd :) What!?!?!?! it says im a newbie fourmer!?!?

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