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  1. Hey y'all, im sure you missed me and I know ive missed you all too!! I have done a slight update to the log below with a new monthly entry. As for everything else in Runescape, all is well and I speak French now so you may find me in a French world from time to time, haha. I still play much much less than I used to though, averaging a hour a day at the most. I am sure you guys have questions for me so fire away!!
  2. Version: 4.1: Launched on the 17th of March, 2009. \_____/ Last Updated on the 15th of August, 2009. • The Legacy Overview: Spirit Hc started out as a level three skiller in the summer of 2007, however; he was a abandoned character until October of 2007. From then on, he trained at the Lumbridge General Store, it provided the perfect training place with plentiful willow logs and raws along with a fireplace and multiple firemaking lanes. Later on in the year, Spirit Hc decided to turn into a Prayer pure then into a Defence/Prayer pure. Eventually, he would achieve 99 Prayer and 60 Defence in the middle of 2008. By the end of 2008, he would also have five 99s and a total of 925. In January of 2009, Spirit Hc became a player moderator. Current Stats: Timeline: Note: This section is color coded. Underlined text in the month summary will have a picture. Pink stands for a major achievement or decision. Blue stands for a follow up to a major event or semi-major achievement. Green stands for a normal month of training without achievement. Before October 2007 - After meeting several skillers like Eternal Dad, Zzzamorak and 0mg 3 lvl, I decided to make my own skiller. A level 3 with high non-combat stats, however; I stop leveling shortly after creation. October 2007 - When I became active on Spirit Hc again, I focused on Firemaking and Cooking mainly at Lumbridge. Around the end of October, I grew tired of people accusing me of a macro and the whole level 3 combat, and decided to go Prayer pure. November 2007 - This was a critical month for me. This month set up my road to wealth. Lilshu1990 had generously donated 75K willow logs. At that time I was desperate for cash so I decided to tell him that I will sell it to get cash. I was optimistic at first since it did not update immediately but I was determined. I left it in there for a week and it sold. Then, I had the brilliant idea of buying more willow logs at the Runescape Forums for 15ea and sell it on the GE for 22ea. For all those mocked me, I started from about 5M to 30M by the end of the month. In addition to wealth gaining, I had also grown bored of a prayer pure and decided to get Defence along with Prayer. I had also decided train Defence without combat after seeing Sid Viicious. I trained on Men and Women at the Church at Lumbridge until 12Hp (Since it would not affect my cb lv at 99 Prayer + 60 Defence). December 2007 - I continued buying willows at 15ea on the RS forums until the very last week of December. Many other people began to catch on and willows were being sold from 17ea to 20ea. I bought my last round of 12,000K willow logs and decided to keep it instead of selling it in hopes it would rise back to the 30-50gp they once were. Along with wealth making, I began to train other skills such as Woodcutting and Fishing. January 2008 - I continued to train a large variety of skills and achieve 50+ in all non-combat skills and 30 Defence. As well as achieving 4million Woodcutting exp. February 2008 - I reached 90 Woodcutting, 70 Mining, 36 Defence and 84 Fishing in this month. I also sold my willows on the GE during the end of this month for 216 million and traded it for 32 Easter Eggs late that month. March 2008 - This was another very big month. I wielded rune for the first time this month and achieved my first 2 99 skills, Firemaking and Cooking. I maxed out Cooking (by accident) on 17th of March and Firemaking on the 30th. I also achieved 40 Defence on March 10th 2008. I also focused on a variety of skills this month and achieved 85 Fishing, 90 Woodcutting, and 75 Crafting. Right before Easter Eggs crashed in price, I sold them for a total of 224m. April 2008 - With the recent F2p update of Fist of Guthix, I bought and wielded one of the first Rune Zerker shield in the game for 300K on April 13th. I also accomplished 75 Smithing. May 2008 - My biggest achievement this month was 50 Defence on May 29th. During this month, I focused mainly on Woodcutting and achieved 98Woodcutting as well as 800 total. June 2008 - After a serious of unfortunate events at my 99 Woodcutting party, I leveled on June 6th after being teleported by Giles (?) to Lumbridge and forgetting to unnote my axe after Giles. I focused on a variety of skills including fishing. July 2008 - This was a very big month I achieved prayer mastery. On the 3rd of July I officially became members to begin my quest for 99 Prayer from 55 Prayer. 6 days later I achieved 90 and 1 exp till 99 on the 16th. I achieved 99 on the 18th. For the remaining membership I had left, I worked on Cooking exp, and got about 9M in Members. August 2008 - After losing members early in the month, I focused mainly on two skills this month. I achieved 80 Mining early this month and focused on Fishing. By the end of the month, I reached 96 Fishing. September 2008 - This was a pretty big month as well, I achieved 55 Defence on the 16th and 99 Fishing on the 27th. I focused almost completely on Fishing this month. October 2008 - After 99 fishing, I did not make solid plans for my next 99. Instead, I decided to raise both Smithing and Crafting to 80. I achieved 80 Smithing and 90 Crafting in mid October. I also approached 60 Defence, achieving 58 Defence on the 27th of October. November 2008 - Very big month, I achieved 85 Mining this month on the 12th. I became members on the 12th for my projected 60 defence party on the 21st. On the 21st, I became the first level 30 to wield both dragon and a Prayer cape(Includes a lended phat). Five days later, the quest 'While Guthix Sleeps' came out along with the dragon platebody, I bought the pieces the very day it came out and traded it for a dragon platebody the next day. In addition, I bought one spare ruined dragon lump and traded it for elite armory and cash. During my remaining membership time, I used the ZMI altar and achieved 83 runecrafting. December 2008 - This month was characterized by record inactivity due to the all important junior final exams, as well as, a vacation to my birth city for a family reunion. During the time that I was on, I solely Runecrafted at the ZMI altar and reached 85 Runecrafting. January 2009 - After returning from vacation and another inactivity spell, I continued my Membership for another month. During this month, I purely Rc'ed at ZMI. I broke 4m and nearly made 88 Rc. Late in January, I was upgraded and became a Player Moderator. February 2009 – Not a big month, I trained a large variety of skills including primarily Mining and Crafting and started assisting at w16 for Rc exp. I mined iron and dropped at Rimmington. And for crafting, I crafted sapphire necklaces at Al Kharid. Other notable events in this month were the first rise in my stocks since December however; I failed to sell off at the right time but did still manage to sell off a quarter. In addition, I achieved 100m total exp. March 2009 – I became a Member again during this month and expect to stay members for the rest of my Runescape career. However; I do not expect to train any P2p stats until I max out the rest of my F2p non-combat levels. During this month, I mostly trained crafting. April 2009 - I achieved 99 Crafting this month on the 10th of April. For the remaining days in April, I worked on Mining, Smithing and Runecrafting. I also started a new goal which is to get 600 castle war tickets and buy the gold decorative kiteshield. May 2009 - Mostly worked on Mining and Smithing this month. I reached 95 smithing with addy plates and 93 mining at the granite mine. My total level without defence or prayer reached 800 this month. June 2009 – I was also on vacation briefly this month. During the time I was not, I worked on mining and smithing this month and reached 98 smith and 95 mining. I also continued to loosely runecraft every few days and reached 90. July 2009 – Focused mainly on Mining and Smithing this month in addition to some Runecrafting. I reached 13,034,430 exp for both mining and smithing in addition to 91 runecrafting. May 2012 – After beginning college, I was unable to find much time to play, instead I real lifed a lot more haha. I was able to sneak a few hours a month and gained enough GOP tokens for 99 RC. I gained about a level every few months in 2011. • Thread Legacy Overview: There have been Goals and Achievements threads following my progress on my accounts for years now. All six of my Goals and Achievements topics have reached well beyond a hundred posts including three which have reached over a thousand. Two of them are for Spirit Hc and are updated frequently. Versions: I have had four main versions (or upgrades) of my Goals and Achievements. Usually, a new version comes out once every six months. Version One: Launched: November 2007 Ceded: June 2008 Aims: To create a basic Goals and Achievement topic to share level ups. Version Two: Launched: June 2008 Ceded: November 2008 Aims: To create a more visually appealing Goals and Achievement topic with Photoshop. Version Three: Launched: November 2008 Ceded: March 13th, 2009 Aims: To create a colorful and visually appealing Goals and Achievement topic with Photoshop. To better organized information and get rid of cluttered information. Version Four: Launched: March 13th, 2009 Ceded: Active Aims: To create a visually appealing Goals and Achievement topic using pictures with Photoshop. To provide a simple display of information and to delete obsolete and unused information. Major Runescape G&A's Statistics: Please Note: Threads are listed by their size. Forum rank is based replies of unlocked threads. Salmoneus' Runescape Forum; Creation date: Nov 11 2007, 12:28 AM Age: Over 1 year Forum Rank: 3rd Current post count: 1,800+ 100 posts: Nov 28 2007, 07:37 PM 250 posts: Feb 29 2008, 01:37 AM 500 posts: May 1 2008, 04:32 PM 1,000 posts: Aug 20 2008, 05:15 PM 1,500 posts: Feb 7 2009, 08:23 PM Draynor.Net Runescape Forum; Creation date: Nov 19 2007, 07:20 PM Age: Over 1 year Forum Rank: 1st Current post count: 1,800+ Inactive 100 posts: Dec 20 2007, 10:59 PM 250 posts: Feb 9 2008, 06:57 PM 500 posts: Apr 16 2008, 08:31 PM 1,000 posts: Sep 6 2008, 02:19 PM 1,500 posts: Feb 21 2009, 03:42 PM Clan Peacefull; Creation date: Feb 29, 2008 5:00 am Age: Over 1 Year. Forum Rank: 2nd Current post count: 700+ Inactive 100 posts: Apr 22, 2008 6:58 pm 250 posts: Jul 13, 2008 3:30 pm 500 posts: Dec 17, 2008 1:54 am Runescape Community; Creation date: Oct 20 2008, 04:04 PM Age: Over 8 Months. Forum Rank: 29th Current post count: 500+ Inactive 100 posts: Nov 26 2008, 02:45 AM 250 posts: Feb 8 2009, 06:32 PM 500 posts: Jul 18 2009, 01:19 AM Composite post count: 5,000+ • Accomplishments Cooking: Date: 17th of March, 2008 Method Used: Cooked raws (tuna to swordfish) at Lumbridge General Store and Karajum General Store. Crafting: Date: 10th of April, 2009 Method Used: Made gold amulets, sapphire necklaces and tiaras. Defence: Date: 21st of November, 2008 Method Used: Trained with Lamps and Books of Knowledges. Firemaking: Date: 30th of March, 2008 Method Used: Burned Maples at Varrock East Bank. Fishing: Date: 27th of September, 2008 Method Used: Fly-Fished at Edgeville and Lumbridge. Prayer: Date: 18th of July, 2008 Method Used: Used Dragon Bones with Gilded Altar. Woodcutting: Date: 6th of June, 2008 Method Used: Woodcutted at Draynor willows. Mining: Date: 5th of August, 2009 Method: Power-mine Iron or Granite. Smithing Latest Level: Date: 5th of August, 2009 Runecrafting Latest Level: Progress to 99: Method: Assist at air altar in world 16 to 99. • Donors Item Donors: Listed Alphabetically. Cezary Derek 1991 Eternal Dad Lamar Rider1 Lilshu1990 Rilith Ovith Time Donors: These people volunteered their time to help me. Listed Alphabetically. A Defz Ajgr You the dog4 Bonus Track Lamar Rider1 L0rd Vega
  3. Spirit Hc


    Eternal and I used to skill together quite a bit together but lately we have both become inactive. Its nice to know that he still plays -.-
  4. Thanks, im closing on 93 just from the ess I get from gop Im just collecting tokens atm, I shouldnt get very many new rc levels :/
  5. Spirit Hc

    Mod Nyrr Does Not Pk

    Mods are unattackable in the first place :/ and they have all the codes, so yeah they could summon an AGS and dual wield dclaws and pwn your ass. I've seen two J mods fight before on a POH They are attackable by other J mods
  6. Thanks Thanks old timer :/ Ill probably end up getting a bit more for 300m cash
  7. Thanks :/ Thanks Update: Up to 150k tokens. I will most likely need only 350k more
  8. I havent really accomplished anything major yet :P Im gathering up GOP tokens, im at 98k atm So my hacking failed Oh well.
  9. It will be back Photobucket lowered the amount of bandwidth allowed :/
  10. Thanks :P Going to make nats now so it my lvs will slow down ^_^ Thanks ;) Thanks
  11. Im sorry :P I was busy at the time
  12. Thanks :D Hehe, Theres still time for irl ^_^ Thanks :P Yep, should take only a year o.o Yes its a crozier, I have both :D Thanks :)
  13. They are :D I deleted the picture they were using and replaced it. There entire site had about 900 views per day compared my G&A average of 200. I normally wouldnt mind other people using my pictures but i'm tight on bandwidth :P Last month I had over 200,000 overall views and used about 22GB of Bandwidth. If I ever exceed 25GB in a month, photobucket will crash until next month :P Currently, I am already at 13.1GB :D None of the above :P They used my Rc icon in their site ^_^ Lol OH and Hc ( :P ) Nice Runecrafting gl on 99 :P ~Markbalex Thanks :P
  14. UPDATE: Decided to crash http://corruption-clan.com/ for mass usage of one of my images without my approval Its just something I joke about, Alot of people have asked me and i keep the true answer a secret Thanks, probably not besides prayer and defence
  15. Like a couple months ;) Thanks ^_^
  16. Thanks! ^_^ Working on Runecrafting now, will probably get to 92 before school starts again Thanks :)
  17. Try to figure it out :) ^_^ Thanks :)
  18. Thanks ;) The picture in my party information was taken on him years ago :) Thanks :) Woot! thanks for being there
  19. Thanks Thanks. Maybe :D Oh well, i have pics for you atleast :P
  20. 99 Mining and smithing Achieved!! Perhaps theres just a lot of really nice players at sals :D Thanks :P I know, he's been playing less than me, something to do with being a free to play noob methinks D: Its definitely more 'wild' in F2p and the atmosphere is generally more lively there since F2pers talk more than P2pers. Not really a bad thing though Thanks, I forgot to mention that GMT does not observe DST :P So you may have been a hour early ;) Yes, but I have pictures ;) It clearly stands for Hilary Clinton :P Keep up the awesome work, and good luck with an utterly insane future goals. Thanks ;) Thanks :P Woot! Thanks :P
  21. Convert 3PM GMT to your time here. http://www.worldtimeserver.com/convert_tim...p;h=15&mn=0 Status: Green
  22. Spirit Hc

    Spirit Hc's 99 Mining And Smithing Party!

    Starts in 30 mins guys
  23. You can use it :P I cant either :P Its also 10am my time ;) I hope you make it Nothing, hes stalking us :P You are HC Magic, right? Why did you quit him? I decided to quit but returned a month later and decided to make a skiller :D Im not alone :P Oh well, ill have pics for those that miss it ^_^
  24. Thanks :P 1exp til 99 mining now :D Was on track for a while now until i got a gem while mining, almost didn't make it :x

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