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  1. Gutterspeak

    Hi There

    So i felt like writing a quick message, seeing as I'm online here for the first time in months and months. Don't take this to mean that I'm actually back, because you couldn't be more wrong. I just wanted to say "Hi!" to all the old Sal's veterans who might remember me :/ Also, in case anyone cares (i know they don't but whatever), if you remember my previous blog article, the one about Linda, i have an update. We hooked up for like a month and then i realized that she and her friends were annoying and i broke it off. Funny how things work out that way, huh? Ok, so anyone that remembers me and whom i liked (a fairly select few, i might admit :( ) this is just a quick shout-out to you all! Adios...again
  2. Gutterspeak

    Official Wow Thread

    Because the Alliance's Frostwolf Waterfall exploit that had been around since the beginning of AV was so incredible fair. Either way, Alliance is so overpowered in AV, if you have any difficulty in beating Horde you need to ram your head into a wall. The fact that now Horde can have as easy a time in Dun Baldar as Alliance has been able to in Frostwolf just makes the game more fair. DB is a minefield compared to Frostwolf base.
  3. Gutterspeak

    Official Wow Thread

    My Warlock was my first character ever. I got it to 60 and started rolling Alts. I find nothing plays quite as fun or as well as a Warlock. I like aspects of other classes (Druids and Warriors especially) but nothing compares to Warlockin' it up.
  4. Gutterspeak

    Official Wow Thread

    at low levels gear doesn't affect much. I know of Hunters who leveled to 60 wearing nothing. But you're almost to the Scarlet Monastery levels (34-40) and you're bound to get some great gear from there.
  5. Gutterspeak

    Official Wow Thread

    talk to an Innkeeper, they give out new ones. Anyways, Blizz is showing hardcore favoritism again in TBC. There are a few cities which serve as PvP objectives in the Outland. These cities contain quests, venders, etc. They can only be held by one faction at a time based on completing the World-PvP objectives. So naturally this favors the faction with more people, seeing as more people > fewer people. When Blizz was asked about this, and about how Horde will rarely, if ever, control these towns, Blizz representatives said, in a slightly long form, "sucks to be you." Absolutely ridiculous. Alterac Valley is bad enough, with the easily defended SP graveyard chokepoint. But to give entire cities, with vital quests and items to a signle faction is not at all OK.
  6. Gutterspeak

    Official Wow Thread

    Zed, for professions just grab gathering professions (herbalism, skinning, mining). Since you're a Warlock, very few Tailoring patterns are good for you (i play a Warlock, and i have maxed out tailoring and only one item is good, and its super hard to make). So just grab gathering professions, and if you happen to see an item you can grab pick it up and sell it on the Auction House, or the vender if you're feeling lazy. I would suggest Skinning and Herbalism, and keep "find Herbs" on at all times (its a spell you'll get when you pick up the ability, it'll show yellow dots on your minimap wherever an herb is).
  7. Gutterspeak

    Official Wow Thread

    Zed, the First Aid trainer you'll first meet as an Undead character is in the Inn in the town of Brill (you'll get there at level 4-6). She is the first character you'll see in the In,, i think her name is "Nurse [something]" but i could be wrong.
  8. Gutterspeak

    What Kind Of Music Do You Like?

    Ska, Punk, Soft Rock, and occasionally Emo. Basically, if it has a lot of guitar, a nice bass, and meaningful lyrics, i'll probably like it :D
  9. Gutterspeak

    Official Wow Thread

    the TBC opener cinematic was released onto youtube. It was filed at the VGA by an amateur, so the quality is terrible, but you can still see whats going on. the Undead Warlock is the coolest, he's just like, "I don't have time for this." *Fwoosh* up in flames. So nonchalantly for extra style points. link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0WxrEmZlvE
  10. Gutterspeak

    Official Wow Thread

    A bunch of Shammies stacked Stormstrike on mob, then a Priest Power-infised the Shammy so his spells hit for more. It was all set-up, no way that would come even close to happening in real play. So has anyone been able to check out the new PvP stuff. I love it, i am farming Arathi Basin for marks so i can buy a HWL Staff, i'll either get the Staff or the Dagger + Offhand combo. i don't know yet. They definitiely improved the PvP system greatly though, its nice.
  11. Gutterspeak

    Official Wow Thread

    yes, that'd be the whole point of a 60-day card. you have 60-days from when you activate it, whether or not you use it.
  12. Gutterspeak

    Official Wow Thread

    Rogue's damage was nerfed, but their new abilities make up for it. Cloak of Shadows in going to kill Warlocks and Priests...ugh. And Shadowstep is incredible, i saw people getting 3k+ crits with it in a video then going on to their normal Rogueish activities. Rogues are fine in TBC i think.
  13. Gutterspeak

    Official Wow Thread

    Yeah, Raz is right, folow the path out of Deathknell and his camp in on your right.
  14. Gutterspeak

    Official Wow Thread

    Protection hurts for leveling. You can still tank perfectly well in 5-mans as any other spec, Protection is only really good if you're having aggro troubles in the tough level 60 raid instances and stuff. Go Arms/Fury for leveling. Leave out Prot unless you really suck at tanking and need your spec to do it for you.
  15. Gutterspeak


    I like a girl at school. Her name is Melinda, actually, thats lie, i am cleverly protecting her name for security reasons. Anyways Melinda is really awesome. I have a couple class periods with her, and fortunately it seems she knows who i am (which is certainly a step in the right direction). But the issue is that i don't know if she likes me the way i like her. Its evident that she is: a) Not repulsed by me -- She starts conversations with me b) Willing to make a relationship (the issue being, is it one of freindship, or something more?) -- She talked to me even after a few awkward statements on my part. Now, i'm not going to go into explicit detail of what she looks like, because i think that thats a bit sketchy to do on the internet. But i will say that she is attractive, fairly popular (i don't mean popular with the 'cool' kids, i mean she has a buttload of friends), and could certainly have a multitude of guys that are more physically appealing, or more appealing personality-wise (or both!) than myself. And thats the issue that i can't figure out. Because i get this vibe that she does actually like me, but then i worry that: a) She's just being friendly and outgoing b) I'm, and this is simply stating a fact, not up to the caliber of other guys who i believe like her. Now the standard advice on these boards is, "blah-blah go talk to her, blah-blah nothing will happen if you don't try, at least make an effort." But I simply can't do that, i can't force myself to go up to someone and be like, "Hey, wanna hang out and go see a movie sometime." Oh well, she's now initiated our 2 real conversations (really 1.5, but i count it as one because she came to me despite a more convenient person to talk to for data in Biology sitting closer by). So i suppose now its my turn to start some stupid superficial conversation. I really wish it was possible to start off your relationship with someone by saying things that have meaning and feeling, for some reason we're all hard-wired to skirt around the edge of the subject, rarely actually having the courage to say something meaningful.

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