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  1. Pureworker

    Real-life Runescape Experiences

    I was at a party recently with a few friends: one (a few years younger than me) was playing RS, and some other guys were just laughing at him. No one there knows I play .
  2. Watching Youtube while fishing in Barbarian village. Then clicking back and seeing a random event monster (I think it was the security guard) lay down the final hit as my character died. It wouldn't have been so bad if I wasn't carrying 166k+ feathers . Got a bit too complacent and confident thinking I wouldn't die like that .
  3. Pureworker

    What's In A Name?

    Back in 2005 I saw a thread on the Official Forums about Level three skillers; One poster referred to them as 'Pure workers.' I then wanted to make one; unfortunately I didn't put too much imagination into it. Even though names can be changed now, I don't think I will, 'cos of sentimental value and all that.
  4. 1. The longest you've ever played RS for: Probably from about 8 or 9 am until around 7 at night, so about 10-11 hours. 2. Your greatest average hours per day in a single week: Probably the same amount, back when I was getting 100 Combat on my original account in 2006.
  5. Pureworker

    December Thoughts

    Pictures coming soon December's interesting. This one marked the second consecutive year I've come back to RS for December-January after not playing through the year. I know the reason: Boredom. Can't seem to find anything else to do, so I just re-re-re-re-subscribe for Membership and no-life for a few weeks. This is usually followed by unsubscribing, and getting back into real life mode. Last year it was Fishing; this year, it was some of that, but mainly Fletching. I have no idea what draws me back. I kinda just want to forget about it and move on, but the boredom bug sets in and I come back for a playing spree for a month or two. Went through and cleaned out all the 'dead wood' blog entries; stuff I didn't think should be on here :D. But I accidentally deleted a band entry I posted (whatever)... Fish & Fletch A friend of mine introduced me to fishing in the Living Rock Caverns, after discussing Shilo Village. I fished there for a few days and had a grand total of 12 deaths (mainly one-hitters). It was mainly OK though, because of the money earned from Cavefish and I didn't lose much when I did die (bait etc). It only got annoying if I was doing a bank dash and I got one-hitted with 20-odd Cavefish in the inventory . The majority of the time my grave was blessed, but sometimes it was in such a dangerous spot that I would die just trying to get to it... this happened on two seperate occasions, I didn't learn . A few of the other fishers were discussing Fletching down there a few days ago, and I wondered why I'd never trained it since around 2008. I discovered I could make a small, measly profit by Fletching Yew Longs. So on December 29 I set out to do just that. But sometimes you get in a rhythm, a groove, a zone? That's what happened. I got a level (72), then another, and another, and another... helped along by Coldplay's X&Y album; there was also some Division Bell thrown in there I think. With the levels I was edging ever closer to the historic (once upon a time) 1,000 total, along with the help of a Genie Lamp to get me 26 Slayer. Very happy to get it. First thing I did? Go on one of the 1000+ total worlds . I know why so many people have 99 Fletch now, the xp is crazy. Moving on Today, I looked at a few of the blogs I used to read on Sals and found that their last entries hover around 2008, the writers having moved on in real life. I felt a bit of a pang, just remembering the old times and memories. Just hitting me that the whole RS thing (including foruming) should just be something to look back on; something which impacted my teenage years more than it should have. I'm at that time in life where there's more important things to take care off and ease into: adulthood, university, independence... As such, this is what I will do come February. University will be absolutely top priority, and I will quit around Feb. Although I've never being a person to stick to something (which does scare me a little bit), I have to stick to this for the sake of moving on. I do move on for 11 months of the year, but can't stay away around the Summer holidays; but there will be other hobbies for me to do in the coming years. I really only achieved one thing I set out to do (100 Combat in January 2006); I set 1000s of other goals I never achieved, but I had fun and met some cool peeps. There's a part of me still wants to hang on to the times associated with RS, and that's what makes it so hard to leave for good. But a next chapter is a next chapter and real life awaits. It's a bit silly I find it this hard to move on, but some things need to be done . On January 31, 2010, it will be adios . Peace
  6. Pureworker

    Deep Flooding In Nsw.

    The weather here can vary, either no rain or too much... PS: If anyone wants more pictures, just say so. ;)
  7. Pureworker


    Haven't been around here in a while, I still see a few of the old regulars are still around. I recently unsubscribed from RS last month, just because I didn't feel it would be 'worth it,' to continue. This is why I generally just play f2p on and off now on Weapon Worm. I have a two week study break and with pretty much nothing to do so I might get a few levels. If you want to add me just go ahead :o.
  8. Pureworker

    How Do You Make Money?

    Painstakingly buying steel bars, smelting into cannonballs, sell, repeat.
  9. Pureworker

    What Are The Strangest Dream You've Had?

    When I was really young, I had a dream how I was with this guy who was wearing a brown shirt (with front pockets), and gray cargo pants (I think). He had no head though. He lead me up a flight of stairs at almost lightning speed, to the rooftop of a skyscraper. He enticed me towards the edge, and pushed me off. I woke up, and realized I had fallen off the bed. I've had a few other falling dreams too, but recently I've had dreams where I'm in a situation where I could fall, but I don't. I've had about 5-6 of those. The one I mentioned here was probably the scariest (I was young). I'll mention a strange one my friend had while we were camping. He dreamt that a tidal wave was going to hit us (in real life we were camping near a beach), but the wave turned out to be photoshopped >.<.
  10. Pureworker

    What Did You Learn Today?

    Even though it is RS related, I learned that the symbol on a Chaos rune isn't a face.
  11. Pureworker

    78 Attack

    Best of luck with Attack :D
  12. Pureworker

    85 Fish, 46 Smith

    Got 230k+ xp in Fishing yesterday, finished off getting 85 today but only around 90k-odd xp, might to a last ditch run tonight on day 2 of Peacefull interclan skillwar.
  13. Pureworker

    The Voices In Your Head

    It's my own voice, but it sounds a little less deep than in real life.
  14. Pureworker

    200m Runecrafting Exp

    Eventually someone will achieve this, but it's a matter of time. When that time will come on the other hand, is a different story. 200m in Runecrafting would be a heck of an accomplishment due to the sheer time, money and dedication needed for it to be achieved.
  15. Pureworker

    Whats Your Biggest Character Strength?

    I tend to be laid back a lot of the time.

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