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  1. dmx

    Choccy's Log - 3000 Castle War Games

    i really think that this is the best log ever NICE JOB CHOCOLATE!!!
  2. dmx

    Aduumzor's Log

  3. dmx

    F2p Skiller Guide

    you forgot me!!
  4. dmx

    Cooking Help Re-write

    Forgettable Tale (of a Drunken Dawrf)-5,000 experience its dwarf... and all together its pretty much better than the other one but the pictures should not have a white box around them
  5. dmx

    Pking Guide

    somebody should close this there is no guide...
  6. dmx

    Merchanting Guide(in The Process)

    there is already an merchanting guide this should be put in guide rewrites
  7. dmx

    F2p Skiller Guide

    here is a pic of where the body altar is - -Dmx
  8. dmx

    Death By Monkfish

    lol 10/10 pretty funny ive watched like 32 times
  9. dmx

    F2p Skiller Guide

    6. Guilded Skirts/legs. Skillers sometimes train there defense to 40 and ware guilded skirts or legs to show off there wealth. sould be "to show off their wealth."
  10. dmx

    ~~1337 Total Level At Level 87~~

    thanks guys i kinda messed it up though yesterday by gaining a fishing level... :) but at least i keeping picture of it =) :D ~Dmx
  11. Just Gained 70 defence and got this! click for better image if blurry. and all at ... :D
  12. make sure you have the Transparet button set to the lower one if not this is wat happens i dont get what transperancy is can somebody tell me?
  13. dmx

    ~my Runescape Movies~

    some pretty cool movies i like em!

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