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  1. Kellicros

    Brazil To Host 2016 Olympics

    I as rooting for Chicago, unfortunately they did not get it. Well, it's the first time that the Olympics will be hosted in South America, so it can't be that bad. I mean, it will generate a lot of revenue and tourism for the city. GL to Rio. It is definitely a new experience and it's nice to see it being hosted somewhere other than Europe/NA.
  2. definitely not cameron, i don't even know what that guy was doing on the forum all the time. and that avatar..god..don't even get me started! i would have to go with myself unfortunately, there are just no candidates that qualify like me. bump^_^
  3. Kellicros

    94 Fishing

    last level i will probaly gain, 2 more days of members.
  4. Kellicros

    No Surprise

    don't know i'm not a habs fan :o
  5. Kellicros

    No Surprise

    at the lack of respect players have for each other now. :D Pathetic.
  6. Kellicros

    Most Creative Title Ever

    Yeah so I have like 6 days of members left, not going to get some in a while. I'm just going to fish for the rest of it. I got 85 defence the other day, which as been a goal of mine. also got a treasure trail, nice reward.
  7. Kellicros

    Another One Bites The Dust

    6 more levels, 1 step closer!! ahhhhh eh maybe one more level to be gained before my members is over, i'm hoping 2 though. 95 is a nice number to stop for a while. Also got 83 attack few days ago All for now thanks!! And I would like to point of the Oilers beat the Flames 4-1 preseason today! :(
  8. Kellicros

    What's The Most You've Ever Eaten?

    Well when I went on a cruise about 2 years ago, I came back from swimming with dolphins and I was mad hungry lol. So I went to the burger place and got a burger and fries, I was about to leave, then they were serving free ice cream!! So I got each flavor they had then shortly after it was dinner, don't remember what I ate (I'm prety sure it was some sort of steak, or something with meat), but that wasn't important. The desert was some sort of ice cream or marshmallowy thing, anyways it was really filling and I ate that too. Boy was I feeling sick that night on the ship. I'm pretty sure I may have eaten more before, but that's the only one that I remember, and probaly the most I ever ate in that time span.
  9. Kellicros

    High Level Players Interview

    I think it's funny they took the burning willows and trout seriously, I mean wasn't it just setting an example?? Nice article, didn't read the whole thing, but I think I got the jist of it.
  10. Kellicros

    Update, New Levels, Yeah...

    Haven't updated in a while, I got a few levels actually, but I never posted them/forgot to screenie. :( But now I'm back to fishing again, I took a long time off from fishing! There goes the 99 fishing in 1 month goal. :( That's okay I never expected it anyways. So here are some things I got during mytime off. I did a lot of hunter, got level 50 hunter and I intend on geting it to 70+. I never liked hunter, well until I actually tried it and I don't mind it! Definitely one of the skills I want to get to 99 someday, maybe in 10 years. :( Don't like summoning, don't know how to train it becuase when I did the quest my internet was wonky and I kept disonecting during the process, so bad first impression, never going to train it much. XD Maybe, one day. I also got 53 herblor which I didn't screenie either, and with that I think I got 1600 total. so yeah.. yeah not miuch. In other news, NHL season is coming up so soon and I'm so excited!!! Probably after my month of this mebership I won't be playing a lot until summer so yeah..see you next update! BTW: my thing on the left on my status is SO NOT correct, my home world is 157 now, used to be 159 but they took that away :(not canada world) so yeah. leave me a message! add me as a friend, come fish with me, whatever you want as long as it's not mean :(
  11. Kellicros

    Definitely Need Help. On An Instrument.

    I think 2 1/2 is the softest, or at least the basic. I don't remember, LOL and I was never into it. But yeah his reed should be whawt they use for beginner, the higher it is the harder it is to play but there shouldn't be a problem iwth 2 1/2. I didn't read through the whole thread, but make sure you don't have too much of your mouthpiece in your mouth, maybe 1/4 down is just fine. Just keep trying, some people take a bit longer to get used to it.
  12. Kellicros

    You've Been Hacked...

    Fish, fish, fish, and fish some more. Although it's highly unlikely I would continue playing and waste more time.
  13. Kellicros

    I Hit You Hard!

    Well this is my last day of summer, I decided to take a break from fishing and do other things today, so I went to get 84 strength. It also got me 106 combat, which I was not too happy about. :D
  14. Kellicros

    92 Fishing!

    blah, it seems so far away!! I went crazy during the last few thousand exp so I stopped fishing for now.
  15. Kellicros

    Dog Thrown Off Bridge, Survives

    How can someone POSSIBLY throw a dog off a bridge???? That's disgusting, cruel, and just immoral. What a miracle it was that the dog didn't die instantly, yet a lone not get hurt. And thank god that the dive team was nearby.

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