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  1. No one should be having exams that late in the season. That's just mean. :( He'll be back one day. He has to be.
  2. *Sees new posts* "Ooh a new DSZ!" *Disappointment* I feel I missed something big while I was gone. What's all this about Gnostic Christian Bishop?
  3. iiiinteresting. Where was it going to go from there?
  4. Silavor

    Roleplay Room Discussion Thread

    Never too early. But yeah, seems we missed that one. That mistake's been fixed.
  5. Silavor

    RP: The Sorcerer's Body (Dead)

    Name (of character): Isaac Mendel Race: Human Age: 26 Sex: Male Profession: Merchant Appearance: Skinny, scrawny and pale, Isaac stands at around six feet, and seems to be comprised of nothing but skin and bones. His long black hair falls down to just past his shoulders when it isn't tied up in a ponytail. He has green eyes, a very angular face, and a long nose that's slightly crooked to the right. Equipment: Isaac's typical travelling attire consists of a dark green tunic, black pants, thick brown leather boots, and a pair of dark leather gloves. He has a thin sword belted at his waist, but he looks more likely to run away than to draw his blade in a fight. Isaac carries a large pack full of supplies on his back.
  6. Silavor

    Roleplay Room Discussion Thread

    Back to ninjas, hmm? You would have to lead that one. I never followed.
  7. Silavor

    Roleplay Room Discussion Thread

    Of course I was there. That's why I capitalized 'Freestyle' earlier.
  8. Silavor

    Roleplay Room Discussion Thread

    How much structure, though? Setting and characters can only clash so much.
  9. Silavor

    Roleplay Room Discussion Thread

    Before this goes on, I wish others to join us If they want to share. Now, what were we on? Ah. It was too chaotic. Newbies would be crushed.
  10. Silavor

    Roleplay Room Discussion Thread

    You thinking Freestyle? Or like that that wretched one... uh... Muffinland, I think?
  11. Silavor

    Roleplay Room Discussion Thread

    Any ideas? Click's was Attack on Titan. I just realized.
  12. Silavor

    Roleplay Room Discussion Thread

    Do you like this move? Some new blood could do us good. We were stagnating.
  13. Silavor

    Roleplay Room Discussion Thread

    We're doing this here? Another haiku battle? What about RPs?
  14. Silavor

    Roleplay Room Discussion Thread

    Oh wow. I leave for a couple months and the whole world flips upside-down on me. So apparently this has been in effect for a month now. How's it working out so far? I leave for a while. Now the world's all upside-down. How's it working out?
  15. When were we ever talking about his head sack? Did I miss something? This sounds intriguing.

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