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  1. ImTheMonk

    Favourite Band!

    Either Chiodos or The Used 1. Nice sounding guitar riffs. 2. Not too mainstream but just enough to where your friends know about them.
  2. ImTheMonk

    !-~-~-~ Imthemonk's F2p Log ~-~-~-!

    I added a bank pic and a tiny pic of me.
  3. ImTheMonk

    !-~-~-~ Imthemonk's F2p Log ~-~-~-!

    Just got 78 Woodcutting.
  4. ImTheMonk's F2P Log Welcome to my freeplay log, my account is Istop94 (add me if you want). I'll update this when possible; I don't play everyday. I'll add more stuff (bank pics ect) later. Here's me (no armor): 1. STATS 2. GOALS Attack - 73 to 75 Strength - 71 to 75 Defense - 70 to 75 Woodcutting - 77 to 80 Magic - 52 to 60 Ranged - 57 to 60 Fishing - 71 to 75 Prayer - 52 to 60 3. Recent Level 4. My Bank I'm currently cutting Yews and merchanting to eventually afford full Guthix, that's why I don't have much armor or anything.
  5. ImTheMonk

    N B A

    I would start going Bobby Knight on the players and throw chairs and stuff.
  6. ImTheMonk

    Favorite Band?

    Taking Back Sunday, Amber Pacific, All Time Low, MCR (sorry, PLEASE don't shoot me), Panic at the Disco, Hit the Lights
  7. ImTheMonk

    N B A

    Lakers won. Wooo!
  8. ImTheMonk

    N B A

    Flopping is part of the freakin game. Why not get rid of the offensive foul altogether? I mean at the very most they should just give them a T. What they choose to do on the floor shouldn't cost them money. Honestly, you'd think falling on your behind on a hardwood floor would be punishment enough.
  9. ImTheMonk

    N B A

    The NBA is going to start fining floppers.
  10. ImTheMonk

    The Nba Playoffs!

    I like Detroit in the East (Chauncey Billups is ownage).
  11. ImTheMonk

    N B A

    Lakers are moving on to the Western Finals and Hornets have to play a Game 7, Boston does too.
  12. ImTheMonk

    What Are Your Favorite Shoes Like?

    Well, I talked my mom into buying me some Jordan CPs (Chris Paul's my fav. basketball player). I haven't ordered them yet (getting them off Nike's site), but this is the color I'm getting. It was REALLY hard to choose, they come in like 8 different colorways, but I eventually chose these cause of the nice n' clean look. http://www.sneakerfiles.com/wp-content/upl...ordancpmain.jpg
  13. ImTheMonk

    The Nba Playoffs!

    Spurs won't win unless they can beat the Hornets at home, which hasn't happened.
  14. ImTheMonk

    What Are Your Favorite Shoes Like?

    http://www.streetpimps.co.uk/images/REE_ANSWERIX.jpg For school I'm thinking about getting some Jordan's for summer basketball practices. Next year the school will probably get the whole team some Nikes.
  15. ImTheMonk

    N B A

    If the Hornets get one road win on the Spurs, I say it's over.

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